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Among the many details you’ll get after carrying out a text car check is the VIN or Chassis number.
The colour or registration plate of the car can be changed, but the VIN will always stay the same. Kevin Nehez, a mechanic at my local Maier’s Garage in Bridgeport, Connecticut, confirms this view of human nature. Let's take a big leap of faith here and assume that you actually want to address the underlying causes of the warning light coming on. If your car has both red and yellow lights, and it’s the red one that’s on, it’s a more serious problem. CAR TALK, DEWEY, CHEETHAM & HOWE, SHAMELESS COMMERCE, WARPED DISCS, and CLICK AND CLACK are registered trademarks of Tappet Brothers LLC. EGR DIAGNOSTICSOn some vehicles, the OBD II system may monitor the operation of the exhaust gas recirculation system.
The EGR system reduces the formation of oxides of nitrogen (NOX) in the exhaust when the engine is under load. OBD II may check for a drop in intake vacuum through the MAP sensor when it commands the EGR valve to open. Some systems also have an EGR valve positon sensor to monitor the opening and closing of the EGR valve. If an engine has an electronic EGR valve, the PCM operates the valve by energizing a motor or solenoids. The EVP sensor also helps with self-diagnostics because the computer looks for an indication of movement from the sensor when the it commands the EGR valve to open or close. On some 1995 and newer GM vehicles with OBD II and linear EGR valves, the MIL light may come on and set a Code P1406 when the engine has high mileage on it.
When the computer commands the EGR valve to open, it wants to see a movement signal from the EVP sensor within a certain number of milliseconds (typically 50 ms or less).
The cure, in this case, is not to replace the EGR valve but to reflash the PCM with new programming instructions that allow a longer response time from the EGR valve. When you go to the Mode 06 menu, you can see the OBD II self-test data for all the EGR components and can tell at a glance whether they are operating in or out of range. Pinging (spark knock or detonation) because the EGR system is not working, the exhaust port is plugged up with carbon, or the EGR valve has been disabled.
Rough idle or misfiring because the EGR valve is not closing and is leaking exhaust into the intake manifold.
The fix here is to connect a vacuum gauge to the intake manifold and check intake vacuum at idle. Hard starting because the EGR valve is not closing and is creating a vacuum leak into the intake manifold. Be sure you've ruled out all the other possibilities before focusing on the EGR system. If the engine has a vacuum-operated EGR valve, use a vacuum gauge to check the EGR valve vacuum supply hose on the intake side of the PCM-controlled EGR solenoid for vacuum. Refer to a vacuum hose routing diagram in a service manual or the vacuum hose routing information on the vehicle's emission decal for the location of the EGR vacuum control solenoid. If the solenoid fails to open when energized, jams in the open or shut position, or fails to function because of a corroded electrical connection, loose wire, bad ground, or other electrical problem, it will obviously affect the operation of the EGR valve. Depending on the nature of the problem, the engine may have no EGR, EGR all the time, or insufficient EGR. If bypassing the suspicious solenoid with a piece of vacuum tubing causes the EGR valve to operate, find out why the solenoid isn't responding before you replace it.
If the valve stem doesn't move when the engine is revved (and the valve is receiving vacuum), there may be something wrong with the EGR valve. Note: This only works on ported vacuum EGR valves, not backpressure EGR valves or electronic EGR valves. Backpressure EGR valves sometimes fail if the hollow valve stem becomes clogged with carbon or debris.
Carbon accumulations around the base of the EGR valve can sometimes interfere with the opening or closing of the valve. Do not soak the entire valve in solvent or allow solvent to get anywhere near the diaphragm. But more importantly, you can also obtain software that will allow you to edit the cars performance data.
The good news is, you can do the same at fraction of a cost, with a USB connection interface to your laptop, and car tuning software.
When the check engine light goes on, check under the hood for frayed wires that may need to be fixed right away. A ScanGuage or other OBD-II code reader can reset the check engine light if the issues have been repaired..
There are a number of ways to reset a check engine light, but some methods may be better than others. Officially known as a malfunction indicator lamp, the check engine light can go on for a number of different reasons. Experts often recommend checking the cap on the gas tank first; if it's loose, tightening it should cause the light to go off after a day or two. In some cars, especially those made before the mid-1990s, you can reset the check engine light by disconnecting the battery.
Disconnecting the battery will erase all the data from the vehicle's computer, which could make any problems with the car more difficult to diagnose in the future.
