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Riley Cars and AutosThe Riley motor car companyThis section provides access to the cars and autos manufactured under the name of the Riley motor car company. Riley Car Insurance and Car rentalsGet a Riley car insurance online to gain access to various car insurance companies and car insurance quotes. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. A free, online resource with facts and company information about the cars and autos made by the Riley motor car company. If you are searching online also check out the best deals for cheap car hire and discount car rentals.Enhance your driving experience with Riley Car AccessoriesEnhance your Riley driving experience by buying car accessories. You can buy cheap and discount Car Accessories by searching online and comparing the best and cheapest prices. Car Accessories you can buy online include items such as a car stereo, speakers, amplifiers, GPS system, seat covers, infant car seat, DVD and audio systems.
Compare the prices to ensure you get the cheapest deals.Why people love cars and autos!Just click any of the above models and titles from Riley to find out exactly why people love cars!
In the year of 1896 they incorporated The Riley Cycle Company Limited.1898 Unbeknown to Riley, his son Percy had built his first car.

Their father William hadn't wanted to use the resources of the bicycle business into autos. They initially produced engines for Riley's bicycles and Singer, however, their focus soon began to shift to car manufacturing.1912 Riley Cycle Company became Riley (Coventry) Limited. Riley contributed considerably towards war efforts and produced aircraft engines.1918 Riley and Nero became the manufacturers of automobiles.
Harry Rush designed the blue diamond badge for Riley.1920-1930s Riley was successful during these decades, they saw a rise in sales and produced many different types and models of automobiles including saloons, tourers, coupes, sports cars and limousines. The Riley 9 engine was produced in 1926, this engine was advanced for its time and drew attention from builders who were impressed by the engines efficiency and power, and required it for specials. Jaguar's arrival in Coventry increased the competition for Riley and the brothers had to think about the future of the company but they disagreed. Victor wanted to produce vehicles that would meet the luxurious demands of the car industry and had in fact, formed Autovia in order to build a V8 saloon and limousine.
The Riley Engine Company had already been renamed PR Motors which meant the production of engines and components. PR Motors remained independent but the other Riley Companies became part of Nuffield then later British Leyland.1941 Percy Riley passed away in 1941.

His wife Norah was awarded Britain's businesswoman of 1960 as she took over the running of Percy's business after his death. The company produced transmission components which is still in existence today and is based in Coventry.
The Riley Trademark is now owned by BMW.What models and types of cars and automobiles does the Riley motor car company produce?The models and types of cars and automobiles produced by the company include those detailed on the following list. Whether you enjoy comparing cars and autos, want to conduct some research before you buy a new car or a used car or finally an automobile enthusiast who loves fast, cool, new, old, vintage, classic, antique, sports, top, muscle or exotic cars we have the info you are searching for!
Select the automobile you are interested in and click the link for access to an online overview of this Riley vehicle with car guides, online facts, information, statistics, specs, specifications, design details and ratings of cars and autos.

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