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This avery Hardoll pump is extremely rare and highly sort after as it was the first Electric model pump avery Hardoll made before the model 288 and 298 pumps. The HPD GQ Nissan Patrol TD42, Garret, ball bearing turbo kit will increase the power of the standard non turbo TD42 diesel engine from 60 rwkw to an amazing 85 rwkw, that is a 42% increase in power at the wheels over standard. Our TD42 GQ ball bearing turbo kit comes complete with all parts needed for installation and has been designed to fit with all OEM components.This TD42 GQ turbo kit features a Garret ball bearing turbo which gives the best response and improved mid-range torque and power over conventional turbo chargers. For the 2016 Civic model, Honda prioritized overall refinement, the steering experience, a quiet cabin, and high-speed stability as areas in which the tenth-gen car must excel.
It has been completely re built and stripped of any rust or contamination to the metal and has had the highest quality paint job applied that is incredibly vivid and mirror reflection.
We also have the option to run different size turbos to cater for your needs from a touring combination to a comp truck turbo kit, 200hp to 500hp turbo kits are available, please enquire about these.

Those are new areas; the company accepts that things like excellent fuel economy and safety are elemental parts of any Civic by now.
I have spared no expense on this pump trying to find all the original parts and making it look as jaw dropping as possible. The cable can be tucked in the pump which is in day light photos or out side the pump when wanting the lights in use in night time photos which I have given 3 metres of cable but can be extended if needed.
The pump includes the original avery Hardoll optic side glass and the original avery Hardoll nozzle.
I have been unable to locate an original mint condition globe for thepump which Cleveland one would cost around ?1000-?1400 as I've seen in previous auctions. The globe is a glass reproduction which is more thicker glass than the originals and is replaceable if for what reason it did break and they are not expensive.

Two attached to the inside parts of the pump and one stainless steel that identifies the pump its self and its model. We will deliver the pump personally to your door at fuel cost to insure it's not damaged in transport.

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