If you're trying to turn the light off in hopes of passing an emissions test, this method rarely works. The best way to turn off the check engine light is to fix whatever problem has caused it to come on in the first place. I agree that this system of failing emission tests and thereby refusing tag renewal for a check engine light being on, is a rip off! The OBD II’s Actron autoscanner is compatible with OBD II standard vehicles, light trucks, SUV and minivan. You press the horn while the battery is disconnected to drain out any residual charge left in the computer.
The advice you offered regarding the check engine light by disconnecting the battery and the sounding the horn until all the electricity is drained from the capacitor, then reconnecting the battery is redundant! This system of not allowing someone to pass inspection because of a check engine light is an abomination and a total scam ripoff. The check engine light can come on for many reasons, some as simple as the air filter needs to be replaced or something more serious like engine failure from an internal engine component failure. If it comes on, you should not look for simple instructions of "how to reset it." It will come right back on if the mechanical problem has not first been resolved!
The check engine light was first associated with the emissions, but has since been reconfigured to access other problems as well. Thank you so much for the suggestion of actually draining the battery after disconnecting it. Every now and then, I find myself overstocked with motorcycles and have to make a harrowing decision to put some up for sale. But now, thanks to the miracle of the internet, with just a few keystrokes and clicks, someone can have his or her advertisement displayed for the whole world to see, pictures included. Really i want you to pls send more pics if available and if not its ok.Also i will offer u $100 addition for that and all i needed is ur assurance that is mine as from now. I am really glad that you want me to get the BIKE and i will be happy also when i actually get it.Pls email me back today.
Unfortunately certified drafts from Denmark (even if in USD) are not negotiable in US banks. Thanks for the information.i will want you to know that the check is be issued in USA and it will take 3 to 5 working days to clear in your bank so i will want you to forward your payment details like the name and address that will be written on the check so i can forward it to my creditor to issue payment at once.
These email exchanges had been going on for about three weeks, and I doubted if we were ever going to receive anything. A week later, a mysterious brown envelope with odd postmarks on it (and no return address) was slipped into my mailbox after the regular mail had arrived. A week later I got another phony check, this time sent via air mail with lots of expensive stamps on the envelope.
We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. In today’s world of jammed traffic and high-tech cars faster than a bullet, driving is no longer considered a simple and easy operation of a motor vehicle. There are no more worries over spilled juices and smashed crackers with easy to maintain car seat covers. How To Decode a VIN  Prior to understanding how VIN decoding works, it is important to know what it is all about. When you do not have enough money to cover your family’s basic living expenses and pay all your creditors, you face some difficult financial decisions. When your bills exceed the money available to pay them, you will have to develop a revised payment plan in order to repay your debts. Before you can talk to your creditors, you need to take a hard look at your situation and make some decisions about how much and when you can pay. What assets (savings or items that could be sold) do you have that could be used to pay off your debt?
Reading Sizing Up Your Financial Situation and Making the Most of What You Have can help you to answer these questions.
A second method is to prioritize or list your creditors starting with the ones who will receive the most money. Once you have calculated how much money your family has for monthly living expenses and for paying off debts, decide how much you can pay to each creditor, based on priorities you determined while answering the previous questions. Once you have gathered the information you need, contact each creditor, explain your family’s situation, and work out a solution. A Sample_Letter_to_Creditors (jpeg) is provided to use as a guide when writing to creditors.
If you fail to follow the plan that you and your creditors agreed upon, you will hurt your chances of getting future credit.
If the bills are still not paid, they will probably be turned over to an independent collection agency.
Repossession - The creditor can seize the item you bought or the property you used as collateral. All of these actions are very serious and could jeopardize your ability to get credit in the future. Once you have worked out a repayment plan, follow through with it and make the payments you promised to make. If you find yourself “over-extended” and you have tried financial counseling, budgeting, and reduced payments and still cannot make headway on debts, bankruptcy may become an option worth investigating.
Bankruptcy is a federal court process designed to help consumers and businesses eliminate their debts or repay them under the protection of the bankruptcy court.
In 2006, a new bankruptcy law went into effect which changed the requirements for people considering bankruptcy.
This work is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, New Technologies for Ag Extension project.
For one thing, Yesware’s data scientists found that you have a 21% chance of getting a reply to your second email if the first goes unanswered.
After that, there’s still a 25% chance that you will eventually hear back from your recipient over subsequent follow-ups. Likewise, following a voicemail with a quick email can pack a one-two punch powerful enough to break through to the busy person you’ve been trying to reach.
