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Paul Krugman: The GOP has replaced economic policy with vague threats "intoned in their best Dr. The funeral industry dukes it out with independent casket dealers as Americans redefine the way they deal with death. In November, Mississippi was crossed off that list when a federal judge struck down the law that had allowed casket sales only by licensed funeral directors. His small shop looks more like a used auto parts store than a place where bereaved families go, but Sanders isn’t trying to affect the somber formality of a funeral home. The state had argued that its law addressed health concerns because human remains need to be buried quickly.
A federal court also recently tossed out a Georgia law prohibiting casket sales by any entity other than a funeral home, calling the law a blatant restraint of trade.

At any one time, he has 12 to 15 of them in stock with price tags that range from $950 to $2,000, including free delivery to anywhere in Arkansas.
The company currently services independently owned and operated retail funeral stores; it also sells directly to the public. What the home is doing is against the law, Sanders tells the customer, and, in Arkansas at least, he’s right.
Twenty years ago, the only way to get a casket or cremation urn was through a funeral home. Without competition, funeral directors marked up caskets as much as 700 percent, including in that lump sum the costs of the hearse, embalming, the wake and other items.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ consumer expenditure survey, funeral spending is on the decline, dropping an average of 7 percent annually since the mid-1980s. In 1984, the Federal Trade Commission forced change on the industry, requiring, among other things, that funeral homes itemize their charges. Some industry experts say the high cost of dying is why cremation is on the rise nationwide, even in the South, where traditional burial is usually preferred.

This aspect of the new regulations turned out to be a boon for funeral home directors: Instead of including multiple services in the single casket fee, businesses simply left the inflated casket prices as they were and tacked on additional charges.
The development of an independent casket industry is part of a larger movement of families playing a bigger role in their loved ones’ deaths. The 1984 rules also required that casket prices, manufacturers’ names and model numbers be made available, and allowed independent casket dealers to get in on the market by supplying caskets directly to consumers. But in many parts of the country, that legislation remained toothless as long as states were permitted to limit the sales. As family-owned funeral homes, once a staple of small-town life, give way to large corporations like Service Corporation International (whose allegedly unsavory dealings with Gov. Bush were reported in Salon), Americans are pursuing other methods of dealing with their dead.

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