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With regard to price, I am asking $8,995, to reflect the outstanding condition of this car. Very interested in 2001 BMW 525i, would like to talk to you to obtain additional information. I bought my car from a private seller back in Jan '07, and I (foolishly) did not verify the VIN with the title. The title does match the driver's door sticker and the front right shock tower stamp, so my car should be legit. I've had my car in shops where they record my VIN on the invoice, and none of them were alarmed that the plate was missing.

Incidentally when the previous owner replaced the windshield, he or she might have used an aftermarket windshield where the vin plate window is not at the right place. Look at other cars of the same model to see where the vin plate should be and go from there. To add something useful, I just checked my e39 and that IS where the VIN is supposed to be.
VIN код определяется международным стандартом ISO 3779-1983 и состоит из трех самостоятельных разделов: WMI (World Manufacturers Identification) переводится как «мировой индекс производителя», VDS (Vehicle Description Section) — как описательный раздел, а VIS (Vehicle Identification Section) – как идентификационная часть.
3 знак – обозначение типа транспортного средства или производственного отдела, или же это символ, присвоенный национальной организацией.

Vehicle Identification Number автомобилей марки BMW за все время своего существования пережил, вероятно, наибольшее количество изменений. Here are some pictures I took of it yesterday by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. I paid my mechanic to do a pre-sale inspection, and it needs brake pads, a $5 seal and a new lens for the driver’s side front parking light.

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