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We are sorry, but the vehicle history report cannot be displayed for VIN (#####deleted#####) at this time.
I take it this post which barely qualifies as English is supposed to imply that you've reported this dealer to Autocheck? Wow, you'd think a corporation like Experian would attempt to hire someone with competent English skills. I was actually thinking about that and it was around that time and that was the only dealership it's ever been in. Our reports often provide more information than those of Autocheck and other services for vehicle history check.

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How is this possible, Oh no Please sir dont ban me I might never be able to see the site again .. I found that last night, as many of the free Autocheck links I found on google have long since dried up. Simply reply in this topic, specify your VIN number and we’ll give you the report for free. The reports will contain the information on whether the car was damaged, whether it was sold at auto auctions, and if a car was damaged, there will be photos of the damages.

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