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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires each state to develop and implement a highway safety improvement program (HSIP) that consists of three components: planning, implementation, and evaluation. FHWA policy and procedures for an HSIP are contained in the Federal-Aid Policy Guide (FAPG) Title 23a€”Code of Federal Regulations (and Non-regulatory Supplements).
The implementation component consists of a process for programming and implementing safety improvements. This section of the Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Handbooka€”Revised Second Edition provides guidance for the planning component, consisting of the collection and maintenance of data, the analysis of data, and engineering studies. Each crossing was assigned a unique identification number consisting of six numeric characters and an alphabetic character.
The crossing identification number, shown in Figure 4, was installed at each crossing by attaching a tag to a crossbuck post or flashing light post. To ensure that the state and railroad are in agreement on the elements contained in the inventory, a process was developed by which each would have the opportunity to review an update initiated by the other. If a state initiates the update, it retains a copy and sends the original to the railroad for its review. This procedure allows both the state and the railroad to concur on the crossing information prior to submittal to FRA, and establishes the state as the agency that submits all data to FRA.
The primary disadvantage of the individual form method is that the form must be completed for every change.
Electronic updates.52 Another updating procedure involves the submission of data via computer electronic file.
Information on highway-rail grade crossing collisions is also needed to assess safety and operations. Collision data are available from several sources, including state and local police and FRA. Most state and local police maintain a record of all highway traffic collisions, including those occurring at or near crossings.
NHTSA maintains a database on all fatal highway traffic collisions, including those occurring at highway-rail grade crossings. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains data on highway collisions involving motor carriers.
Collisions involving the transport of hazardous materials are reported to the Materials Transportation Bureau (MTB) of the Research and Special Programs Administration. Significant transportation accidents are investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Various hazard indices and collision prediction formulae have been developed for ranking highway-rail grade crossings. A hazard index ranks crossings in relative terms (the higher the calculated index, the more hazardous the crossing), whereas the collision prediction formulae are intended to compute the actual collision occurrence frequency at the crossing.
In general, crossings that rank highest on the hazard index are selected to be investigated in the field by a diagnostic team, as discussed in the next section. Some states, however, consider these factors subjectively when selecting the improvement projects among the crossings ranked highest by the hazard index. Other states utilize the systems approach, considering all crossings within a specified system, such as all crossings along a passenger train corridor.
Crossings may also be selected for field investigation as a result of requests or complaints from the public. A prediction model is intended to predict, in absolute terms, the likelihood of a collision occurring over a given period of time given conditions at the crossing.
The basic collision prediction formula can be expressed as a series of factors that, when multiplied together, yield an initial predicted number of collisions per year at a crossing.
Different sets of equations are used for each of the three categories of traffic control devices: passive, flashing lights, and automatic gates, as shown in Table 16.
The structure of the basic collision prediction formula makes it possible to construct tables of numerical values for each factor. The formula provides the most accurate results if all the collision history available is used; however, the extent of improvement is minimal if data for more than five years are used.
The final collision prediction, A, is developed by applying a normalizing constant to keep the procedure matched with current collision trends.
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Incident report is of concern of police department, insurance agencies and investigation agencies as well. Please remember that this template is editable and you can fill in it with your own particular details. The process for improving safety and operations at highway-railroad grade crossings consists of the same three components and may be considered part of a state's HSIP.
The evaluation component consists of a process for determining the effect that safety improvements have in reducing the number and severity of collisions and potential collisions.
For highway-railroad grade crossings, two types of information are needed: inventory and collision data. DOT National Highway-Rail Crossing Inventory was developed in the early 1970s through the cooperative efforts of FHWA, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the Association of American Railroads (AAR), individual states, and individual railroads. The two most common methods used to install permanent tags at a crossing are a metal tag on which the crossing number is embossed by raised imprinting and stenciling the number on the post.
Data in the inventory are kept current through the voluntary submission of information by the states and railroads.
If the railroad initiates the update, it retains a copy of the form and sends the original to the state agency. Another advantage of this procedure is that both the state and the railroad have a hardcopy record of the update that can be placed in a file along with the original inventory record. This may result in a time-consuming effort, particularly for changes that affect a number of crossings. This method is advantageous for states and railroads that maintain the inventory on a computer.

Because FRA receives information from 50 states and numerous railroads, it must be able to process the files without having to make any changes to format. This might be useful for obtaining current data on the elements contained in a priority index formula. The data should be verified in the field, as discussed in a later section on engineering studies. Data on collisions involving trains are essential in identifying crossings with safety problems. In addition, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and FHWA maintain some information on crossing collisions. It is essential that the police record the crossing identification number on the police accident report form. An immediate telephone notice is required under certain conditions, and a detailed written report is required whenever there is any unintentional release of a hazardous material during transportation or temporary storage related to transportation.
A commonly used index is the New Hampshire Hazard Index ranking methodology (presented in Appendix F).