Sales Rep Nico Papas has a dead simple follow-up strategy that helps him quickly capture his prospects’ attention, resulting in a 50% reply rate. Ever been in a situation where you’re not sure if you’ve been following-up with the right person? Your best move: Simply ask them to point you in the right direction – it might actually make them like you more.

Well the good news is some of those follow-up emails must have worked, because you got your prospect on the phone for a sales call. To keep the deal moving forward, follow up with a note thanking them for their time along with a quick recap of the call. When pitching your product to decision-makers, link to “how-to”s or product documentation they can show to their team.
Tell your client the next steps they need to take to move the deal forward, and set an exact time to follow up. There are many different factors that determine whether sales emails hit the mark or fall short. If you want to make sure the VIN is consistent with the DVLA’s details, all you have to to do is text the VIN to 78888, the same number you used to carry out the original search.
Therefore, verifying the VIN using a text car check is the best way to make sure the car you are buying is authentic. The VIN will then be verified by checking it against the information held by the DVLA on the car.
Driving along perfectly happily, maybe humming a song, and all of a sudden the "check engine" light comes on. One is to conclude that the powertrain is about to self-destruct and even driving another 500 feet risks not only severe bodily harm but the end of your car forever.
Chances are it’s the result of an emissions problem and not a sign of imminent engine failure (that’s the oil light!). It might be producing elevated levels of NOX in the exhaust if the EGR system is not operating correctly.
It should NOT occur when the engine is cold because it acts like a vacuum leak and can cause a rough idle or lean misfire. If teh engine has a vacuum-operated EGR valve, the PCM controls a solenoid in the vacuum line to open and close the valve. The solenoids are normally closed, and open only when the PCM completes the ground to each.
It still works and keeps NOX emissions within acceptable limits, but the computer thinks the EGR valve is not opening quickly enough and sets a code.
If a component is acting up, it will FAIL the self-test -- but it may not set a DTC unless all the other failure criteria for the DTC have also been met.
The fix here is to inspect the EGR system, remove the EGR valve and check the valve and port for carbon, and remove the carbon from the port if it is plugged. If the MIL lamp is on and there is anOBD II code that is related to the EGR system, you can refer to the diagnostic charts in the vehicle service manual to isolate teh fault.
No vacuum may indicate a bad solenoid, a fault in the wiring betweent he PCM and the solenoid, or another sensor problem such as a faulty coolant sensor. Because of the valve's location, it may be difficult to see whether or not the valve stem moves when the engine is revved to 1500 to 2000 rpm by slowing opening and closing the throttle. And will give you an instant overview of your vehicles condition by tapping into it's computer chip. In some cases, it may be possible to turn the light off by using a diagnostic scanner, which attaches to the car and provides information on what has caused the light to come on. In some cars, something as simple as a loose gas cap, which the car's computer can read this as a leak in the emissions system, or even a change in humidity can cause the light to come on. With the right tool, called an automotive diagnostic scanner or a code reader, you (or a mechanic) can read this code and find out what's wrong with the vehicle.
Newer vehicles have a feature that will simply turn the light back on after the battery is reconnected if the car is not drained of electricity properly, however.
It will also reset the electronic systems inside the car; if the car has an anti-theft radio system, for example, it will likely go into safe mode and will need a code to unlock it. Even if all emissions data is cleared from the computer when the battery is disconnected, the car's systems need to complete a series of tests called a "drive cycle" before it can pass testing; sometimes more than one drive cycle is needed before the car is ready. Even if you were able to turn it off by clearing the codes or disconnecting the battery, if what caused the light to come on hasn't been corrected, it probably won't stay off for very long.
Insofar as clearing the code, it's true that if you disconnect the battery, you need to drive around (maybe 50 miles?) to reset the computer. There should be a system in place that dictates if the car is dangerous on the highway or not. The problem is that when the diagnostic scanner is connected to the vehicle, it does not show any result. On the dashboard there are two small red lights blinking: the gas tank light and a car indicator light. The edc light is on but it has put itself into safe mode for power and won't go above 3000 rpm. I hope these state governments, the auto repair shops, and everyone else involved in this hustle lose their shirts when the american public wakes up and turns on them. However, the car failed inspection because I took the car in right after clearing the light. You also are subjecting the vehicle to more serious issues by not resolving the first indication somethings wrong.
The dealer can connect your car to the shop scanner and see everything you have done with the vehicle from speed to erratic driving habits to oil changes-its all there just like your home desktop or tower unit.
First, find the reason it came on through a means of diagnostics like a hand held OBD scanner or have a repair shop investigate, but do not just reset the light.
