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It must have been quite a while since you last gave Vine’s web interface a visit, I take it? The first thing you’ll notice is a large search bar alongside the upper third of the interface.
As you can see below, the interface is now infinitely more functional – you can now actually find and discover Vine videos on the web. The search for the next viral video starts with a brand new Explore page, which is you default view upon landing on

The app’s recently picked up a cool new messaging feature and previously gained focus and exposure lock while banning pornographic content and nudity from the service.
The search feature finally makes it possible to search Vine content by person, tag or location without having to use Vine’s mobile apps. It features familiar channels like Places and Animals alongside Trending Tags and Popular Now.
We’ve also introduced some new sections that feature hand-curated content, making it easier for you to find great videos and accounts.

And rightfully so, as the spartan web interface only lets us see short Vine videos and get our embed codes.

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