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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The market of pre-owned cars is at its brim and amazing thing is that you’ll be having great variety of choices too.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Most people that have bought a used car know that cars lose  up to 20% of their value as soon as they’re taken off the new car dealer’s lot.
Check It Out Before You Go – Do some simple research on the model and year you’re looking at including consumer reports, automotive magazine review, online reviews from real people who own the car and potential issues. Look Under the Hood – Even if you don’t know much about cars, you should look under the hood. Check the Paperwork – When buying through the classifieds or online listings, check the name on the title with the seller’s driver’s license. Get Professional Help – Not that kind of professional help, always get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection from a qualified and trustworthy mechanic of your choosing.
CPO Vehicles – No, it’s not a character from Star Wars, a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle will typically have a comprehensive inspection, repairs and a limited warranty in addition to any remaining on the original warranty from the manufacturer.
Get the CARFAX – Most used car dealers should provide a CARFAX Vehicle History Report to you.
Since new vehicle lose so much of their value after purchase, used cars are a smart financial alternative.
It may sound like such a simple thing to say, but how many times have you been talked into buying something you later realize does not fit your needs? Having already fought the needs versus wants battle in your own mind, you can then go shopping for your next used vehicle with some ammunition. Start your search with CARFAX listings, where every vehicle comes with a free CARFAX report.
May 25, 2015 by Tiffany Thomas Lewis 2 Comments Tips for Buying a New Car was compiled with the help of my mechanic Mark, Owner of Smitty’s Garage, 38 Spook Hallow Road, Cogan Station, PA. Recently, I took our new car to my trusted mechanic for a check-over and talked with him about my experience.
I know it’s not possible to remember all this so I made a convenient printable that you can take with you.
I also have a print out you can take with you so you can accurately document any physical damage for future reference. I wish you the best in finding a new used car that fits your needs and runs for many years to come! Tiffany Thomas LewisTiffany is a SAHM to 3 beautiful girls and wife to a bearded man that's as sarcastic as she is. I think the advice to leave your money at home, so as to allow yourself time to think, is as important as anything when buying a used car.
I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates. First and foremost, you'll want to make sure there's enough tread left -- too little and a vehicle's handling could be severely compromised in wet or snowy conditions.
Tread depth gauges (available at many auto parts stores) offer a simple and inexpensive way to accurately measure wear. When inspecting a used car, make sure to check if all four tires are of the same type and size. Federal law requires that all passenger vehicles since 2003 feature placards, either in the driver's side doorjamb or on the door, that display each vehicle's standard tire size and pressure information. Older tires may exhibit hairline cracks or bulges in the sidewall and tread as a result of UV, sunlight, and environmental exposure like extreme heat or cold.