I've read similar articles and think I'm going to purchase an inexpensive auto scanner just in case some other light comes on. I have been trying for a week to clear a code and I finally got it cleared thanks to you!!! One would figure if a person is interested in something, they’d ask about it instead of discussing the payment details first. The best way is to go to Western Union (there are lots in Denmark) and wire the cash to me.
I was actually buying it, and in my minds eye, could see him trundling down some cobblestone street in Copenhagen on the XT, wearing wooden clogs.
It was obviously a phony, printed on a malfunctioning laser color printer, and cut uneven with jagged scissor marks. I your payment please once again name and address that will be written on the check so i can forward it to my creditor to issue payment again. And if you send another one, please use that rectangle blue stamp with Queen Elizabeth holding a scepter as postage. It is more an ability to maneuver and control your car to ensure safety to you, your passengers and others. No matter how difficult it is to focus on the driving, never take a baby or a child out of a car seat. In today’s market, options are endless with huge variety of car seats offered, ranging from cotton and synthetic to more durable lambswool seat covers, sheepskin seat covers and wool seat covers. After you have a plan, you will have to contact the people to whom you owe money - your creditors - and explain your situation.
If you have consistently paid bills when due, your creditors will be more cooperative than if you were late or did not make regular payments. Completing Worksheet_-5_Debts_Owed(pdf) can help you get a clearer picture of what and how much you owe. Think about the worst consequences for your family if certain debts were not paid or if less were paid than the amount due.
You can lose your purchases if the creditor holds the title of the property as collateral or security for the loan: a home mortgage or car loan, for example. Personal finance companies want you to think so, but generally a consolidation loan charges a higher interest rate. Nonpayment of debts is recorded on your credit record and can damage your ability to get credit in the future. You will need to tell them how much you are able to pay and when you will be able to pay it. Visit the loan officer at your bank or credit union, the credit manager of local stores, and the budget counselor at the utility company.
However, they will be more likely to work with your family if you contact them before they contact you. The counselor is qualified to prepare a budget plan that will be given to you and your creditors for approval. However, when the service prepares a debt repayment plan for you, a nominal fee may be charged to help with administrative costs.
First you will receive a letter reminding you that you missed a payment and asking you to pay promptly. Get the name of the creditor and the name, address, and telephone number of the collection agency. If you believe you do not owe the amount claimed or disagree in other ways, make your reasons known promptly in writing to both the creditor and the collection agency. If the sale of the property brings less than the amount you owe, you must pay the difference. It usually takes about three months for the first court date to be set and action to begin.
You can reduce your chances of being harassed by creditors or collection agencies by communicating with your creditors and working out solutions for debt repayment early. Prompt action is very important; let your creditors know you are having trouble before you miss payments and the situation becomes worse. Bankruptcy is good at wiping out credit card debt, but you may have trouble eliminating some other kinds of debts, including child support, alimony, most tax debts, student loans, and secured debts.
All debtors now have to get credit counseling before they can file a bankruptcy case, and additional counseling on budgeting and debt management must be completed before their debts can be wiped out. Our guess is that it has something to do with the fact that writing and rewriting these mission-critical messages isn’t always easy.
Next time you find yourself searching for the words that will get you back on your prospects’ radar and garner their reply, consider one of these data-backed email examples. By touching your contact in two faculties – the eyes and ears – you double the impact of your message to get past what mental health professionals refer to as cognitive triage.
According to the Ben Franklin Effect, when you ask someone for a favor, you place yourself under obligation to them –which makes them feel kindly towards you.
The template below, by our very own Paul Hlatky, is all about adding value, and has a 50% reply rate. Sales is constantly changing, which means you should always be tweaking and testing your own follow-up templates. In addition to four follow-up templates, we’ve also included 14 other sales email templates for you to save to your Yesware Template Library, and edit to your liking. Of course, the check engine and other warning lights are controlled by sensors that aren’t always reliable, and Kevin tells me his sometimes come on when the thermometer drops below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Consumer Reports, since the OBD II regulations went into effect in 1996, automakers have been required to install a system “that essentially acts like a built-in state emissions testing station.” The computer monitors dozens of processes, including emissions and the fuel system (for escaping gas vapors).
The computer will reveal a diagnostic code, which mechanics can read and then fix the problem.
Linear EGR valves may also be equipped with an EGR valve position sensor (EVP) to keep the PCM informed about what the EGR valve is doing. This should cause a momentary drop in idle speed and a noticeable increase in idle roughness.
