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After several years of soaring increases, the brakes have been applied to car insurance prices. Despite prices plummeting, 17-20 year old drivers in the UK are still being quoted average comprehensive car insurance premiums of ?2,491. Regionally, the West of England has seen the biggest fall in prices, as average premiums for comprehensive cover dropped by 10.5% year-on-year.
Over the past 12 months, car insurance price cuts have been greater for 17-20 year old women than men of the same age.
Despite this welcome respite for male drivers, men are still paying an average of ?110 more per year than their female counterparts.  For younger drivers, women aged 17-20 are quoted ?1,878 on average, while men of the same age suffer average insurance quotes of ?3,596. More than 4 million quotes are used in the construction of each quarter’s insurance price index - this makes it the most comprehensive insurance index in the UK. We take insurance comparison websites for granted these days but Confused was the UK's first price comparison site for car insurance which started in 2002.
The top six cheap car insurance companies in Delaware based on our annual premium study are Ameriprise, Allianz, 21st Century, Travelers, USAA*, and California Casualty*. While your actual car insurance quotes will depend on where you live and park, and your driving record, these companies are good ones to start with if you’re looking for low-cost auto insurance in Delaware.
The cost of auto insurance varies significantly from place to place, and even within the same city.
Delaware’s largest city is home to 71,000 residents, and ranks as the second most expensive city in our study. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Wilmington, start by getting quotes at Farm Family, 21st Century, and Travelers. While the average cost here is $1,728 a year, we found that drivers could save 35% when insuring with three companies in particular.
Drivers in Middletown can pay average rates of about $1,820 for car insurance – just $54 below the state average. Smyrna is home to 10,000 residents, and is centrally located between the state capital of Dover, and south of Newark and Wilmington.
When it comes to lowering car insurance costs, we recommend Ameriprise, Allianz, and California Casualty (USAA actually ranked as the second cheapest, but it only insures military families). The first occupants of Seaford relied on the Nanticoke River as their main means of transport, and it wasn’t until 1720 that roads were started. Georgetown is located in Sussex County, and was established in 1791 in an effort to designate a centralized county seat convenient for all citizens to travel to. At $2,442 a year, Elsmere tops our list with the most expensive auto insurance in Delaware. Rounding out our top five most expensive cities is the 10th largest city in Delaware: New Castle. Ranking at the top of our list with the cheapest car insurance costs is Bethany Beach, a town of 1,000 residents. The city in Delaware with the second lowest car insurance is Clarksville, which is located in Sussex County in the southeast corner of the state.
Millville ties with Clarkesville for the second spot on our list with annual costs of $1,643 for auto insurance. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, a bay, a canal, and a creek, the town of Ocean View is a seaside community and the second best city for auto insurance.
The third most expensive community on our list is Stanton, DE, located in New Castle County. The reason is that no claims discount protection does not mean a crash is ignored when premiums are calculated - only that the same percentage discount will apply as before. Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at Moneysupermarket, said: 'Having reached the "Holy Grail" of five years no claims discount, many motorists will be reluctant to run the risk of losing it and may consider paying extra to protect it. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons to cut petrol prices, but as campaigners ask 'who is fleecing the motorist' should costs be lower?
Those living north are paying up to 39 per cent more for their household bills compared to those south of the river - nearly £2,000 in cash terms.
Residents of Kensington and Chelsea are paying more than any other Londoner, while those in Merton are paying the least. High property values, and higher energy consumption per household as well as large incomes in Kensington and Chelsea have pushed up premiums beyond other boroughs. Tap the map on mobile to see the cost for each borough and pinch to zoom, or hover over on desktop.
BMW’s i3 can be had with a range-extending engine, while the e-Golf will soon gain a plug-in hybrid brother called the Golf GTE. To create the e-Golf, VW has installed a battery and motor in an otherwise conventional steel-bodied five-door hatchback. Full LED headlights (a first for VW), unique daylight lamps and flush-faced alloys mark out the e-Golf, but to most bystanders the e-Golf will be virtually invisible.
The thick layer of batteries under your feet mean you sit quite high, almost on a level with small 4x4s. Luggage capacity in the e-Golf is a more versatile 343 litres, though with a raised floor it loses 40 litres compared to other varieties of Golf and likewise can’t carry a spare. The five doors of the e-Golf are as conventional as the cabin, which feels solid and well put together. The electric Golf comes with a seven-inch central touchscreen, up from the 5.8-inch unit fitted as standard to other Golfs. BMW has clearly put considerable effort into sourcing sustainable materials for the i3, including recycled polyester fabrics, leather tanned using natural processes rather than chemicals, responsibly grown eucalyptus wood for the dashboard, plus recycled surfaces in plain view rather than hidden away in wheel-arch liners.
