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You can follow the community Twitter and Flickr streams at our conference website  or follow the #finovate hashtag from your favorite Twitter access point. Please note: The conference is 100% sold out, so we will not be able to accommodate new registrants the day of the show.
This time of year is always nice — the days are getting longer and the prospect of spring is just around the corner. This year the event will take place on May 10th & 11th with an expanded 2-day format and a new, larger location (since the show last year sold out after growing 50% over the previous year). If you’re interested in watching the future of financial and banking technology unfold live on stage at FinovateSpring then get your super early-bird ticket by this Friday (the 28th of January) and save $300 off the list price. FinovateFall 2010 alum Credit Sesame has shown promising growth in the nine weeks since launching in public beta.
Credit Sesame monitors credit scores and debts, free of charge, with targeted advertising providing the revenue. I recently gave Credit Sesame a try, and was impressed at how exhaustive the information was. When I first toured the site a few weeks ago, recommendations offered by Credit Sesame indicated that I should include refinance my remaining consumer debt into a second mortgage to obtain a lower monthly payment. Another visit to the site this week confirmed that the data is refreshed regularly, with options changed based on the latest numbers.
Users will see a new option, now that Credit Sesame is partnering with Lending Club, offering peer-to-peer loans within the debt optimization recommendations see screenshot below).
Credit Sesame believes the Lending Club partnership is a win-win for consumers, who can be introduced to this emerging financial product when they’re looking for an alternative to high-interest credit cards. Bottom line: In the not-to-distant future, this manual process will be rendered moot, because my issuers will know where I am via mobile phone GPS (see Finsphere posts).

Guardian Analytics promotes a complimentary whitepaper about building a holistic security practice. Eric Mattson is CEO of Online Financial Innovations, the parent company of NetBanker, Online Banking Report and the Finovate Conference Series. Backbase opens a New York City office to house field operations staff and help to serve East Coast financial institutions. SilverTail Systems is hosting a Webinar on Jan 27 covering the differences between ecommerce and online financial Fraud. Joseph Leone, former vice chairman and CFO of CIT Group, joins the board of advisors at The Receivables Exchange.
With FinovateEurope only 11 days away, it’s finally time to reveal the full roster of 36 companies that will be demoing their latest financial technology innovations on stage in London. The companies are geographically diverse (coming from across Europe, North America and Asia) as well as diverse in the areas that they’re innovating on (everything from online banking to security to marketing to online identity to ecommerce to investing to PFM to payments).
The companies are geographically diverse (coming from across Europe, North America and Asia) as well as diverse in their areas of innovation (everything from online banking to security to marketing to online identity to ecommerce to investing to PFM to payments).
For us, that means there is (slightly) less rain in Seattle and that we’re hard at work on our FinovateSpring event, held each May in San Francisco. Users must register with their Social Security Number, and once registered, input the interest rates of their debts. The Lending Club term loans, both the three and five year options are offered, help meet the needs of those consumers looking to eliminate debt altogether. Chief Marketing Officer Scott Sanborn reported to Credit Sesame that over 60% of the Lending Club’s borrowers are borrowing to refinance higher-interest debts.
Luckily, two of my issuers now allow customers to handle that online, saving time and money for the bank and me.

But until then, I appreciate the time savings of the online option and am more likely to use these two cards because of it. These three companies have been long-term supporters of this blog and we really appreciate them.
27 hosts a new webinar in partnership with SapientNitro on Engagement Banking and how it can help build trustworthy relationships with banking customers. While our reading of the tea leaves is unlikely to be perfect, it seems clear that the demand for online banking in the United States has reached a plateau (note 1); in fact, we are likely within a year or two of online banking penetration peaking and slowly heading down.
While there’s no live video stream, full-length videos of each demo will be posted within a few weeks. The company is already monitoring $375 million in loans and has generated $18 million in lifetime savings for users. After more than doubling in 2010, we expect continued strong growth of around 40% compounded annually through 2020. And during the last two months, the company has averaged 60,000 monthly unique website visitors.
However, because each households accesses a larger number of financial accounts, growth at individual financial institutions is still growing on average. During the same period, online banking penetration is actually expected to drop by a few million households.
Perhaps this can be explained by the necessary focus of financial institutions on getting through the global banking crisis beginning in 2008.

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