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When I look around at today’s automotive landscape I occasionally pause and reflect back on my younger years and our family cars.
I also remember the annual family summer vacation with the task of completing the trunk loading puzzle. The convenience of SUVs, whether it be the large, 3-row, 7-seaters or the midsize and compact 5-seater crossovers, has changed the world of household vehicles.
The award-winning 5-passenger Mazda CX-5 was launched into the growing global crossover SUV market in February 2012 as a new core model for the Mazda brand. On the outside the 2016 CX-5 has a new, bolder grille and a new fog light surround design, available LED headlights for Touring and Grand Touring models, new design 19-inch aluminum wheels, and new Sonic Silver and Titanium Flash colors.
On the inside, where we see the biggest change and improvement, is an upgraded center console, instrument panel and armrest design, added electronic parking brake…instead of the hand-pull design, addition of MAZDA CONNECT Infotainment System with larger seven-inch full color touchscreen display and multi-function commander control and standard Bluetooth hands-free phone and audio. There’s been quality upgrades with improved surface textures and overall more tasteful designs. The 2016 CX-5 features improvements to the suspension system, NVH performance and seat performance.
The CX-5 can be equipped, depending on model, with driver-assistance safety features that work very well to help reduce the stress of driving and minimize accidental collisions.
All of these semi-autonomous, driver-assistance safety features are very much worth consideration. EPA test-cycle fuel economy ratings are fairly close between the different models with the best on the manual transmission FWD 2.0L rated at 29 mpg combined, with 26 city mpg and 35 highway mpg. My media-loan CX-5 was equipped with the new i-ACTIVSENSE package, exclusive to the Grand Touring model, and priced at $1,500. The Grand Touring Technology Package ($1,155) includes Smart City Brake Support, LED headlights with auto leveling, Pivoting Adaptive Front-lighting System, LED foglights, LED Signature Daytime Running Lights, LED Combination Taillights and auto dimming mirror with Homelink.
Coming back to my younger years, take note that those cars didn’t have much in the way of safety features. But fear not, the motorcycle has not been written off following a freak accident, it was instead sold.
Gotta admit, I have passed the test for a while now but not had a chance to update my status due to personal circumstances. My test was booked for the afternoon and I had a practice run booked with the training center in the morning.
Most of my riding following my instructor or the other learner was fine however I was struggling with the individual riding. Amazingly however as if by magic on the actual test I was much more calmer and actually handled the roundabouts really well. Apart from not stopping at the zebra crossing my overall test went really well, and I was hoping that the examiner will ignore my school boy error at the zebra crossing. Anyways so we got to the test centre at about 8:15am where my instructor explained me my faults and gave me some test advise.
Next we walked up to the bike I was going to use for my test, he checked the validity of the road tax disc. Having completed all the formalities and easy bits of the test it was time to hit the road and impress the examiner.
I committed my first serious fault in the first minute of my test at the exit of the test centre.
I found an opportunist moment after about 3 minutes, and turned right onto the main road from the side road.
So while we were on the road I was asked to turn left, right, pull up at a safe point, and then pull out when its safe, go through round abouts, etc, etc. Lastly we came to the independent riding part of the test, I was asked to follow the road ahead and turn left at the next round about, and then follow the signs to Ring road.
The examiner of course didn’t have a day to spare, so he gave me a few directions and finally asked me to follow the signs to the Ring road, Motorway.
So after some more time on the road I found myself closer and closer to the test centre and finally I got inside. All through the test, I kept doing adequate mirror and life saver checks, indicated in good time, and canceled the indicators.
Right so first things first, as I’m well over 21 with some basic riding experience in India, I decided to go for the Direct Access Scheme (DAS).
I live in Bristol and I spoke to 2 training schools: Bristol Motorcycle training centre and Ace Motorcycle Training.
My trouble points on the day were U-turns, blind spot checks, emergency stops and hazard avoidance.
With U-turns we practised on a circuit which was shorter than usual, so I was hoping it won’t be an issue in the actual test.
My speed was less than 50kph on hazard avoidance, however by adopting a good line approaching the hazard it was easy to maintain a high speed.
At the test centre I presented all my documents (license, paper copy, CBT pass certificate) and followed the examiner into a caged fence area which was full of colored cones.