The NHTSA suggests drivers check the owner's manual regarding replacement recommendations, and refers to automakers and tire manufacturers for their own guidance.
To determine the exact age of a tire, look on its sidewall for a code beginning with "DOT." The last four digits of this sequence represent the week of manufacture followed by the year. While important and indicative of a car's previous history, tires represent one piece of a larger used vehicle puzzle. Check your DocumentsThe market of pre-owned cars is at its brim and amazing thing is that you’ll be havinggreat variety of choices too.
Paint shades should match, doors and windows should open and close easily, gaps between body panels should be even and consistent, and tires should be worn evenly. You should always sit in the driver’s seat, turn the key on, but do not start the car and check that all the warning lights and gauges work. Get on a main road (don’t just cruise around a residential area) and get the car up to 35-40 MPH.
Many unlicensed and unregulated dealers are disguised as private sellers, also known as curbstoning. Thanks to manufacturing and maintenance standards, they are better than ever and a great value.
He knows mechanics {he’s a millwright} and was able to give the car a once over to make sure we were making a good purchase. Together, we came up with a list of things to look fun when you’re buying a used car. It can be easy to get excited about a car when you find it and to want to pull the trigger right away, so to speak, but it’s always important to give your self time to think.
What you don't want to see is uneven wear across the surface of the tire, as this suggests the vehicle may have a mechanical problem or that it hasn't been properly maintained. He explains that uneven tire wear can be the result of an improper alignment, suspension or drivetrain problems, and may indicate that the previous owner neglected to rotate the tires.
Under-inflated tires tend to wear prematurely on the tread's outer edges, while over-inflated tires develop wear on the tread's centerline.
Mismatched tires are a red flag regarding a vehicle's history and experts warn that mixing tire types jeopardizes a vehicle's handling because of different compounds and tread patterns. These numbers should be used to crosscheck the specifications written on a tire's sidewall, which also include load and speed ratings. While this increases a vehicle's perceived value, dishonest sellers may do this to disguise a car's faults. Automakers generally suggest replacement after six years of use on a vehicle, and tire manufacturers draw the line at 10 years of age. Over time, spare tires can be "baked" in hot trunks or exposed to the elements underneath a vehicle. Regular engine, transmission, and brake maintenance are among the many other key components of a well-rounded used car.
But the problem that remains with this market is that it is it isnot fully organized and can be said to be semi organized. For some people buying a pre-owned vehicle can seem like a gamble, but here are a few steps you can take to protect yourself and your investment. The transmission should shift up and down smoothly, steering should keep relatively straight, and the car should not pull hard to one side when braking. Use the CARFAX search as one important tool, along with a vehicle inspection and test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car. I am usually such an easy going person but when it comes to my car, I worry about it non-stop. All I could think about during our journey was how hard the process would have been for me if I didn’t have him.

I like all the room it has too because all 3 grand kids fit nicely, 2 of them in the built in car seats which I love. This quick inspection can save you money in the long run and tell you a little bit more about the life that vehicle has lived. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests rotating tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles or sooner if uneven wear begins to occur. Under-inflation also contributes more rolling resistance, which adversely affects fuel economy. Tires manufactured prior to 2000 use a three digit code-two digits signifying the week and the last signifying the year within a decade. As always, it pays to research a used car's background with a vehicle history report and have it inspected by a trusted mechanic. Radiator coolant should be light yellow or green in color (though some models may have a pink or orange coolant, check the owners manual or manufacturer’s website). I dream about it breaking and I take it to the mechanic for every little thing I think I hear.
Tell the person selling that you’ll call them first thing in the morning to let them know your decision. You can pay them through PayPal and they send you an e-mail with the info attached for download. NHTSA estimates cite a one percent drop in fuel economy for every 2.96 psi of under-inflation. Tires may sit in a retailer's warehouse for a year or two after manufacture beforeC being fitted to a vehicle. Also you need to make sure that seller isproviding you with the original regional transport office. Then, rev the engine for a few seconds and listen for knocks or odd noises and check for smoke (black or white) coming from the tailpipe. After all, if you buy a dud, you don’t have the money to just go out and find a new car, right? Are the rocker panels {the piece that runs from front tires to back tires along the door edge} rusted?
Markedly absent from that list is the subject of tires -- the things that actually attach your vehicle to the road. Keep in mind if it’s cold outside some light white smoke is normal since the exhaust gasses are hot.
It will be importantto check the state where car is being registered and if you are planning to drive this car todifferent state then you need to get registration there too. The engine should idle smoothly and should return to idle when you let off the accelerator. Now you must be thinking thatit’s a long and tiring process, so avoid it- but at the time of accident or any mishappeningthis could lead to a trouble.InsuranceYou simply cannot avoid insurance documents, and you need to get those documentstransferred on your name. Dark brown or black transmission fluid can be an indicator that the car didn’t get regular maintenance. Also at the time of transferring the policy you should check ifpremium has been paid regularly or not, expiry date of policy and also check if everinsurance has been claimed.
So at the time of purchasing car ask your buyer to giveyou copy of no abjection certificate from the finance company and that will be clarifyingthat entire loan has been cleared.

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