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According to an exclusive report by Newsen, Block B’s Zico was recently involved in a car accident caused by drunk driving.
This past July 8, following fellow group member Park Kyung’s birthday party, Zico was on his way home with his manager when the car accident occurred. As reported by Gangnam Police, the manager who was at the wheel was driving in an intoxicated state. A representative of the Gangnam Police explained, “Block B’s Zico was not at the wheel, but a passenger of the vehicle. Seven Seasons’ representative also shared, “After checking with both Zico and his manager, the two of them both had drinks, and the manager drove in order to get home.
1) The Daytona Beach Police Department will respond to hundreds of automobile accidents this year, though it's unlikely any other will receive the kind of international coverage that Dale Earnhardt's crash has garnered. UPDATE: Click here for draft autopsy report from the Volusia County medical examiner's office.
On June 2, four teenagers were seriously injured when The Smiler roller coaster cars traveling 50mph and carrying 16 people, crashed into an empty car at Alton Towers Staffordshire, UK. Ben Richardson, 18, an eyewitness stated that it looked as if The Smiler roller coaster staff sent an empty car onto the track, to test the coaster and it was stuck on the track before the people got into the other roller coaster cars, leading to them colliding into the empty car. The quality surveyor from, Swadlincote, Derbyshire said that he was sitting close by and the roller coaster car with people inside it was sent off regardless of the empty car stuck on the track.
An eyewitness, Ellis Dyson, 23, was in line for the ride when the roller coaster crash happened.
Sophie Underwood was waiting in line to ride the roller coaster and told the BBC that the coaster had issues earlier.
Radio presenter from Bolton FM, Danny Slim, witnessed the accident and he believed that many on the ride were badly injured.
Four Air Ambulances with a trauma doctor, rescue trucks, and several paramedics, were on the scene quickly.
A spokesman for Alton Towers said that the park’s fully qualified first-responders were at the scene immediately, and helped with the evacuation to allow for emergency vehicle access.
The Smiler roller coaster opened, May 2013, and this is the third time it has had to be shut down for technical issues. In July of 2013, The Smiler coaster was shut down because there were reports that a bolt had fallen from the ride.

If the coster’s engineers had only paid attention to where the testing cars went and if they had all returned to the platform, there may not be a story to tell. The car that was carrying both Zico and his manager came into contact with another car after running a red light. Earlier in the day, he had been told that The Smiler roller coaster had been experiencing ‘technical issues’ however, he was able to ride the coaster when the park first opened.
Everyone remained in the cars when the crash happened, but the quality surveyor stated that, at the least, everyone had severe whiplash. She said that an empty car went around the loop, but was unable to get all the way around so it fell back down the loop backwards and swung back and forth for a while before the cars of 16 people slammed into the empty one. She said when the coaster cars crashed into the empty car it vibrated the platform of the ride.
Many announcements were given to let people know the ride was going to be shut down for repairs.
A spokeswoman said that of the 16 people on board the roller coaster, two teenage boys and girls have serious leg injuries.
The first responders were also putting together the platform to get to the stranded riders.
It touts that it is the world’s first 14-loop rollercoaster, officially with Guinness World Records, and this is advertised on the park’s website. In November 2013, the roller coaster was closed after the plastic guard wheels had come loose and hit front low riders.
The investigation will hopefully shed more light onto the true condition of the ride and how it will be handled.
The banged-up musician holed up in the mountains of upstate New York for months afterward, dramatically altering the rocket ride of his career.It's the most analyzed motorcycle crash in pop-culture history, but details have been as hard to pin down as the meaning of a Dylan lyric. Eyewitnesses said that the 14-loop roller coaster was broken down for a while previous to the crash and that engineers tested the ride by sending out empty roller coaster cars.
A platform was put together so emergency personnel could rescue the occupants of the ride who were 25 feet in the air, at a 45-degree angle. Officers are at the scene as well as other emergency services and they will be working with the staff from the theme park to deal with the accident. The field trip planned for Bramley Sunnyside Junior School in Rotherham, South Yorkshire to Alton Towers tomorrow has been canceled. As the disaster yesterday at Alton Towners Staffordshire, UK, severely injured four teens it is likely that the roller coaster will not be up and running for a while, at least until an investigation in the matter is complete.

Biographers, reporters and Dylanologists digging into the '60s period when the singer-songwriter lived in this arts colony with his young family have uncovered sometimes contradictory information.The sun got in his eyes. There were seven eyewitness accounts that report that an empty car that had been used for testing the roller coaster, was stuck on the tracks before passengers were allowed back on the ride. The roller coaster cars carrying people had just come out of an inversion when they were stopped abruptly by the empty car.
The other 12 riders stranded on The Smiler roller coaster have some minor injuries, and it is hopeful that they will be dismissed from the scene. All four severely injured teenagers were airlifted to trauma centers at University Coventry at Warwickshire and Royal and Royal Stroke University Hospital.
Or maybe the crash was a tall tale.Dylan has talked about the crash, but often in general terms.
Rumors sprouted over the following months that he was gravely injured, blind or disfigured. Howard Sounes writes in "Down the Highway" that Dylan was being followed in a car by his wife, Sara, who took her injured husband back to Grossman's house.Grossman's wife, Sally, was there and saw Dylan "kind of moaning and groaning" but noticed no obvious signs of injuries, according to Sounes.
Ed Thaler.Dylan arrived "very upset," the doctor's widow, Selma Thaler, said in an interview with The Associated Press. She thinks it was the Dylan documentary "Don't Look Back."Dylan was sweet and quiet, Thaler said, but she can't recall him showing any visible signs of injury.
He would not tour again for years, and his next album, "John Wesley Harding," wasn't released until December 1967.But he quietly was writing and making music by early 1967. He and the musicians of The Band recorded at Dylan's house, and later at a garishly painted home rented by band members in nearby Saugerties dubbed "Big Pink." Bootleg recordings from this time were eventually released in 1975 as "The Basement Tapes," and then as part of a deluxe box set in 2014. But he dwells more on how it marked the end of a busy and unsustainable period in his life.Dylan is now a 75-year-old artist who tours regularly and has put out dozens of albums.
The accident is a long-ago footnote in a lengthy career, but there's evidence that Dylan did indeed look back at least once.He came back to visit Thaler's house about four years ago, she said.
He stopped with some of his band members before a show in the area, revisiting the house in which he took shelter that morning in 1966.

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