If the valve is not a backpressure type, it should hold vacuum when vacuum is applied with a hand-help pump. Sometimes you can dislodge material that's clogging the opening by carefully poking at it.
Most of the time, it lights up to warn about a problem with the engine or emissions system, which should be investigated relatively quickly. Relatively inexpensive code readers are available, some for less than $100 US Dollars (USD), but an automotive parts store or repair shop may be willing to check the code for free. You can do this by constantly blowing the car's horn until it dies or turning on the headlights, then waiting several minutes.

The chance of the car completing its internal tests and the light not coming back on before the emissions test on is very small. Postponing a repair by ignoring the car's warning is usually a costly mistake; a problem that could have been fixed easily early on could grow into a major repair if it's not addressed in time. The service engine indicator means that the car is due for routine maintenance or an oil change.
Another notable feature is its sheer size, which makes it simple for owners, like backlit screen reading.
Looks like I need to drive it some unknown number of miles before the computer will let my car pass. You are asking for big trouble and more likely than not, a bigger problem that means more expense to repair! I pray it's just time for an oil change and that's the reason for the engine light coming on. In the past putting a bike up for sale meant using the local newspaper, or one of the many free local publications like the Recycler. But what the hell, I thought Carl might be frequenting too many cannabis bars in his native Denmark, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. When I have received the funds the motorcycle and ownership documents will be released to your freight forwarder for export.
Stare at the sano Jack Hateley motor, the early Works Performance shocks with finned bodies.
Safety being the first thing that comes to mind when driving is especially important when transporting your most precious one to kindergarten, local park or a mall.
Instead, pull over and calm your child or introduce some toys or a little snack to get their attention. These car seat covers will keep your child warm in winter and cool in summer thus improving overall child’s car experience.
Your family should be part of the decision-making process, since their cooperation is essential to carry out the plans. Creditors will usually work with you to adjust your payments because they want their money. If you have a loan with a lower interest rate, you may decide to pay off a higher interest credit card balance first, to reduce the amount of finance charges you are paying. If you have only one or two payments to make on a loan, it is probably a good idea to finish paying it, getting that debt out of the way. In addition, refinancing to smaller monthly payments will extend the number of payments you must make, adding to the total cost.
That is why contacting all of your creditors immediately if you cannot pay your bills is important. Some businesses, such as utility companies, have special counselors for customers who cannot pay their bills. As you negotiate with each of your creditors, do not agree to any plan simply to get off the hook. They all want their money and would rather get some money on a regular basis than have to begin collection procedures. If you owe a large amount of money and your creditors will not accept reduced payments, you may have to consider more extreme alternatives. Local businesses pay the counseling service a fee for collecting the debts clients owe them. After that, you may receive a more direct letter demanding payment or you may get a phone call. If you fail to make payments, you will receive letters from a creditor’s attorney or collection agency warning you of the intended action. You are responsible for the legal fees of foreclosure and the difference between the selling price of the property and the amount owed on the loan. In addition, filing for bankruptcy brings long-term consequences for your financial situation and credit rating. Some filers with higher incomes are not allowed to use Chapter 7, but instead have to repay at least some of their debt under Chapter 13.
One reason people aren't all that interested in finding what's wrong is that their car is probably running fine. But, c'mon folks, unless you have an advanced degree in diagnostics, you're going to need a mechanic to decide what's wrong--the paper clip is only so effective.The easiest check engine light fix is not all that technical and spelled out clearly in the video below. That’s why a loose gas cap can set it off—check that first.Things that can set off the check engine light are low fluids (oil, transmission or brake fluid, antifreeze), broken belts, a bad catalytic converter or non-functional sensors. The check engine light often indicates a serious problem with the car, however, and the best way to turn it off is to fix the underlying issue. If the check engine light is red instead of yellow or if it's blinking, it's usually a sign of a serious problem that should be dealt with as soon as possible. These readers may also be able to clear the code from the computer, in some cases, turning the light off quickly and easily. Unless you're comfortable checking the error codes and doing repairs yourself, it's best to take the car to a mechanic and get it fixed. Its intervals are typically set by mileage, not because the car's computer detects anything wrong. Question: If there is something wrong with the exhaust gas recirculation will the light come on again?
I have a 2000 buick lesabre custom and I think it's set for the oil to get changed in mileage intervals. Pls help me take good proper care of it cos i belive by now its mine.But right now in the year i can see that i finanaly got one. In any case, car seats are not a luxury but rather a necessity and ensure complete child safety while in a car.
