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Shoppers making bank holiday visits to market stalls and car boot sales have been warned to beware of dodgy traders selling fake goods.
Items including pirate DVDs, counterfeit designer gear and potentially dangerous electrical items are likely to be among the products on sale this weekend, the Local Government Association (LGA) said. In recent months thousands of pounds worth of fake goods have been uncovered and the sellers prosecuted, councils said, warning rogue traders they will face tough action if caught.
Councillor Simon Blackburn warned shoppers to be on the lookout to ensure they are not duped into parting with their cash for a dodgy product.
He said: "Markets and car boots are great for bargains - especially over the bank holiday weekend - but they can also be a magnet for dodgy traders and criminals who won't think twice about making easy money from selling dangerous goods to unsuspecting customers. Mr Blackburn, chairman of the LGA's Safer and Stronger Communities Board, said there are potentially lethal consequences to selling untested or below-par products.
He said: "Counterfeiting is not a victimless crime - unsafe, poor quality products can put lives at risk - which is why councils put a lot of work into ensuring that shoppers get a fair deal and aren't ripped off or put in danger. Anyone who sees anything suspicious should contact police or their local council, the LGA said. The weather forecasts are full of predictions of balmy days to come – all thanks to the ‘Spanish plume’. This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Editors' Code of Practice. JERRY Donahue, one of the world’s most accomplished guitarists, will perform live after the switch-on of Blackburn’s Christmas lights on Thursday.
The former Fairport Convention and Fotheringay guitarist will be appearing at Reidy’s Home Of Music talking about his career which has seen him work with the likes of Robert Plant, Elton John and George Harrison and playing live. Jerry featured prominently in a tribute concert to Sandy Denny broadcast on BBC4 last Friday.
It’s panto time again and along with my youngest children and their young at heart Nanna, I was looking forward to a night of good old family panto fun.
Chris Quinten (Coronation Street’s Brian Tilsley from the 80s) was excellent as the rambling King Bumble, although references to Corrie were a little lost on the younger audience.
Anthony Batey’s portrayal of Fleshcreep was more comic than frightening – which I must say was a welcome change – last time we saw Fleshcreep in a pantomime he was far too scary. Dame Tilly Trott (Bev Moss) added just the right amount of naughtiness for the adults, while roller-skating Fairy Twinkle (Alison Crawford), and Princess Priscilla (Jennifer Walsh) added the glitz.
The children from local dance schools were excellent, and we particularly enjoyed the Chavs and Fleshcreep’s men in black! John Hesmondhalgh passed away peacefully at the Royal Blackburn Hospital after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease and wet macular degeneration, a sight condition.

John, who had worked for Crown Paints, in Darwen, was described by his daughter, who plays Hayley Cropper in the long-running soap, as a ‘lovely man’ who loved to be around people. Julie said: “My dad was just somebody everybody came into contact with and was really liked. John enjoyed watching matches at Church and Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club, and also collected the football pools around Church. Jack Houldsworth, committee member at Church and Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club, said the pair used to go to matches together. Jack said John and his wife, Maureen, enjoyed spending holidays in the north of Scotland, and that he was a very proud family man. His funeral will take place at 1.30pm on Mon-day, at Ernest Street Baptist Chapel, in Walmsley Close, Church, followed by cremation at Accrington Crematorium. Very sad to hear this news , John was a lovely man , and i had some great times talking to him and watching Church cc with him , he will be sadly missed. Perrys Nissan in Blackburn is pleased to announce it has begun sponsoring a nearby school football club. Thanks to Perrys sponsorship the club has now made further strides by purchasing a new kit, which will adorn the Perrys Nissan logo. A good looking vehicle that's practical and carries the prestige of the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star at the front. GROWLING out the raw-edged lyrics to Wasted Life, Gotta Getaway and Alternative Ulster, Jake Burns engineered one of punk’s landmark offerings with Stiff Little Fingers’ first album, Inflammable Material. Burns wrote about their own lives, telling of their anger and frustration at the violence and sectarian hatred on the streets of Belfast at the height of the political Troubles in Northern Ireland. Their lyrics, both personal and political, combined the raw energy of new wave music, and a rallying call for youth to create their own alternative in the face of hardship and uncertainty.
Burns describes hearing The Sex Pistols and The Damned for the first time as the punk revolution exploded across the nation. Over 30 years later, SLF remain in huge demand on the tour circuit and Burns, who has battled depression and a divorce, is still writing his own songs about life as he sees it. Though focused on their new material, SLF always try and play the old classics at their gigs. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. He was the most stoical man I ever met and I never heard him grumble about anything, nor did I ever hear from him a hard word, or criticism. The team, which is based in Salesbury, Lancashire, are currently top of their local football league.

By sponsoring the school team, their shiny new kits can ensure players look and play their best! Previous models in this class, with a tag of GLK, weren't fitted with steering wheel on our side so couldn't be imported.
It's hard to see the new GLC being anything other than a big success in the sales race.How do you think the GLC 250 and 220d measure up to rival luxury SUVs? Now the local importer finally has a competitor in one of the most fiercely fought of all market segments in Australia, that of upmarket midsize SUVs.In case you're wondering, the new Mercedes model numbering system indicates the body type in the first two letters and the Class in the final letter. The $$64,500 Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d diesel we tested for our first week had 19-inch wheels, keyless entry and start, powered front seats, power tailgate, and LED Intelligent lighting. The rest of the body's shape is tidy, but tends to focus on practically ahead of look-at-me features.FeaturesOur cars were fitted with the Mercedes Comand system including satellite navigation with voice input, or you can use the reasonably intuitive touchpad.
There's good space in the two front seats and the support provided is good without being overly aggressive.
The rear seat has excellent legroom and can cope with three adults, though two plus a kid in the middle makes more sense for long distance trips.Boot space is excellent and the relatively squared off compartment is easy to load.
As is the way with any stylish SUV, or station wagon for that matter, the slope of the rear window limits the size of large boxes that can be fitted back there.Controls will be immediately familiar to Mercedes owners, retaining the simplicity and commonsense layout that they have appreciated for decades.
Similarly, the instrumentation is uncluttered and its information quickly and very readable.The upper models in the lineup feature a head-up display that shows a lot of information.
Provided, that is, you don't have the added driving safety of polarised sunglasses as I do, in which case the head-up is all-but invisible.
There's even lowering of the body for easier loading and unloading.Mercedes GLC can also be equipped with the Off-Road Engineering package if you're one of the few who actually intended to use an SUV in the conditions it's designed for. Indeed it comes in at the bottom end of the 4WD, not merely SUV, field.The Off-Road Engineering package has five programs. It even features a 'Rocking Assist' program in which the driving level is raised by 50mm and the wheel-slip control thresholds are increased so as to enable the GLC to do the best it can to work its way free if you really get into strife.Another off-road program, 'Trailer', is designed for towing off-road and facilitates moving off on wet grassland, or ice and snow. The package also includes a Gemtex under-ride guard, which takes the stress out of heavy ground contact.

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