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If a place-name has 'chester' or 'cester' in it (from castrum, the Roman word for a fort), it's almost certainly Roman. When they built a road across boggy ground, Roman engineers put down bundles of sticks and sheepskins as foundations, to stop the road sinking. The heavy goods vehicle of Roman Britain was a four-wheeled cart pulled by up to eight oxen. The finest Roman homes had glass windows, but because the glass was thick and usually a greenish colour, it can't have been very light inside. Weapon like a bow and arrow, only the string is pulled back by turning a handle and the bow is fired by releasing a trigger. An open space in the middle of a town for markets and meeting people (like a market square). Weapon for throwing stones, made from a long strip of leather and whirled around by the thrower. Roman army emblem, a pole with special decorations (such as a metal eagle) carried by a soldier. Money or items taken by the government from people, to pay for things like the army, wars, emperor's palaces and building roads.

If the proposed rule had come into play, the government would have had to spell out what constitutes CSR and social responsibility definition.
In the 2009 guidelines were released and noted that though  business sector has generated wealth for shareholders for decades, it continues to grapple with problems of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and malnutrition.
A report from global accounting and consulting firm Grant Thornton that used data collected in late 2010 and 2011 noted that CSR activities across the world have increased dramatically in recent years as "businesses realize their value not only commercially, but also in terms of boosting employee value, attracting staff and cutting costs." Incidentally, "Saving the planet" came in sixth in the survey of drivers of CSR.
Despite this seemingly irreconcilable divergence, some management thinkers feel a meeting of minds is possible. Away from the towns, people lived in villages of round wooden houses with thatched roofs, much as they had before the Romans arrived. Before the Romans came, people lived in villages, though some big settlements were like towns but with only wooden buildings. On top of it were many temples and other buildings, the remains of which can be seen today.
The goal of Corporate Social Responsibility is to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere. (wiki) This defines social responsibility.
While the government undertakes extensive developmental initiatives through a series of sectoral programs, the business sector also needs to take the responsibility of exhibiting socially responsible business practices that ensure the distribution of wealth and the well-being of the communities in which the business operates.
The Grant Thornton International Business Report was launched in 1992 and now covers over 11,000 respondents per year in 39 economies.
In a 2006 Harvard Business Review article titled, "The Link between Competitive Advantage and CSR," authors Michael E.

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We had taken this picture on the internet that we feel would be probably the most representative images for scary tattoo designs. The problem with corporate social responsibility (CSR) is that nobody is very clear about what exactly it encompasses. The Romans knew that the shortest distance from one place to another is a straight line, but their roads did zigzag sometimes, to make going uphill easier. For example, Calleva Atrebatum was a Roman town built on a settlement of the Atrebates tribe. Several governments have been trying to make it mandatory for companies to spend at least 2% of net profits on Corporate Social Responsibility. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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