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AlvinC answered a question about my Ford truck that only someone with an in-depth knowledge of his subject would have known what was going on. Because of your expertise, you armed me with enough ammunition to win the battle with the dealer.
I do know, after going though this with JustAnswer, that I can somewhat trust my mechanic but I will always contact you prior to going there.
I would (and have) recommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions.
My 2000 van speedometer quit all together & transmission went into limp mode.(stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear).
Jesse -Regarding disconnecting the battery - I didn't, but I've heard folks mention resetting the error codes on the car by doing that.
As Gary said, "All is good in Caravan land!" Switched both sensors, and TA-DAAA!My tranny shifts once again! Jovial I don't have a van but a dodge pick-up, i have not running tail light, but brake and signal light on the left, It works when i hook up to a trailer, having no garage i haven't check for sure but i think the faulty wire is right a where the trailer harness meets the main tail lights wire, if your wired for a trailer i would check there hope that helps you. I have a 00 dodge caravan with a 3.3L and I don't have the proper dipstick for my transmission.
Hello, the dealer told me that i have to change the solenoid pack but it is to much money with them. Hi Jovial , I have 2000 grand caravan , 3.0 ,154000 miles, have shifting problem 2nd and 4th gear ,sometime drive ok for few miles and then go back again with the shifting problem. HeyI tried the sensors after I saw your post, my 2000 grand caravan 3.3 started giving me trany problems I shift it in to gear I have to rev the engine before it shifts gears and I could hear it shift any ideas ? Lea - if the solenoid pack isn't throwing errors, and switching out the sensors doesn't fix it, I'm not sure what to tell you.
Excellent blog :-) I have a Dodge Caravan (made in 2000), It was given to me with 175,000K on it. There are a lot of places that sell "new" refurbished TCMs in the US for about $150us + shipping to canada + taxes = dunno if i save a lot.
MY 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan the speedmeter, RPM, gas stop working, and the light that have the number of miles and P N D L shit in the panel went blank!!!
David - the light going out makes me think that it's a different issue related to an electrical connection. I was just wondering if you knew if this would be the same for a Chrysler Town & Country van. Mpofu and Kent - I don't know the fault codes by memory; you may want to call the Dodge dealership and ask what those fault codes indicate. Quick fix for stuck in first gear and erratic speedometer was to remove air filter box and with a 1 inch normal socket(not deep) remove output speed sensor and clean small amount of metal dust muck stuck on the magnet end.
I have my van on the road again, I replace both senors and didn't helpso I start checking the wires I found one wire that go to the output senor was bad so replace but didn't help to much some one told me to replace the oil and filter in the transmission so I did the bottom of the pan it was a messtook a long time to clean it, I oil in it and new filter and it work. Steve -The cruise issue makes me think that it's the sensors, and not the solenoid, but if you can afford to replace both the sensors and the solenoid, go for it. I would like to thank you for the useful information you provide on your web site to fix the problems with the transmission in the Dodge Caravans .I change both transmission speed sensor, and now the speedometer is reading and the van is running OK .

