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Multi-contact solar connector spanner,allowing rapid and easy  assembly and disassembly of solar cabling, components and accessories using the MC4 connector type. Sweden has long been perceived as a strong base for the women’s game as the socialistic, egalitarian country has supported the rights of women to play from a young age.
But Ibrahimovic, one of the men’s games biggest stars, feels that their success should not be compared to that of the men. He was trying to justify why midfielder Anders Svensson was presented with a new Volvo by the Swedish Football Federation for eclipsing goalkeeper Thomas Ravelli’s record of 143 international appearances. Ibrahimovic further exasperated the comment when he tried to explain himself: “I feel extremely sad for everything he [Svensson] has done all these years. Johan Lindvall, the brand manager of Svenska Spel, which runs government lotteries and gambling and is the FA’s largest sponsor, took a different viewpoint: “We work hard to get to a healthier balance between the women’s and men’s football. Ibrahimovic’s words are the latest in a worrying trend of condescending comments to women involved in soccer. England has seen soccer presenters on television fired for jokes about lineswomen and fellow presenters. In the summer, now dismissed Australian national team coach Holger Osieck said that all women should shut up and that he even told his own wife the same thing on occasion.
Saying something that is so demeaning and disingenuous to women and the women’s game is not justified by calling it a joke. The challenge in developing nations — particularly in parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America — is to make it acceptable for young girls to play and receive the blessing of their parents.
As a Milan fan I’m more than a little disappointed that this is coming from two of our old hands.
It was a pity that the author of this piece, having dallied for almost a month, did not wait a couple of days more because on the eve of Monday Jan 13th the Swedes passed their own judgment in their voting on the Jerring prize at the annual Sports Gala. Many had expected Zlatan to win, thereby joining that select band who has 2 Jerring Pizes (Magda has 4), the year having been so magical for him. The final irony was that the male footballer did not want to accept the car when he learnt that he was liable to tax on it. This just shows the fallacy of thinking someone known for athletic achievement is qualified intellectually or emotionally to comment on social or political issues.
I likewise gravitated to wosoc for the same reason, but feel there is a shift afoot there as well. If male athletes and female athletes cannot be compared to each other, then the winner of the male race gets a car, and the winner of the female race gets a car. I agree that the woman athletes deserve the same reward if her sport makes as much revenue as the men’s team.
It appears you read my entire comment and instead of grokking the central idea, chose to take a single phrase overly-literally in order to lecture on economics. The economy of the whole damn world only works for anyone because of some people’s unpaid labor. Meanwhile UEFA are set to continue to underwrite women’s soccer at 1% of the profits from the men. At the end of the day, income must exceed expenditure, else we do not have a professional sport. He does have a point, though, even if he is not as eloquent and diplomatic as Zlatan — and probably not as exalted. Having gone to all my teams matches for the past 3 seasons come rain or snow, I know from first hand that women’s soccer faces a tough time the world over.
The NWSL has the best attendance record in women’s club soccer and Portland is top dog with 14,000 per match.

