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Camaro vin, cowl tag, and other numbers decoding, First-generation camaro research and restoration data. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Being able to decode the various markings on a car or part is important in establishing what type of car or part you have.
Above, left: A trim tag, lists original interior trim, exterior color, build date and other fisher body info. By decoding these items, you can gather a lot of information about your car as well as check the originality of a car. This is especially helpful if you are checking out a "numbers matching" car where the asking price is usually higher. If any item appears to be amiss, you should be VERY skeptical of the originality of the car. Please note - this site is heavily slanted towards Chevrolet decoding with an emphasis on Camaros. When you buy ANY car, the VIN on the piece of paper in your hand MUST MATCH the VIN affixed to the car. In extreme cases where you have doubts about the validity of the VIN affixed to the vehicle (i.e. The following contains information which gives an example of what the various positions in a 1979 VIN stand for. The Tag is generally rivited onto the body, except in some years (1973 & 1974) where they simply screw it onto the car with sheet metal screws. You'll need to check the Build sheet (if available) or check for trace evidence on the car as to the original color.
The other "demand" for these tags is not just to fake Z28's or Super Sports, but to restore a car, then get a trim tag to match the restored car and try and call it "100% original". Also, how can you call this the “Turbo” Camaro, and then stick a huge blower on top?
Decoding chevrolet passenger car vin, Decoding the chevrolet passenger car vin----- **model years- 1965-1971** digit position. 1967 chevrolet impala - ride, 1967 chevrolet impala information, 1967 chevrolet impala specifications, 1967 chevrolet impala resources, 1967 chevrolet impala pictures, 1967 chevrolet impala photos.
Vin decoding - the paddock, The full size chevrolet vin decoder can be used to find basic body characteristics of impala and other full size models, including body style, engine size, model year. Vehicle identification number (vin) and cowl tag decoding, The last six digits of the vin# are the sequential serial number.

The vin for camaro models represents the vehicle’s basic body characteristics including engine type (l6 or v8), body style (coupe or convertible), year of. Xlyrix - place karaoke lyrics, Xlyrix - all lyrics database xlyrix is a searchable lyrics database featuring 1,000,000+ song lyrics from 20,000 artists. General info - camaro faq - camaro research group, First-generation camaro research and restoration data q: when were the first-generation models built?
1969 camaro trim tag identification and decoding, 1969 camaro trim tag identification and decoding.
Hitman' pontiac trans site - cowl tag - 78ta., Hopefully, this area will better explain the cowl tag data plate located on your car. Introduction restoring chevy camaro 1967 - 1969, Introduction to restoring your chevy camaro 1967 - 1969 covers drivelines, bodywork, interior and trim, suspension, brakes, chassis, and steering.
Codes –- first generation firebird (1967, 1968, 1969), Q: 1967 body tag model number and rpo codes.
Cowl tag, trim tag or body number plate decoding the cowl or trim tag is fisher bodys representation of the body. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. To learn about Camaro Trim Tag decoding for specific years click on the link below for the desired year. Starting with the introduction of the Camaro in 1967 Each first generation Camaro has had a special identification tag attached to the Camaros body known as a trim tag or cowl tag as some prefer to call it. The tags just like 1968 would see the same information being shown until the second week of December when the X Code was introduced to the tags at the Norwood, Ohio assembly plant.
The examples shown below will help guide you through the different trim tags used in 1969 and help you to decipher the meanings of the codes that are on them. Use the trim tag decoder form below to have our decoder decode you 1969 Camaro Trim Tag for you.
To use the trim tag decoder form below simply choose the decoder that most resembles your Camaros Trim Tag and fill in the information from your trim tag and click decode tag. Listed below is information that will help you understand more about your trim tags option codes and what they mean. Two digit code referring to the calendar month that the vehicles body was scheduled for production. Individual Body Sequence number assigned by the Fisher Body plant prior to production of the vehicle.
Actual color dependant upon customers choice from other General Motors model lines available paint colors.

For single color vehicle (upper and lower paint match) refer to the lower body color chart. The trim tag depending on the year of the Camaro can supply you as either the owner, potential buyer or just a simple enthusiast with a great deal of information about eh car you are looking at. For the first generation cars 1967, 1968 and 1969 the trim tag is located on the firewall between the wiper motor and the brake master cylinder. The Norwood Ohio plant changed over to the new trim tag format using X-Codes to denote major option packages such as SS396, Z28, D80 spoiler package, etc. These tags replaced the LOS tags during the 1969 model year for production at the Los Angeles Plant. Since the California plant unlike Norwood produced more types of vehicles than just the Camaro we believe that this was needed to help keep assembly organized.
This is not an error or an indication that something is wrong, the code on the trim tag refers to body style and interior, deluxe or standard, and is a separate code from the VIN tag identification. Includes white paint, hugger orange Z-28 style hood and decklid stripes and deluxe orange Houndstooth interior. The massive blower, the huge CF wing, the widebody… it even looks like someone attached a snow plow to where the front splitter would normally go. The X Code would be a great boon to helping verify that a Camaro was something special when it was ordered. The VIN tag identification identifies number of engine cylinders and coupe or convertible body style. In Norwood produced vehicle this number is sequential for all Camaros produced for that year. For those of you who are Firebird fans the trim tag for your Pontiac is located here also and shares many of the same codes. If the code said X66 you knew it was a big block, if it was X11 you could tell that the Camaro came at a minimum with the style trim group included.
I do know, that if I was 10 years old and saw this utterly ridiculous car in real life, I would be enamored. Example for LOS is that the first standard interior coupe and deluxe interior coupe produced will both be assigned body number 1.

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