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Even those with very bad credit problems in Yuma, AZ can buy and finance a vehicle with in house financing, but not at any dealer.
Also serving the nearby Arizona communities of: Somerton, AZ Tacna, AZ Welton, AZ and Fortuna Foothills Arizona. YUMA TERRITORIAL PRISON STATE HISTORIC PARK - Just the thought of spending time in the "Dark Cell" was enough to keep most inmates at the Yuma Territorial Prison in line.
They knew that if they acted up, they would be stripped to their underwear and chained inside a 5-foot-high iron cage set in the middle of a room that had been carved into solid rock. Even so, locals sometimes referred to the prison as "the hotel" and complained that the inmates were pampered. The prison opened officially on July 1, 1876, when seven convicts were led from the Yuma County Jail into the new prison, which they had helped build.
The prison, which closed in 1909, has been a state park since 1961 and drew nearly 60,000 visitors last year. Prisoners served time for everything from murder, rape and robbery to polygamy, prizefighting and selling liquor to Indians. In addition to cowboys, laborers and miners you'd expect among a 19th-century inmate population, a number of professionals - lawyers, druggists, engineers and architects - served time there, too.
The prison's most famous inmate was Pearl Hart who, with her boyfriend Joe Boot, robbed a stage between Florence and Globe on May 30, 1899. Boot was sentenced to 30 years for his role in the robbery, but Hart got off by flirting with the jury. Individual cells, which were 9 feet wide and 12 feet long, housed six inmates, who slept on a pair of triple-decker beds. Because talking wasn't allowed in the cells, prisoners attempted to communicate by tying notes to the cockroaches that scuttled everywhere. Prisoners ate a filling, if monotonous, diet - lots of bacon, beans and bread, supplemented with regular portions of rice, fruit, potatoes and beef. Nearly 30 women served time here for crimes ranging from burglary and assault to arson, drug use and rape. Several became experts at lace making; some of their handiwork is on display in the museum. The position of prison superintendent was a political appointment; the job, which paid $250 a month and included a residence, was considered quite the plum.
In an incident that became known as the Gates riot, a group of prisoners took superintendent Thomas Gates hostage in 1887.

But in a scene that might have come from a B-Western, Gates signaled the guards to open fire. You enter the main part of the prison through the "sallyport," a corruption of the Spanish phrase salir por la puerta (to go out the door). In addition to the inmate photos and their brief biographies, the museum holds Yuma Indian artifacts, medical instruments, vintage rifles, wagons, leg irons and other prison paraphernalia, as well as information on the steamboats that plied the Colorado River from the 1850s to the early 1900s.
For a $1 donation, you can have your photo taken with the same mirror the guards once used to shoot prisoners' profiles.
After browsing the museum, go out back to visit the Dark Cell and the main cellblocks, the heart of the old prison. Outside the visitor center you can take the short Prisoner's Pass Loop Trail over to the prison cemetery. Psychics sometimes visit the park, trying to "communicate" with the inmates who died there so long ago. After the devastating flood of 1916, scavengers picked over the prison site for building materials. Content recommendations are powered by Outbrain, a third party, to deliver links to additional articles and content that may be of interest based on contextual similarity and anonymous usage and browsing patterns from our visitors. Six prisoners shared this cell at Yuma Territorial Prison State Park, which operated in the late 1800s. Follow our latest Twitter activity on topics ranging from great deals to what's happening around the Valley.
List class motorhomes sale - motorhome, Complete list of every used class c rv in the country that you can sort and filter.. Chevy malibu suspension kits - best chevrolet malibu front, Over the years, drivers have modified their chevy malibu suspension systems in so many different ways. Camper description price year length sleeps location state listed source; camper travel trailer rv 2010 puma by palomino 2010 puma by palomino is up for sale - $. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Bighorn sheep captured north of Yuma last November were released into the Santa Catalina Mountains from Catalina State Park on Monday. As onlookers recorded the moment with everything from television cameras to cellphone cameras, the first 31 sheep were released Monday at Catalina State Park as part of the Santa Catalina Bighorn Sheep Restoration Project.
One of the sheep heading out of the cages is running past a line of people clicking away with their cameras as 31 Desert bighorn sheep were released this morning as part of the Santa Catalina Bighorn Sheep Restoration Project.

Brian Wakeling, Arizona Game & Fish game branch chief, watching this high flying sheep jump high into the air as it leaves the truck cage as 31 Desert bighorn sheep were released this morning as part of the Santa Catalina Bighorn Sheep Restoration Project.
Enraged by her behavior, the presiding judge convened another jury and made sure that Hart was convicted of stealing the stage driver's gun. Hart, dubbed the "Bandit Queen" by the press, received a pardon in 1902 and tried to cash in on her notoriety by becoming an actress.
After hours, they were allowed to make items that could be sold or traded at a monthly craft fair, which was open to the public. Although he recovered and returned to the job, the wound bothered him constantly and he eventually committed suicide.
The wooden platform covers an 85,000-gallon, granite-walled tank that prisoners built to store water drawn from the nearby Colorado River by a network of tunnels, also built by prison labor.
The sallyport is about 25 feet long, big enough to enclose a wagon, and has strap-iron gates at each end, only one of which was to be opened at a time.
Visitor center holds a selection of books, calendars, CDs, postcards, T-shirts and other items.
You'll also find movie and dining reviews, celebrity headlines, photos, breaking news and more. There are familiar with the methods for financing people with credit issues that most dealers don’t and that is why the are happy to help you get an automobile when others say no whether you live in Yuma or anywhere in the area. For a great vehicle selection and a car buying process that you will tell your friends about no matter what your credit.
There is not too much around the Yuma AZ, area as far as population or business which makes even more important to have a good vehicle you can trust.
A share of those profits was saved and awarded to the prisoner once he or she was released. Go south on Arizona 85 about 35 miles to Gila Bend, then west on Interstate 8 about 115 miles to Yuma. Whether you have credit problems or no credit at all these Yuma buy here pay here car dealerships can help you get a set of wheels.
Some took their own lives, typically by hanging, although one managed to do himself in by drinking acid.

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