Similar special efforts appear to be absent from the e-Golf’s development, with an interior and bodywork that carries over from the rest of the line. Both cars have an official range of 190km (118 miles), though in practice both will offer variable range according to speed, driving style and the weather. BMW’s i3 feels the most athletic of the two cars, benefiting from both lighter weight and more power. Top speed is capped at 93mph in the i3 and 87mph in the e-Golf, though the difference is largely academic as sustained high speed will clobber remaining range in either car. Both cars handle well, helped by the low-down position of their hefty batteries at axle height.
The e-Golf, by contrast, defaults to a gliding mode where it sails ahead on its own momentum whenever the throttle lifts.
The e-Golf falls into insurance group 15, the same as the BlueMotion Golf or about average for this size of car.
Both cars come with an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty for their battery, plus three years of cover for the rest of the car – good for up to 60,000 miles for the VW and unlimited miles for the BMW. Crash testing yielded a surprising four rather than five stars for the BMW i3 when assessed by Euro NCAP in 2013, with disappointingly low marks for whiplash, pedestrian impact and active safety. Young female drivers, whose car insurance premiums have soared to a record high after EU gender rules were introduced in December, can keep a lid on costs with a€?black boxa€™ technology that rewards safer driving.Women, who previously paid less than men for motor cover, have seen their premiums rise because insurers are no longer allowed to discriminate on gender. But black box technology a€“ also known as telematics a€“ can slash premiums for careful drivers.The box is a tracking device fitted into the vehicle, allowing insurers to monitor driving behaviour including speed, braking and turning.

Keeping you abreast of what's happening in the motor insurance world and making sure you are fully informed of what's going on. With the looming EU gender directive which takes effect this December, shifts in gender pricing are beginning to show through. While this could be in part connected to the types of cars the drivers choose to drive, it is also in part due to gender, which will no longer be an influential factor by 2013.
We reviewed annual premiums for a single 31 year old male from about fifty companies and nearly sixty cities in Delaware. Depending on which company drivers insure with, rates could range from $1,255 to $5,312 from the lowest to the highest in Delaware. We arrived at this group of insurers by comparing quotes from 47 auto insurance companies, and ranking them based on their average cost in the state. The mean cost among these six insurers is $1,352, which is a 28% savings compared to the average cost for car insurance in the state. USAA only covers military members and their families, and California Casualty underwrites professionals in education, law enforcement, fire-fighting, and nursing. Not every company underwrites policyholders the same way, so drivers should always compare quotes between several companies to cover their bases. The cheapest location in our Delaware analysis was Bethany Beach, with an average city cost of $1,639, while the most expensive was Elsmere, at $2,442: a difference of as much as $803 a year.
It’s the headquarters of major credit card businesses and the conglomerate Dupont, and hosts the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival.
These companies ranked with three of the lowest costs in Wilmington, and averaged about $1,557 a year in insurance premiums. Dover International Speedway and Dover Downs are two popular automobile racetracks in the city, with the Monster Mile hosting two NASCAR races a year.
Ameriprise, USAA, and Allianz Auto Insurance had the three cheapest car insurance rates in Dover out of the 49 companies included in the comparison analysis.
It measures 9 square miles in area, and is surrounded by verdant parks, with ample green space from White Clay Creek State Park to Glasgow Park. Residents here can pay costs that are 13% higher than elsewhere in the state, which ranks the city as the 13th most expensive spot in Delaware. We recommend that consumers start with quotes at USAA, Allianz, and Ameriprise, which had the three lowest auto insurance costs in Middletown. Most recently, the town announced the construction of a solar power generation building aimed at creating more renewable energy sources and lowering costs. Going with these three insurers, which had the cheapest auto insurance in Smyrna, would cost on average $1,118 and could reduce drivers’ costs by 34%. Motorists in this town of 9,800 pay premiums of about $1,697 a year to insure their cars, or 10% cheaper than elsewhere in the state.
While it is generally cheaper to insure a car in Seaford compared to other cities in Delaware (by about 10%), there is always room for additional savings. It costs today $1,686 a year to protect residents' cars with liability coverage, or about 10% cheaper than the Delaware average. Residents here are paying 30% more than what other neighbors in the state are shelling out. Recognizable by its landmark totem pole statue, the town is a beach resort area popular in the summertime.
Clarksville residents pay $231 less than the average Delawarean for an average cost of about $1,643 a year to insure their vehicles.
