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Hot Wheels typically sticks to creating itty bitty little versions of our dream cars, but when they decide to dapple with life-size cars, they definitely have a “Go big or go home” mentality.
Just in time for the San Diego Comic Con, Hot Wheels has created the vehicle of every Star Wars fan’s dreams.
Later in the year, 1:64 scale models will go on sale, but the prototype featured in the videos below can actually run, which makes the X-wing Fighter even better. Hot Wheels has even given us the opportunity to check out how the company helped this beautiful machine come to life. So, our only question for Hot Wheels is this—can we get the prototype when they don’t need it anymore? Samsung Galaxy J7-With its Super AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy J7 allows you to enjoy a more..
Htc Desire 626 Get everything that you want and more, with a best-in-class 13MP main camera that ..
Vivo V3 Bringing you the speed you crave,V3 combines a staggering 3GB RAM,with a Snapdragon 64-bi.. LG Stylus 2 heighten your viewing experience in a clever, ergonomic design that’s fit for your ha.. A couple of months ago, we ran a story about a Chevrolet Camaro being found in the back of a trailer, brand new with 9.5-miles on it, left for dead and eventually pulled back to life.

Twenty-four years later after the day the car rolled off of the Chevrolet assembly line, we check out the car yet again, but this time, it’s cleaned up a bit and shown off in a showroom.
From full documentation to a 100% perfect interior and exterior, this car is a showroom ready piece that is literally a brand new car that could fool anyone into thinking that it was made yesterday.
Check out the video below as we’re finally able to dive into the car and take a look at what makes this find so special.
The caller claimed he had parked his car in front of a Malibu residence when the owner of the home ordered him to leave and showed a handgun, police said.
Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. These Carships will all be inspired by spaceships from the iconic Star Wars, making millions of people’s dreams come true.
A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine powers the Hot Wheel creation, while distinctive body work gives the Carship 950 pounds of downforce when it reaches 165 miles per hour. The owner is content at keeping this thing showroom perfect and never clocking over double digits in miles. Dre was briefly detained and issued a citation outside his home Monday morning after police received a call from a motorist who alleged he had been threatened with a gun, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department confirms to CNN. You can also choose from three different beautification modes or apply one of the many available filters.

No matter where you are, snapping a great looking photo will be easy and quick.To make snapping selfies in low-light conditions an even better experience, you can turn the patented Screen Flash feature on. Police described the Grammy-winning producer as "cooperative." He consented to being searched and denied the handgun and threat allegations, police said. It converts the F1’s entire display into a camera flash, with a carefully adjusted brightness level optimized for natural-looking shots. No weapon was found at the scene and the rapper was not arrested or taken into custody, the sheriff's department said. So your face will always come through bright, clear and natural.The body of the F1 is made of an exquisite metal alloy, treated with zircon sand surface coating applied in a low-pressure, low-speed spraying process.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core 64-bit processor and 3GB of RAM makes this device fly when it comes to multitasking and daily usage.
But the driver, who police declined to identify, "initiated a private person's arrest of Mr.

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