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A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the string of 17 numbers and letters that an automobile manufacturer assigns to an individual vehicle.
General Motors originally intended to launch the Volt with a flex-fuel variant, but the emissions package was not ready for the first model year, according to the automaker. We were curious as to what the VIN looked like on an electric vehicle so we decoded the VIN on the 2013 Tesla Model S. Notice that the 10th element in the VIN is "C." The letter represents the 2012 model year, but it could also mean 1982.
Other than using your VIN for deciphering your car's pedigree, you can use it for less entertaining but more important reasons involving its title, registration and insurance. Vehicle Identification Numbers are unique codes given to each on-road vehicle in the United States. Characters within a VIN indicate a vehicle's year, make, model, where it was manufactured, and more. You can use our free VIN Decoder to find out exactly what each character in your car's VIN shows. Auto shops use VINs to service vehicles, identifying the engine, transmission and brake systems. This can help you decide if the car is right for you and uncover any potential safety issues.
Positioning the Bar: The top bar is built with a single nav element with a class of top-bar. Not sure this is the right part? Call your local auto dealer and ask for your OEM part number. Car and Driver scribe (and TTAC alum) Justin Berkowitz has penned an amazing feature about the U.S. According to Berkowitz, Defender enthusiasts have been trying to skirt the government’s 25 year exemption for imported cars by fudging the ages of Defenders from Europe and elsewhere. Ahhhhh the government of our supposedly wonderful country and their relentless pursuit to squash the fun of every car enthusiast. I lean libertarian, and I have no real problem with this other than it would seem to be a low priority getting too much attention. Hokey smokes Batman, I may be an acerbic ass, but that I have no particular issues with JB nor grey market anything. With the introduction of the Rubicon model in 2003 and it’s standard front and rear locking axles, I seriously doubt a stock Defender could outwheel a stock Rubicon. Back when stock Wranglers were pretty emasculated (pre-96) the Defender was pretty butch in comparison. In the US, where they’re crazy-expensive, people feel the need to attribute non-existent super powers to them to make sense of the price. All the features you mention are what makes a car enjoyable, comfy, suave which is what the Wrangler (a nice machine) has been tuned to do but the detriment of it’s genetic off road effectiveness.
The Defender combines horrifyingly awful reliability with comparatively no aftermarket support. However, the only SUV that is even remotely capable of being turned into an honest-to-god off-road performer, with nearly all of its suspension and driveline parts replaced with after-market parts, is the Jeep Wrangler. Note: This product is intended to provide a general description of the information generated by the entered vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and some pieces of data may be general to that specific model and not entirely accurate for the vehicle specified.

I have always considered cars with swapped motors as sort of a knock off way of experiencing the thrills of a newer or more expensive car for a fraction of the cost.  With that you may get 150% of the headaches though so buyer beware. Although the Suspension and brakes have not undergone a complete overhaul, the necessary maintenance has been kept up on these components of the vehicle. Please note we do not represent these vehicles and our opinion on these cars has no guarantee or warranty. The VIN can reveal a number of things about a car, including its airbag type, country of origin, engine size, model year and trim level.
The E85 compatibility was apparently incorporated into the VIN data before GM decided a flex-fuel version wouldn't be ready in time for 2011. The information is pretty thin and goes to show that your results may vary, based on what the carmaker supplies. Fiat is an Italian company that now owns Detroit-based Chrysler and manufactures the 500 at Chrysler's plant in Toluca, Mexico. Because the model year is represented by one character (letter or number) in the VIN and the VIN can only contain 17 characters, the code for model years has to be recycled every 30 years. Another critical use of a VIN is to obtain a vehicle history report for a car you're considering for purchase.
From 1981, each new car is given a standardized 17-digit code, which includes a serial number. VIN plates are often tampered with on newer examples, being replaced with older VIN plates that make the Defenders eligible for importation. I drove a few back in my valet days and I remember being thoroughly disgusted with a very tractor-like ride, ginormous dimensions, tall hood and overall unfriendliness.
Maybe back in 1995 when the Defender was last sold here it could outwheel a leaf-sprung YJ, but the coil-sprung TJ was a revelation in articulation.
Defenders are British and expensive, so to some people they are automatically cooler than an equivalent Wrangler.
Don’t get me wrong, they kick ass offroad, just less so than half-price Wrangler Rubicon. The sheet metal was nearly identical to the much loved CJ-7, the engine, transmission and transfer case was the same as in the 97+ TJs and the interior was spartan and functional.
They are strictly a poser-mobile, like most modern SUV’s that are bought and never taken off-road. It has both readily available after market parts that are obtainable at a reasonable price. With that three inches of extra clearance, with real off-road bumpers and several other different suspension and drive-line mods, the 10th Anniversary Rubicon can now be said to be a truly capable off-road vehicle. It was then completely torn apart and rebuilt to Alpina B7 Turbo + specification approximately 15k miles ago.
You may have to deal with a few ads that surround the data, but the information is accurate and worth a look. We might have stumped the decoder tool: It wasn't able to identify Tesla Motors as the manufacturer. So while one letter can represent more than one year, it should be pretty obvious whether the car is a 1982 or a 2012 — or 2042, for that matter. Before you buy a used car (even if it's from a dealer), it's important to get the vehicle's VIN and use it to run a history report on sites like AutoCheck or Carfax.

Vehicle parts are often specific to certain VINs and may not fit your car if you only go by its year, make and model. But they should have a manufacturer's serial number which can be used to register a bike with a local municipality or the national bike registry. Use the CARFAX search as one important tool, along with a vehicle inspection and test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car. But as Berkowitz reports, the Department of Homeland Security has gotten wise to this tactic, and have even enlisted Land Rover to help them catch cheaters.
I know the square headlights were controversial at the time, and maybe the lack of coil springs is a knock. Including when they repeatedly towed me to unstuck my Rubicon, which had locked front and rear differentials, with the sway bar disconnected. Secondly, fully-lockable differentials are problematic in many situations, compared to a Detroit Tru Trac locker, although there is a lot of debate about that. It even comes with winch-ready bumpers and an optional factory-installed winch, which is the minimum recovery gear necessary for any true off-roading. The main floor carpet, as well as the floor mats have been professionally steam cleaned are in excellent shape. If you would like additional attribution for your work, or wish to remove your listing from our site, we are happy to accommodate. We entered a few VINs from former Edmunds long-term test cars and found some interesting information.
If you want your navigation to be set to your grid width, wrap it in div class="contain-to-grid". I actually think these Jeeps have more old school charm than the TJs, but that’s just me. Most modern SUVs in stock form including the Wrangler Rubicon are on their best day, extremely marginal off-road performers. Thirdly, in order to get enough clearance in a Rubicon with the typical Long Arm mods to be capable, you basically erase much of their on-road handling, even with a mild long arm.
You may use fixed and contain-to-grid together in the wrapping div (div class="contain-to-grid fixed). And once you go with a Long Arm aftermarket system, then the Dana 44 axles and diffs start becoming the new glaring weak spot.
Having never been in any sort of accident, this car has all original with matching VIN body panels. Within three weeks of owning my first Rubicon, it became very painfully obvious that where I WANTED to go was going to take some mild mods. The passenger side seat has a very minor tear from handling and has been patched up with an epoxy (see pictures). With the exception of a dent on the front driver’s fender, which can be addressed via paint-less dent removal, the body is extremely straight and lines up extremely well. The exterior modifications have been kept very conservative in an effort to maintain the “sleeper” look.

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