Named after its start in the mill industry, Millville is today home to half a thousand residents. Its 1,900 residents pay a total of $1,643 for automobile insurance, which makes costs here 12% cheaper than elsewhere in the state. This town numbers 400 in population, and is the city with the fifth cheapest car insurance costs in Delaware of $1,648 a year. Stanton drivers can pay about $2,275 for car insurance annually, which makes costs here 21% more expensive than the state average.
It is something that is commonly misinterpreted by drivers, Moneysupermarket said.For example, a driver who can buy car insurance for A?600 a year has five years of no claims discount that gives him 50 per cent off, taking the sum he pays down to A?300. In particular fintech, blockchain, artifical intelligence, driverless cars and virtual reality get me out of bed in the morning.
However, the less well-off borough of Newham was the second most expensive, as car premiums were pushed up by high rates of motor crime. With its two-tone paintwork, boxy proportions and huge but skinny wheels, there’s no mistaking it for any other car.
Exterior panels are plastic, bolted to a light but strong carbon-fibre structure, sitting atop an aluminium chassis. The rear passenger doors are hinged at the back, opening only after the front doors have swung aside, providing pillar-free access to the cabin. There is plenty of room front and rear, and it’s easy to get comfortable behind the wheel. The screen uncannily responds to an approaching hand, bringing up options and buttons before your fingertip can reach the glass. They also share light steering and a relatively stiff ride, meaning either car can get uncomfortable over rutted urban roads.
Prodding at the gearstick allows the driver to decide among four levels of energy recuperation, up to a maximum level that feels just as strong as the BMW’s. Loft brings a mix of fabric and faux-leather upholstery, wheel-mounted buttons, plus other interior changes.
Insurance for the BMW will likely cost substantially more as it has been placed in group 21, presumably as a consequence of its unusual body structure. The current Golf, tested in petrol guise a year earlier, received a full deck of five stars, though the e-Golf itself has not been tested and is 380kg (just over 30%) heavier than the model tested.
In our opinion, the BMW offers superior basic appeal and a much better claim on sustainability, while the e-Golf feels a more practical car that should be cheaper to insure.
It feels like a product freshly beamed down from the future, whereas the e-Golf seems like an ingenious update to the ironwork of the past.
The safer the driver, the lower the premium.For waitress Josie Elworthy, 18, from Longwick, Buckinghamshire, it was the perfect solution. According to accountant Deloitte, the main reason motorists do not want to use the technology is because they think it too intrusive. Even within the same city for the same driver, the gap between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurer was as high as $6,932 - underscoring the need to comparison shop auto insurance quotes. The greatest difference we found between companies for the same driver in the same city was in Elsmere. At that level, it's 33% cheaper than the overall cost in the city, and even cheaper than the average cost in the cheapest city in our study! The Dover Air Force Base is also located here (we break the AFB out separately in our table above). Note that USAA only insures military and their family, so the next cheapest auto insurance company for civilians in Dover would be 21st Century. The average annual rate with these insurers was $1,118. The city is served by several interstate highways, including the I-95 and Route 896, which makes it convenient for the city's 32,000 residents to drive and commute about. People looking for affordable car insurance quotes should consider Allianz, Ameriprise, and Travelers, which had three of the lowest auto insurance premiums in Newark (average: $1,407 a year).
Depending on when residents drive around, they can find streets blocked off from several annual parades and events.

Because USAA only insures members of the armed forces and their families, another company to round out the cheapest three in Middletown would be MetLife. The typical single male in his early 30s could see annual rates here of $1,746 on average, which is 7% lower than the Delaware mean. For affordable auto insurance in Milford, Ameriprise, Allianz, and 21st Century are three good companies to start comparison shopping for quotes (USAA excluded – military only). We found that Ameriprise, Allianz, and 21st Century Auto Insurance were the companies with cheapest auto insurance in Seaford.
Affordable auto insurance in Georgetown can be found at Ameriprise, Allianz Insurance Group, and 21st Century, where it can just cost $1,136, or $550 less than the average of other insurers. With 6,100 denizens living in one square mile, Elsmere has one of Delaware’s higher population densities, a factor that is correlated with higher auto insurance costs.
Today, its population numbers 5,300 and its average cost of car insurance is $2,216 a year, or 18% higher than the average in Delaware. Auto insurance here costs $1,639 a year – that’s 13% cheaper than its other neighbors in the state. Going with Ameriprise Auto Insurance, USAA, and Allianz could get you annual premiums of $1,118, which is 32% lower than the citywide average in our comparison shopping.
Drivers looking for cheap car insurance here should start with quotes from Ameriprise, the United Services Automobile Association, and Allianz.
