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With my car in the shop, I needed a rental car, and Travelers arranged and paid for one with Enterprise. In each of these instances, the customer service I experienced was so superlative that it changed the way I thought about—and talk about—both of these brands. Causing a car accident is upsetting, but you ought to take responsibility and make the situation as smooth as possible. Travelers arranged for its concierge service to handle everything, from taking my car from the city tow lot to the concierge location nearest my home, to preparing an estimate and negotiating with the body shop to have the work done. Typically, when I needed a rental car, Enterprise was not even part of my consideration set. Smart companies will recognize that customer service is the next big opportunity in brand marketing. A police report is important for the not at-fault party and will clarify any questions of responsibility for the insurance company. My insurance broker had recommended who we use, and the only time I gave it much thought was when it was time to renegotiate my premiums. Exceptional service can make all the difference between a satisfied customer and a passionate brand advocate. With so many factors converging to carry localism to new heights, Havas PR commissioned a nationwide study to determine who has become more interested in what’s local and to what degree.

Not only do you have to deal with the damage of your own vehicle, but also the other party involved. Often the at-fault driver is cited a traffic ticket for causing an accident.How will causing a car accident affect your car insurance?Regardless of whether or not you receive a ticket from the police, if you were more than 50 percent at-fault then your car insurance rates will probably be increasing when your policy renews. They encouraged me to see a doctor and called multiple times post-X-rays to make sure I was feeling OK. Evan, the assistant manager at my local Enterprise location, greeted me by asking how I was feeling, aware that I had recently been in a car accident. He then took me to the lot to look at the available cars to see if they had one that would provide a comparable driving experience to my own car. Insurance carriers can surcharge your car insurance if you receive at traffic violation for the accident or if you file a claim and are determined at-fault. I wasn’t happy with what he had, so he arranged for an Infiniti G37 to be brought down from another location and delivered to my home.
My experience had been so positive that I’ve been going around talking about car insurance, telling everyone how great Travelers is. Information usually includes name, phone number, insurance carrier and agency, and insurance policy number. Meaning you will not be charged for the traffic violation plus the claim.Deductibles and CoverageAfter causing a car accident, you might be wondering how your car insurance policy will cover you.

Damages to your vehicle will be covered by your policy if you purchased collision coverage. You will be responsible for your deductible, meaning anything above your deductible will be covered by your policy. In most states, your insurance policy will also cover the damage to the not at-fault vehicle. Some states get coverage from the at-fault party’s policy while other no-fault states look to their own policy regardless of who is at fault.How to Avoid a Car Insurance IncreaseThe best way to get around a car insurance increase after an at-fault accident is to purchase accident forgiveness ahead of time. Not all insurance carriers offer accident forgiveness, but more and more are coming out with the feature. Usually for a small fee you can add accident forgiveness to your car insurance policy and if you are in an at-fault accident then your rates will not increase due to the accident.After a car accident it is important to breathe and remember the important things in life. It is times like these you can be thankful you have a car insurance policy in force and are able to use it.Need More Info?

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