So when instructed I performed the following manoeuvres bay parking, slalom, figure of 8s, slow riding, U-turn, controlled stop and emergency stop (52mph). Final manoeuvre of the day was the hazard avoidance for which I clocked 46mph first, the examiner gave me a minor and another go. So there I went again to perform the hazard avoidance for the second time, I clocked 50mph this time! But even though everything was going wrong on the day, we still managed to spend a decent amount of time on the road. There was one particular exciting moment on the day, when I approached a round about to take the third exit. If taking the first exit, indicate left (if necessary) and approach round about in the left hand lane.
Recent Commentsadmin on Getting a full UK motorbike licenseWilliamRaws on Getting a full UK motorbike licensevocation on Yay! Mom then needed wheels since the grocery store and supermarket were no longer within walking distance. It’s no wonder 60 percent of new vehicle sales each month are in the light truck segment. I drove the first 2013 CX-5, as well as the improved 2014 model with the new 184 HP 2.5-L engine and reported on the refreshed 2016 CX-5 in Spring last year.
The touchscreen display is along the same horizontal sight line as the instrument display for easy viewing without needing to move you head.
The electronic parking brake that we see on so many vehicles today really opens up the space for more customer friendly features.
The SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transmission has a new sport mode that modifies the shift points.
Blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert, and adaptive cruise control can be had.
The website’s homepage lists the 28 technology and safety features present on vehicles today.
The only manual transmission model is the front-wheel drive Sport trim equipped with the 155HP 2.0-L engine.
The FWD 2.5L automatic has the same combined and city rating, but is 2 mpg less at 33 highway mpg. It includes Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Close Proximity Warning, Smart Brake Support with Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning and High Beam Control. You can compare the 2016.5 Mazda CX-5 to all other compact SUVs right here using The Auto Channel's Mazda Research and Buyers Guide (1997-Present Model Years) . Given personal circumstances and the fact that its too cold now to ride a motorbike in the English winters, I sold my motorbike to a local dealer.
I contacted a number of bike dealers in Swindon but none of them (apart from BudgetBike) were buying a motorbike in the off-peak season.
The training went well and the roads in Kingswood, Bristol (where the test center is based) felt more familiar. The reason I failed my test this time was because I failed to stop at a zebra crossing where an old man was waiting to cross, where as my instructor who was following me stopped to let the old man cross. Zebra crossings, being a give way, you are required to give way not only to those on the crossing but also those that show intention of crossing.
Finally at the end of the test the examiner asked me to follow him inside the test centre where he gave me the sad news. So I put my helmet on, then my gloves, took the bike off the stand, started the bike and made my way to the test centre exit. I know… the examiner knew all the 35 minutes we spent on the road together that he was gonna fail me!!! As I got out of the test centre, I was on a side road and asked to turn right by my examiner into a busy road. After about 3 minutes when I was riding up a fairly steep hill I noticed that my left wing mirror came loose! I finally got onto the Ring road and at the end of the Ring road I was asked to take the last exit on the Ring road so I came back on the Ring Road going in the opposite direction. If you are thinking about over-taking the vehicle in front then this is often the time that you will get too close to them. I was nervous about the results yet optimistic at the same time, as I thought that the test went well. A few occasions I could have chosen a better gear and I even stalled once, but at all times I corrected the issues quickly.
I will give this test another go, and will follow it with a blog similar to this, but hopefully with a pass next time. It was raining so heavy that my gloves and boots which are meant to be “waterproof” started soaking up water like a sponge!
The instructor was reasonably happy with my riding and asked me to focus on forward planning i.e.

When I was about to exit the round about, I somehow found myself in the second lane (overtaking lane). We then moved to a house in a slightly more suburban setting and the need for a second car arose. Then there were a number of suitcases, fishing rods and tackle box, baseball bats, balls and gloves, a cooler, pre-purchased groceries, swim gear, some toys, dolls and puzzles for that rainy day, and more. Mazda also offers forward emergency braking in their Smart City Brake Support and Smart Brake Support.
The AWD 2.5L automatic models are EPA test-cycle rated at 26 mpg combined, with 24 city mpg and 30 highway mpg. And now today we have technology that will bring a vehicle to a stop if for some reason you are distracted and fail to brake as needed. Very cautious following on from my last test I rode up to the test centre with my instructor and another bike learner. A common fault here is failing to plan ahead and therefore not seeing the crossing until too late. Although I do feel that a lot of the test is about your luck with other road users on the day. Depending on severity, this can be a serious fault or driving fault, but is also the sort of fault that will make an examiner look very hard at your ability to control a motorcycle.
A couple of occasions I wasn’t too sure about the speed limit and took an educated guess but it was all good.
I noticed there was a green polo in front of me and saw its brake lights come on a few times.
I’m hoping this will be useful to anyone out there who wishes to get a full UK motorbike license. To find out more information about which route you can take to get a full UK riding license check out the DVLA website.
My instructor who was following me advised me on the radio to rev the throttle and not let the white van on my left undertake me.
As you go past the second exit, indicate left before approaching the third exit and get in first lane. Storage space with increased capacity including an open space in front of the shift knob, floor console cup holders and storage for small items and a console box are now added to the CX-5. It’s very taught, void of shakes and rumbles, and is relatively quiet on the interior.
Smart City Brake Support will slow the CX-5 and bring it to a stop if you don’t react to an impending collision.
You might say to yourself I don’t need that or be unwilling to spend the extra money. As we got outside he asked me to read a number plate in distance to confirm my eyesight was in order. Had anyone in the car opened a door on my side I’d have come off my bike and probably ended up in the other side of the road and got crushed to smithereens by a yummy mummy mobile! Eventually he gave up and took my bike, so I hopped onto the back as a pillion and we went to his home where he picked his other bike.
It couldn’t be any easier to pop open that big rear liftgate, the rear hatch if you will, and load up for nearly any weekend road trip or vacation.
Consider that one collision will probably cost you inconvenience, car repair bills, paying your insurance deductible, and maybe an increase in insurance rates. But the bike was still not sold as the punters at the dealer didn’t have cash to buy my bike. After several phone calls and waiting many days, I managed to get hold of the boss at the dealership. My examiner came up to me and asked me if everything was ok to which I pointed out that my left wing mirror had come loose. And the bike was promptly sold, following exchange of bike documents (old MOTs and services, Registration), keys and cash! Key learning here ┬áis that always finalize the deal with someone who has a say and handles cash at the dealership. It all went well this time, I was concerned that the examiner following me behind in a car will put me off but it was perfectly fine. Bike’s appearance goes a long way, so make sure you give that old beast a good clean before you take it in. Also all the mistakes I made in my previous test were resonating in my brain, and I made doubly sure that no errors were made this time.

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