Other crossings may be selected for a field investigation because they are utilized by buses, passenger trains, and vehicles transporting hazardous materials. Other states utilize a point system so that crossings high on the hazard index receive a specified number of points, as do crossings with a specified number of buses, passenger trains, and vehicles transporting hazardous materials. State district offices, local governmental agencies, other state agencies, and railroads may also request that a crossing be investigated for improvement. DOT collision prediction formula combines three independent calculations to produce a collision prediction value. Each factor in the formula represents a characteristic of the crossing described in the national inventory. To predict the collisions at a particular crossing whose characteristics are known, the values of the factors are found in the table and multiplied together.
Each table represents results for a specific number of years for which collision history data are available. Collision history information older than five years may be misleading because of changes that occur to crossing characteristics over time.
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Complete details and fact and figures of an incident are clearly written in incident report.
Nearly everything in this template can be changed by clicking on it when you will open it in Microsoft Word.
We are continuously adding more and more templates each day and our mission is to make this site a best resource for word templates. Inventory data include the location of the crossing, volumes of highway and train traffic over the crossing, and physical elements of the crossing. Each crossing was surveyeda€”both public and private, grade separated and at gradea€”and data were recorded on the inventory form, as shown in Figure 3. To determine the correct alphabetic character, sum the products of each of the first six digits times the digit's position (position one is the left-most digit). Because the national inventory is updated by numerous states and railroads, systematic and uniform procedures are required to assist FRA in processing the data. Whenever a change occurs at a crossing, such as the installation of traffic control devices, the railroad or state initiates an update form.
For example, if a railroad changes its operation over a route that results in an increase in the number of trains per day, an individual form would be completed for each crossing. A state or railroad may enter changes onto its own computer file and then periodically send FRA a file of the changes in a prescribed format. The national inventory is used not only by states and railroads in conducting their crossing improvement programs but also by national and federal agencies in assessing crossing improvement needs and conducting research. In addition, data on collisions not involving trains but occurring at or near a crossing are useful.
If the collision did not involve a train but occurred at or near a crossing, the crossing identification number should also be recorded on the police report form.
A change in highway or railroad operations over a crossing may justify the consideration of that crossing for improvement. The basic formula provides an initial hazard ranking based on a crossing's characteristics, similar to other formulae such as the Peabody-Dimmick formula and the New Hampshire Index.
The factor values for the three traffic control device categories are found in Tables 17, 18, and 19, respectively. If the number of years of collision data, T, is a fraction, the second collision prediction, B, can be interpolated from the tables or determined directly from the formula.
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Also don’t forget that water mark of our site will not be visible in your downloaded template. Most sales commission and compensation plans come in a written agreement compensation form so the salespeople understand how they are paid. Chapter V presents guidelines for selecting improvements based on safety and operational effectiveness and costs. State inventories containing data similar to that provided in the national inventory will also suffice. The inventory contains data on the location of the crossing, the amount and type of highway and train traffic, traffic control devices, and other physical elements of the crossing. It then sends a copy back to the railroad for its files and sends the original to FRA for processing.
To assist in these types of changes, FRA has established procedures for the mass updating of one or two data elements. This method, once established, provides for the updating of the national file with relative ease. Both states and railroads are urged to keep the information in this valuable database up to date.
For example, non-train-involved collisions may indicate a deficiency in stopping sight distance such that a vehicle suddenly stops at a crossing, causing the following vehicle to hit the leading vehicle in the rear. Thus, collisions in which the presence of the crossing (regardless of the presence of a train) was a contributing factor to the collision can be identified. However, motor carriers must maintain accident registers for three years after the date of each accident occurring on or after April 29, 2003 (49 CFR 390.15). In addition, NTSB issues specific recommendations to various parties for improvement of safety conditions. Some hazard indices incorporate collision history as a factor in the ranking formula; if not, this factor should be subjectively considered. As crossing conditions change, a computerized database can be updated and the hazard index recalculated. Some states incorporate these considerations into a hazard index, thus providing an objective means of assessing the potential danger to large numbers of people. For example, a new residential or commercial development may substantially increase the volume of highway traffic over a crossing such that its hazard index would greatly increase. The second calculation utilizes the actual collision history at a crossing over a determined number of years to produce a collision prediction value.
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Chapter VI provides guidelines for the implementation component of the safety program, Chapter VII discusses maintenance programs, and Chapter VIII addresses the evaluation component. Other data elements are completed only if they have changed or if they were not previously reported, such as for a new crossing. It is recommended that the police accident report form give the crossing identification number for collisions that occur within 200 feet of a crossing. Appendix E provides summaries of a number of selected key grade crossing collision investigations provided by NTSB. This procedure assumes that future collisions per year at a crossing will be the same as the average historical collision rate over the time period used in the calculation. Make sure to research a link: A legit, secure URL will redirect to an ‘HTTPS’ address, not just ‘HTTP.’ If you feel that you must open a link, open it manually into your browser, just don’t click any links!
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