Moreover, many manufacturers offer tailor made car seat covers to further improve the comfort of your baby. The formal VIN started in 1981 since before that there were different formats used by different manufacturers. This is probably the fairest way, but it does not always work because every creditor must agree to reduce the amount they receive and extend the payment period. Until your financial situation improves, destroying your credit cards and closing your accounts may be a good idea. While a single loan may make payment easier, that is a small benefit considering the additional costs involved. If you can pay something on each debt, it is less likely that your financial problems will be reported on your credit record.
These counselors can help you set up a budget plan to even out your payments during the year. A source of assistance with credit and money management problems is American Consumer Credit Counseling. The plan usually is all that is required unless there is an emergency or a change in your financial situation. For example, if the counselor collects $20 to pay a debt owed to a bank, the bank pays the counseling service a sum (such as $3) for collecting the debt. This will help everyone realize that changes and sacrifices must be made for your family’s plan to be successful. At this point, it should be safe to reconnect the battery and the check engine light should not longer be lit.
To reduce the already high percentage of child deaths in car accidents, many states worldwide have implemented high penalties for not using a child seat. With wide range of styles, designs and colors, your child will not only be safe but comfortable as well.
The standardization of the numbers was done to get rid of chances of similar VIN’s appearing. Unsecured debts may have to take lower priority, although you are obligated to pay them too. If you choose to voluntarily surrender the item, you will still be required to pay the difference between the market value of the item and the amount remaining on the loan. Remember, creditors accused of being angry or abusive may say it was the customer who was angry and abusive. But that darned light causes a whole lot of angst because people just don't know what to do, and meanwhile it's glowing at them like some kind of judgment from above.
The thing is that the light’s always-on glare sends an irritating message—demanding attention, judging you, and interrupting your morning commute’s tranquil flow. A bad thermostat, which can also turn on the check engine light, will prevent your engine from reaching operating temperature and affect both air quality and fuel economy. And the fact that car seat covers can be pulled out to be cleaned ensures your complete satisfaction as a parent. The digits that are found on car VIN indicate the year the vehicle was manufactured, assembly point, country of origin, model as well as other important details that will prove helpful in its identification. PowerPay is a computer program that can help you decide which debt repayment plan will save you the most money in interest charges.
Follow the conversation with a letter summarizing the agreement between you and the creditor.
No wonder some people end up covering the light up with a piece of tape.My aunt called me today because a warning light had come on in the 2007 Toyota Corolla she bought new. But unless people see their gas mileage go down by at least 40 percent, they don't notice it. My wife’s father did exactly the same thing (for a seatbelt warning light), using black electrical tape.
I've had a lot of years of watching how people treat their cars, and most aren't that tuned in.
My stepfather went the tape route, too, when that yellow beacon refused to extinguish itself. The Magliozzi brothers favor electrical over duct tape, but not as a substitute for fixing actual problems. I have thoroughly scanned the car and it keeps pulling only the O2 code.Car is 2003 Honda Accord EX-L V6. This post here tells you how to turn off the check engine light in a few minutes by jumping a fuse gap with a bent paper clip. It starts immediately a Nigerian Mechanic operates on a new car and it wil continue to bleep so until u visit d Car's service centreRe: What Is The Problem With My CHECK ENGINE LIGHT??
To be on a safe side run a comprehensive scan that can scan all components on your vehicle.
This started 3days ago, it's not been 2 months since I changed the oil and haven't done much miles with it except intra-city runnings.
Advice needed pls Your MAINT REQD light blinking and going off indicates that your vehicle requires an oil change soon. If i recall, it starts flashing at 4,000 miles and stays on permanently at 5,000 miles.Since it has been 2 months since your last service and you haven't done that much miles, then it must be that you carried out the oil change in between the service intervals. I would suggest that you ignore the light when it stays on permanently and use the car till your next service.
When you perform the next oil change, reset the MAINT REQD light and carry out subsequent services at those intervals of 5000 miles.Re: What Is The Problem With My CHECK ENGINE LIGHT?? When you perform the next oil change, reset the MAINT REQD light and carry out subsequent services at those intervals of 5000 miles.I don't remember the mechanic resetting the MAINT REQD light after the oil change. Thanks for the response Press the Odometer button till it shows actual mileage, not Trip A or Trip B. Hold down the odometer button and turn your ignition to the 'ON' position, keep holding it down and you should see 5 dashes, then 4,3,2,1 the all zeros then your mileage will come back to the display and the light should go off.Re: What Is The Problem With My CHECK ENGINE LIGHT??

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