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The company reported Golub will stay with the company through March 1 to ensure a smooth leadership transition. Alex Vetter, current senior vice president, will be taking on a new leadership role as executive vice president and chief operating officer. The company shared Vetter has helped steer the company’s growth strategy from concept into a multi-faceted sales and distribution model that spans all aspects of Internet marketing, including local, mobile and social media. As the first employee and founding executive, he has played a pivotal role in the rapid growth of the company, management said.
If you use your login to buy for more than one dealership under your OPENLANE login, you will be prompted to select your default dealerships for this single sign on entry.
NOTE: If you do not have an OPENLANE user ID and password, Customer Connection will generate one for you. Once you are set up for a single sign on, you will enjoy direct access to all inventory channels in one place. NOTE: Before you being the registration process, please make sure to have your AuctionACCESS information available as it is required to register. You see a car you like but you have no idea how youa€™re going to get it to your dealership? On the buy page, choose a€?CarsArrive Arrangeda€? as your transport option and select the destination of the vehicle from the dropdown menu. The cost of transport is included in your vehicle purchase and can be put on your floor plan of choice*. Call CarsArrive immediately at 1-866-457-2277 if you take delivery of a vehicle with unexpected condition issues (damage, missing items, etc). If the vehicle qualifies for arbitration under ADESA's Terms and Conditions, please open an arbitration on the vehicle before requesting a buy back. There are two post-sale inspections available: a 7-day (Providing a 7-day arbitration window) and a 14-day (providing a 14-day arbitration window).
ADESA offers dealers a 7-day or 14-day Post-Sale inspection at the dealer's election of service for a fee (see Post-sale inspection pricing schedule).
The post-sale inspection is not part of ADESA's arbitration policy, but a separate service offering to provide added assurance and coverage to the buying dealer in their purchase.
Green Light ("Ride and Drive") vehicles sold with a selling price of under $50,000, at auction and on LiveBlock, are eligible for post-sale inspection.
For "AS-IS" vehicles in (A), (B) or (C) above, all NAAA national arbitration policy seller disclosures and arbitration periods apply. Sellers may offer a vehicle as "Ride and Drive" (Green Light) for any vehicle considered "AS-IS" under (B), (C), or (D) above.
Grade 5 - The vehicle is in excellent condition, with only minor defects in panel surfaces which do not require conventional body or paint work. Grade 4 - The vehicle is better than average with only minor chips or scratches in panel surfaces which may require minor conventional body and paint work or paintless dent repair.
Grade 1 - The vehicle shows signs of severe abuse or may have sustained major collision damage. Each pre-delivery inspection will be completed in compliance with ADESAa€™s vehicle listing category (standard, front line ready, etc.) including a full visual inspection as well as a test drive (where possible).

Ever wonder what all the icons mean on the Search Results Page?These icons signify important vehicle information that are available to you at a glance.
Price ReducedThe Open, Reserve or Buy Now price has been lowered from the previous iteration. Third Party Condition ReportA Third Party Condition Report has been completed on this vehicle. It has been the most rewarding experience of my career, but now is the right time for me to move on. If you do not have an OPENLANE username and password, Customer Connection will generate one for you.
Our Damage Claims department will make the process of resolving your issue as quick and easy as possible. CarsArrive provides transport for cars, vans, SUVs and light duty trucks coast-to-coast in the US and Canada. A third party inspection will be ordered and reviewed by the program administrator to validate the condition versus the vehicle details at time of online purchase.
Buyer is responsible for damage or loss of the vehicle after it has been repurchased until it is picked up from the buyera€™s property. We provide you with the convenient option of selecting a post-sale inspection on units purchased from ADESA auction locations nationwide.
The post-sale inspections will be completed by the ADESA processing auction, where they will perform a full visual inspection of the unit, as well as a test drive (where possible). ELIGIBLE VEHICLES: The search results will display a post-sale inspection icon if a post-sale inspection is available.
To request a post-sale inspection, simply select the appropriate box on the BID or AUTOBID page. Vehicles will not be released for transport until the next business day after the post-sale inspection has been signed off. ADESA will stand behind our post-sale inspection for the items checed (see post-sale inspection checklist) for the period of service purchased (7-days or 14-days). ADESA will provide an information-only report for vehicles selling for $50,001 and higher and for "AS-IS" vehicles to the buying dealer, however ADESA will provide no assurance beyond those given to the dealer under the NAAA national arbitration policy or ADESA "AS-IS" policy. The checklist applies to defects that are singularly $500 or more to repair or replace on vehicles sold at auction and $500 cumulative (including visible damage) on vehicles sold online in accordance with the NAAA national arbitration policy.
The service coverage and post-sale inspection coverage period are void once the vehicle is resold. Further, ADESA will not reimburse a dealer for transportation, reconditioning, other work or expenses performed on the vehicle that is returned or lost profit from retail or wholesale transactions.
Buyer and seller should be aware that the seller bears all financial responsibility in the case of a successful arbitration claim by the buyer on any such vehicle. The vehicle may have sustained cosmetic or light collision damage and received high quality repairs. It may be cost prohibitive to extensively recondition this vehicle by automotive industry standards. THE VEHICLES HAVE TO BE JUDGED ON THEIR TOTAL CONDITION AND NOT SCTRICTLY WHETHER THEY MEET EVERY LINE OF THE DEFINITION EXACTLY.

We have partnered with national third party inspection companies to offer a pre-delivery inspection on units purchased in selected states. ELIGIBLE VEHICLES: The vehicle details page will display a pre-delivery inspection icon if a pre-delivery inspection is available. To request a pre-delivery inspection, simply select the box titled ORDER PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION on the CONFIRM BID AMOUNT page. Third-party inspection company will perform a full visual review of the vehicle, generally within 1a€“5 business days. Once the inspection has been completed, an ADESA rep will call with the post sale pre-delivery inspection results. Your purchases remain covered per ADESAa€™s Terms and Conditions with the following extension (if applicable): If a pre-delivery inspection process end date exceeds 4 calendar days from purchase date, buyers will receive an extension to 48 hours from receipt of vehicle not to e xceed 10 calendar days from pre-delivery inspection process end date. For complete details please click on the Certification link under the Incentives and Promotions section of the vehicle detail page.
It is intended to exclude vehicles with MVDA disclosures in certain fields only (resposes to dealer turn-in questionnaires, Carproof reports and third party inspection reports). Note that buy-back guarantees are only available on cars not being sold from physical auction locations, where other products and servies are available. Likewise, if a vehicle would be considered "AS-IS" under the ADESA "AS-IS" policy, but was designated Green Light ("Ride and Drive") by the seller, an information-only post-sale inspection report will be provided to the buyer. The auction will bear no financial responsibility on any such vehicle, regardless of whether the vehicle has a post-sale inspection or information is listed in error on a pre-sale run listing, online condition report or any other vehicle information. Buyers may opt out of t he OPTIONAL pre-delivery inspection and retain the normal arbitration rights. The text next to the icon indicates if the pre-delivery inspection is mandatory or optional. The buyer is responsible for reading all information on the vehicle detail page (including information provided through links).
The interior shows signs of normal wear and usage, requiring repair or replacement of parts. The interior may show signs of excess wear with burns, cuts or tears, and non-removable stains. The interior has no cuts, tears, or burns, does not show signs of wear and has no noticeable offensive odor.
The vehicle may have multiple prior repairs performed at substandard levels or unrepaired collision damage.
The vehicle is mechanically sound but may require maintenance or minor repair of accessories.

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