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Win or lose, youngsters from Chicago will leave a lasting impression on the Little League World Series. No one is ready to proclaim the sport is back in talent-rich inner city neighborhoods because of Jackie Robinson West’s success. Jackie Robinson West, representing the Great Lakes, will make its LLWS debut against Northwest champion Lynnwood Pacific.
The RBI program has grown over the years and now has a presence in 200 cities with about 230,000 participants. Jackie Robinson West, which bears the name of the first man to play in the major leagues, has a storied history. It’s the first all-black team from Chicago to reach the World Series since 1983 and the first Urban Initiative affiliate to earn a berth since Harlem in 2002.

Jackie Robinson West is one of nearly 200 Urban Initiative Leagues in about 100 cities across the country, although no records are available on how many young African-Americans are involved because most registration forms don’t request information on nationality or race. Jackie Robinson West will be joined in the 16-team field by teams from Pennsylvania, Nevada, Tennessee, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Texas. AP Sports Writers Noah Trister in Detroit and Charles Odum in Atlanta contributed to this report. On Thursday, their league will make its first appearance in 31 years in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania – the latest indicator that baseball is making small strides in an effort to lure young African-Americans back to the game.
However, programs such as the Little League Urban Initiative, Major League Baseball’s RBI (Reviving Baseball In Inner Cities) and Urban Youth Academy clearly are making a difference. The international pool will be comprised of squads from Puerto Rico, Japan, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Australia, Venezuela, British Columbia and South Korea.

Upton were among those contacted by Colorado Rockies pitcher LaTroy Hawkins about chipping in to pay the travel costs to Williamsport. Haley’s son, Bill, runs the program and it is one of the Urban Initiative success stories.

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