Women’s pro-soccer is an artificial activity the world over in that someone picks up the tab at the end of the day. Seeing that you have researched the subject, please share with us the reason for the ban and what was the ban.
Only in a round-a-bout way – MOST female athletes only compete against other females (the only exceptions that occur to me are car racers and marathon runners). Ah, well – the difficulty of using comment boards that only allow three levels of nesting! Zlatan can talk down to the Sweden women’s team when he qualifies for the world cup let alone gets to the final. Why do you want to “tell her because she is a woman she is weak and not as talented and not as strong or capable as any boy”? Some sports, like gymnastics, figure skating and beach volleyball, seem totally dependent on the ladies — yet the ladies do not earn much more than the men, if at all more.
Successful women live in a supportive environment insofar as it might be able to cut through enough of those messages, or push against them – either with emotional support, economic advantage, or unparalled passion and commitment. When the history of the ladies games is written 50 years from now, 2011-2013 will be seen as a watershed and nothing was more magical and important than Japan winning the World Cup. To be honest, the biggest reason Japan won is because just DAYS earlier, it took the US women 122 minutes of play to defeat the Canadian team!
Sweden’s women’s national team finished second in the 2003 Women’s World Cup, losing to Germany 2-1 in overtime, and finished third in the 2011 World Cup in Germany; their pedigree is top-notch. Now he put his shoes on the shelf and it has added a black shadow over everything he has done, just because of a car! Interestingly, Ibrahimovic, a hugely talented individual of Bosnian and Croatian descent, has often been criticized for his individualist play and independent streak off the field. What is problematic is when [Ibrahimovic] is making chumps of women’s football, when he talks about that they can get a bike with his autograph on [it]. Caught off-guard by the resulting furor, Osieck — who once coached the Canadian men’s national team — said he was joking.
I interviewed her at the Women’s World Cup that year and found her quite articulate, genuine and interesting. I waited like the author of this piece ought to have, seeing that Zlatan’s comments were old news. Men and Women have physical differences and that is going to change how the game is played.
This begins to actually bubble to the surface as people’s words make insidious things more visible. The men usually get much more generous sponsorship deals than the ladies even when they are not as good among their fellow men than the women are among the ladies. As things seem to be going at the moment, many of the wealthy men’s team are starting to throw a rind of cheese and a crust of bread their ladies?way. They are also looking at ways to ensure that money they are giving to countries to develop ladies soccer actually go to the lasses and do not simply get purloined to subsidizing the men. The hard work is to get people to the ladies’ matches, not just in Chicago, Sky Blue and, even, Seattle, but all over the world. You the do know this is a website specifically dedicated to women’s soccer and used by those who enjoy and follow women’s soccer right? Incidentally, the ban was speedily implemented throughout (most of) the soccer-playing world, that is it was not an English disease. Unlike female athletes in just about ANY other sport (football, basketball, golf, & etc) she competes directly against men.

The test consists of three challenges: Two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups and a timed, two-mile run. Yet for certain sports, soccer and golf being the obvious ones, the attendances and price money and bonuses are totally skewed between the sexes.
It’s old and tired and the readership of this site consists of woso fans who have likely moved on from it. They were on average shorter and lighter than their American opponents in the final, but as the old saying goes it is the fight in the dog and not the dog in the fight which counts.
Getting so little rest before taking on the Japanese HAD to put them at a considerable disadvantage.
Picking on people smaller than him, pointing out their deficiencies and economic standing so he can feel better about his place in society. At the same event, Therese Sjogran did not receive a car for earning 187 caps, a record on the women’s side. He was, as usual, subject to lampooning by a comedian at the gala including the signed bicycle. The Army bases scores on recruits’ age, gender, number of repetitions or amount of time taken for each component. Would her incredible focus, courage and stamina make up for her being 4″ shorter and ~30lbs lighter?
Their Damallsvenskan is a first class league and though semi-professional, has attracted Brazil’s Marta, USA’s Christen Press and Yael Averbuch among others in recent years, as well as the vast number of Iceland and Finland’s national team pool.
Ibrahimovic, Gattuso, Osieck and Blanc and the others are opinion leaders; they are looked up to because of their accomplishments in the game of soccer.
His comments are analyzed and accepted around the globe through social media and in cases like this, that’s unfortunate. It is generally felt that his comments had damaged his chances and his attempt during the Christmas break to clarify (something this article missed) fell on deaf ears. She makes up for her genetic disadvantages by a LOT of hard work (from her weightlifting routines, she has the shoulders of an Olympic gymnast) and a LOT of willpower.
To complete boot camp, recruits must score at least 50 points in each event, for a total of 150 points.
Tell her because she is a women she is weak and not as talented and not as strong or capable as any boy. Though she didn’t start this flurry of comments, they impact her and her name is attached as part of the discussion — something that she didn’t ask for.
Can you name anybody, guy OR girl, that left hearth & home (and country) at 16 to become a successful Formula UK driver? Tell her you would love to come to her game but it doesn’t really matter how well she can shoot or dribble or pass because there is always gonna be some boy who is better.
Make sure she knows men are better and stronger and more skilled so why should she try at all. Who do you think paid for the plane tickets, hotel rooms, coaches salary, the men that’s who. By the way, women’s sports world would gain a whole lot more respect if they could take a few insults without crying sexism all the time.

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