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Auto Data Labels manufactures any type of replacement vin sticker, tire pressure label, or vehicle information label you need and delivers them to your auto body repair facility within 1-2 days. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate is attached to the top left side of the instrument panel.
To protect the consumer from theft and possible fraud the manufacturer is required to include a Check Digit at the ninth position of the Vehicle Identification Number. Note: All Columbia, Freedom, Rocky Mountain and Special Edition's use the same "Series" number as Laredo. After the design is complete, there are three main builds in the process called S0, S1 and S2. The last six digits of the Vehicle Identification Number are assigned as the serial number of the vehicle. A metal Body Code plate is located in the engine compartment and attached to the top of the right frame rail.
Grand Cherokee paint codes for all model years can be found on our Exterior colors page and on our Interior colors page.
A vehicle safety certification label is attached to every DaimlerChrysler Corporation vehicle. Vehicle build sheets are forms that list all of the colors, features and options of a particular vehicle along with the corresponding sales codes. Once a special order is placed for a vehicle, a document is generated that details the vehicle and exact options that you want. Note: Once a vehicle reaches scheduled (C or D) status, it cannot be cancelled by the dealer.
KZ OC - carrier delay hold, rail car shortage, bad load, insufficient load, inclement weather, need shipping order, manifest error, strike-bound hold, emission or safety hold. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires all automobile manufacturers to issue a unique 17 digit VIN number to all vehicles produced.
The unique 17 digit VIN number contains all letters and numbers except the letters i, o, and q which apparently can be confused with the numbers 1, 0, and 9.
It also helps automobile manufacturers keep track of vehicles for recall, upgrades, or other important information. Furthermore, the VIN number is great for the vehicle service industry to make sure you get the right parts and service for the right vehicle - what brake system it needs, what transmission fluid is needed, and the list goes on and on. These days, VIN is also becoming a way of tracking what happened to the vehicle during its life.
The 17 digit VIN number gives information such as where it was manufactured, vehicle's year, make and model.

Understanding vehicle window stickers - gmc life, Introducing the best generation of professional grade gmc commercial vehicles.
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Form 2290, vin correction return electronically for free, Vehicle identification number (vin) vehicle identification number or vin is a 17 charters long mixed with alphabets and numbers used to identify a vehicle.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. A quality Collision centers does their best to bring a vehicle back to its pre accident condition.
The check digit is used by the manufacturer and government agencies to verify the authenticity of the vehicle and official documentation. All parts, including powertrains, supplied by the Production Suppliers must be manufactured using production tools (on their home lines) and processes. The team works on the prototype builds of the vehicle, evaluates the assembly process and suggests how the parts could be improved.
All of the components are brought to the line in time to build the vehicles as they start to come down the assembly line. The label certifies that the vehicle conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
At the bottom left of the plate the Month, Day and Hour of manufacturer is listed as "MDH 010615", this means that the vehicle was built January ("01"), 6th ("06") at 3:00PM ("15").
The gross front and rear axle weight ratings (GAWR’s) are based on a minimum rim size and maximum cold tire inflation pressure. The top of the form lists the Vehicle Identification Number, model year, model family, build date and trim color.
Build sheets can be very handy when trying to determine color or option codes for ordering replacement parts and accessories. A VON (Vehicle Order Number) is assigned that will allow tracking of your vehicle until it gets assigned a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
Although it is called VIN, many people call it 'VIN number', which is really not correct because of the redundancy of saying 'number' twice.
The Vehicle History gives you information such as services performed, was it ever in an accident, was it stolen or salvaged, any flood or water damage, is the odometer reading correct, how many owners, vehicle usage (was it a taxi or rental?), lemon history, was the vehicle totaled or had huge insurance claim? The two most common places are on the driver's side dashboard (you can see it from the outside) and on the driver's side door jamb. Sometimes it may be useful to see the original window sticker (Monroney sticker) that was on the vehicle at the dealer lot.

When repairing the driver door, the final step is to replace the damaged VIN decal with a factory OEM replacement. These components may be built using hard or soft tools, as determined to be appropriate based on part or process knowledge required. S1 vehicles provide early detection, identification and resolution of production process issues prior to S2 vehicle build. For the Grand Cherokee, the starting numbers alternate each model year change between one hundred thousand and one (100001), and five hundred thousand and one (500001). Information on the plate includes whether the vehicle is Domestic or export, the Primary and Secondary paint codes, frame sequence number and internal manufacturing codes. Every single feature and option is noted, if a particular item is not listed then it did not come equipped that way from the factory. In addition, when shopping for a used vehicle, build sheets can provide a complete list of the vehicle options.
Design verification testing should be successfully completed before parts are submitted for S0 Build. Some members of the team will continue to work on training and making improvements throughout the rest of the model year. We are the only company licensed and authorized to manufacture these replacement Cert labels for the Collision industry.
Serial numbers are assigned at different times as vehicles are ordered, which means that the assembly line does not produce them in serial number order. Other companies have entered the market with cheap generic stickers but these unauthorized items place Body Shops and Automobile Manufacturers in harm’s way. Grained and new color mastered materials are required and should be accompanied by a part inspection report for each Supplier shipment.
Vehicle number "2500" can roll down the line right after number "3000", or they may be several thousand numbers apart. This is why the highest number listed for a particular model year will not be the last one manufactured, nor would vehicle number "110,000" be the ten-thousandth vehicle built.
An accident resulting from incorrect safety information could place both the Body Shop and the Automobile Manufacturer in an unwanted liability situation (Incorrect tire pressures, Vehicle Weight Specifications, etc…).

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