My speedometer is jumping and when I have to stop at red lights the van starts jerking forward a little bit.
I am having the same jerk as many of the others as my 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport downshifts to a stop.
Hi everyone, All the postings in regards to the transmissions about these minivans are are related to electronic issues on them. I barely found out the location of the transmission control module or TCM on our 2001 Grand Caravan ES.
The email address entered is already associated to an account.Login to post Please use English characters only. I took the Power Steering O-Ring service bulletin linked from JustAnswer to my Acura dealer, and not only did they no-charge the o-ring, they also replaced the power steering pump at no cost. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be assisting you with your question.Does the engine still crank?
Try using the second picture of the coil pack and use the location of the electrical connector as your reference. If you have a test light or digital voltmeter you can check to make sure there is power to the coil pack.
I thought the output sensor replacement had failed because the transmission light was still on after my son installed it.
Jovial, Very good info i may add, I been doing also some research on my 2003 3.3L fwd with 151,000 grand caravan.
I know a little about cars, do u think that i can do it myself, where can i find out the steps? You told me that sound like selenoid pack,you was right i changed it and now the van run perfectly.
This was my first major "under-the-hood" repair and your picts and diagram made it easy.It took me less than two hours-including gathering the necessary equipment and supplies to complete the job-in my own driveway on my day off. I start my van no reverse can go about 8.5 mph but anything more than that trany goes completely out. You think changing the input and output sensors, then maybe the the selonial pack might help ?
You should not have to remove the side trim though, just pull the rubber seal loose from the tail light area. So the cylinder that is labeled number 1 should connect to the coil pack terminal labeled number 1 in the diagram and so on. The cylinder number 3 wire connects to the coil pack directly next to the electrical connector.
It only took about 20 minutes to change both sensors from the top side.Clear the air box out of the way & you don't even need to remove the transmission lines next to the input sensor.
I read this post and then changed out both speed sensors.The output sensor had some gunk on it. They said it was the selenoid pack and replaced for 300$canadain.Two weeks later, stuck in 2nd gear again, brought it to the transmisison shop, they kept it several days for testing. I thought that I was going to have to get a new transmission till I came across this website.
Once while speeding up on the highway my RPMs went whack but the speed was increasing fine (no trans slip) and it was very brief and not reacurring so I was confused. I was ready to trade my new Honda until he told me to wait until I got 3,000 miles on it and my gas mileage would get much better. The coil pack in the first picture is not oriented in the same way on the picture as it is actually mounted on the engine. The next day, I bought the output sensor and my son installed it, but the transmission light didn't go out.

Anyhow, it occurred to me this morning that maybe the reset attempt didn't work, even though the sensors did solve the problem. The van rides smoothly for the most part but we just noticed the carpet is damp on the passenger side. Armed with your article and pics and the Dodge Forums, I got both speed sensors at AutoZone for $17 each.
Honestly I haven't encountered any problems like this before but I thank you for the information you shared. Also when it is extremly cold if I don't let van warm up enough it will reverse out of parking spot but doesnt want to shift into drive until warm, this only happen on extremely cold days and only on the first start of the that day when the van is cold.
There is also a very faint grinding noise coming from underneath when shifting in and out of reverse and drive. So I drove it to my favorite mechanic this morning, and lo and behold, the speedometer was working and the transmission was shifting gears! The van is now shifting, but the speedometer, gas gage, and thermostat in the dash or not working. You have saved me a heap of time and money which can be put towards more important matters such as my wife and children!
I had the selenoid pack leak but no problems other than when the tranny slipped from being low, (according to my wife). Spare tire security lock I put a pull cord to, after reading the horror -face stitch- stories. Doing some internet research, and most of what I've found has scared me off of a tranny flush, and now I'm leaning toward a solenoid pack, still hopeful of a quick (read, "cheap") fix. I don't know if this is what's triggering the check engine light or if it a completely different problem? Spousal Unit is back on the road in her beloved mini-van and I'm having a celebratory DogFishHead 60 Minute IPA. If you still needed this kind of transmission, you may see this ">Dodge Caravan parts list. My dad said just warm up the van and so far that has worked but is this the beginning of a probelem that needs to be addressed soon? I'm open to any help or suggestions as I don't have the money right now to put the van in the shop. If they do not suggest, I will ask them to replace both sensors, wiring update and the solenoid pack with hopes of that taking care of my issues. They run a clean shop, with friendly service and a good reputation so i tend to beleive them.
I thought id be able to see if any microchips, or resistors were burnt and resolder them, but the entire circuit board was coated with one inch thick clear gel :-( Im going to another transmission shop for advice & maybe a "new" (refurbished) TCM.
You will feel the air blow out of all the different zones at different intervals and see lights come on and go off. This means it has been completed (I actually let it run for 5 more minutes just in case something else started blinking). This will be the third replacement of spider coil, under lifetime warranty except diag fee risk.Than transmission went into limp mode.
The mechanic says he caught a busted wire and blames the guys who fixed the heater coil (they had opened and put back everything under and over the dash.

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