While that’s already 12% lower than what other Delawareans pay, drivers here can drop their costs even lower by going with Ameriprise, USAA, and Allianz, the three cheapest automobile insurers in Fenwick Island, for savings of $530 a year.
We found the cheapest car insurance quotes in Stanton at Farm Family, Travelers, and 21st Century. If he pays for no claims discount protection, another A?25 is added to his bill to take it to A?325.If the driver were to crash, and claim on his insurance, his insurance premium might jump to A?800 a year, but his protection means he still gets 50 per cent off, so he ends up paying A?400 - less than if he had no protection but A?75 more than the premium from the previous year. South west is best, where Wandsworth, Kingston, Sutton and Richmond join Merton as the places with the lowest bills. The i3 was designed from the ground up to be an electric vehicle, so drive one and you’ll trumpet your choice to the world.
The i3 feels like a more compact vehicle, being about 27cm shorter and 2.5cm narrower than the e-Golf, though it is about 13cm taller.
On paper, the i3 should win in agility with its rear-drive layout, while the e-Golf is resolutely front-wheel drive, though the difference is hard to detect on the road.
Lodge adds pale wood and leather to the dashboard, plus wool and leather upholstery, while Suite provides full leather for the seating. Both are impressive from behind the wheel, offer roughly the same range between charges and come with enviable badge kudos. She passed her test in February and couldna€™t wait to get out and about in her Ford Fiesta, which was sitting on the driveway.
And it could increase premiums for drivers not sticking to the criteria of careful driving.The cost of installing a black box a€“ at between A?50 and A?200 a€“ also acts as a deterrent.
Young male drivers aged 20 or younger in Inner London can expect to pay an average of ?5,330 per year. Read more below, or enter your zip code above for a list of car insurance companies underwriting in your area to begin shopping for rates. There, insufficient homework could cost you $6,932 a year: that’s the difference between going with the most expensive company over the cheapest. The cost of auto insurance here in Dover is cheaper than average at $1,728 a year (8% lower vs. It's also site of the main campus of the University of Delaware and a major hub for figure skating. Together, Allianz, Ameriprise, and MetLife had an average cost of $1,193 for the Middletown driver – a reduction of 34% compared to the citywide average. Based on our data, these insurers’ premiums in Milford could cost $1,136 for civilians, and were $561 cheaper than what the typical insurer charged in the city. That's also $2,940 cheaper on average than going with one of the three most expensive companies in Georgetown. Despite its high costs, auto insurance in Elsmere can be affordable with some comparison shopping. Our comparison shopping yielded three places with the cheapest quotes that could save drivers 33%. Between Ameriprise, USAA, and Travelers, the three cheapest guys in town, your auto insurance rates could be dropped 32% lower.
On the other end of the spectrum, the three costliest companies could charge you $3,740 a year, which is almost 3.5x the cost of the cheapest insurers.
The average premium among these three companies was $1,118, or 32% lower than the Millville average. If you're looking for low cost automobile insurance in Ocean View, we recommend getting quotes from Ameriprise, USAA, and Allianz.
The BMW also uses a smaller 19kWh lithium-ion battery, compared to the VW’s 24kWh reserves. Perhaps because the e-Golf shares clever electronic traction systems and multi-link rear suspension with sporty Golf models such as the GTI. Customers have to pay for this as part of their premium, meaning that any savings could be wiped out in the first year. In comparison, the average premium at the three most expensive companies would have cost consumers $4,576, or more than 3x our picks.
For reference, the three most expensive carriers in town had a mean annual premium of $4,096, which would still cost more than getting insured at Allianz, Ameriprise, and MetLife combined!
We recommend that Elsmere motorists get auto insurance quotes with Farm Family, 21st Century, and Ameriprise.
For cheap car insurance in New Castle, go with Farm Family, Ameriprise, and Travelers Auto Insurance (average annual premium: $1,494).
USAA just insures members of the armed forces and their families, however, so Travelers would be a third alternative for civilians.
These three insurers had the three lowest auto insurance premiums in Elsmere (average of $1,560), which could save consumers 36% versus the average citywide cost.
In comparison, the three priciest companies have an average cost of $5,322 a year, which would have covered about three and a half years' worth of insurance among our top three picks. The cost of insurance at the three lowest-cost companies in Ocean View is $1,118, which is $526 lower than the citywide average. Using an app will massively cut the cost.a€™The app, suitable for all iPhone and Android users, will initially be available through 1,000 high street brokers. However, Searles says three or four of the insurers on the panel are likely to launch similar apps direct to consumers this year. But the app will not itself cut premiums.Aviva has an app for existing policyholders that can cut their premiums by 20 per cent.

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