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Vin decoding - crankshaft coalition, Vehicle identification number (vin) 1973-'79 ford f-series pickup truck vin decoding; ford truck vin number and nova (1962-1974) vin decoder decode your vin. The carfax vin decoder breaks down everything the information that can be found from a vin decode is very important to use the carfax search as one. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. General BMW Questions Use this forum to ask general question about the BMW ownership and keep up on the latest BMW news.

This is one of the better ones (modified from a Bimmerfest posting of the past for better organization so as to be more usable to the user).
I remember looking at this a long time ago and noticing that it's not quite right for my wagon, and my M6 is nowhere in sight.
Great information,the only problem is the text is so wide I can't,and I'm sure others can't print it for a reference. If that doesn't work for you, the originals on Bimmerfest were in two parts (see the referenced E39 sticky thread if that helps) so maybe printing those (which are half the size) would work for you?
VIN код определяется международным стандартом ISO 3779-1983 и состоит из трех самостоятельных разделов: WMI (World Manufacturers Identification) переводится как «мировой индекс производителя», VDS (Vehicle Description Section) — как описательный раздел, а VIS (Vehicle Identification Section) – как идентификационная часть.

3 знак – обозначение типа транспортного средства или производственного отдела, или же это символ, присвоенный национальной организацией. Vehicle Identification Number автомобилей марки BMW за все время своего существования пережил, вероятно, наибольшее количество изменений.
It's shrunk down to the minimum that would barely fit in a Bimmerfest post also, so there's not a lot I can do to make the text more printable other than those suggestions above.

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