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Are you still waiting patiently for BMW's newest crossover, the X1 to show up in BMW dealers? Are you still waiting patiently for BMW's newest crossover, the X1 to show up in BMW dealers?
The previous post in this blog was BMW Z4 to Get 4-Cyl Turbo That Will Replace the Base Six-Cyl. All of you should know by now that Ford has an all-new Focus for the 2012 model year, which will be on sale in early 2011. The torque vectoring control system provides slight braking force to the individual wheel in a similar way that a skier or board-rider would shift weight to carving edge when turning. Engineered to increase novice driver confidence by adding a finer sense of control in curves, the next-generation Focus will please enthusiast drivers as well with the addition of a vehicle stability control system previously reserved for premium sports cars. Just as a downhill skier or board rider shifts weight to their outside edge in transition from schuss to edge- adding balance and stability to carve through a turn - torque vectoring control provides slight braking force to the wheel and the tire that is subject to potential slippage to help the driver and vehicle gracefully negotiate the curve.

The slight braking pressure applied to just one driven wheel is imperceptible to the driver.
Torque vectoring control uses the Focus braking system to imitate the effect of limited-slip differential, constantly balancing the distribution of engine output between the driven front wheels to suit driving conditions and road surface. The system is designed to delight experienced and enthusiastic drivers but also to provide less- experienced drivers with confidence and a better sense of vehicle control, especially in difficult driving conditions. Well it looks like the Leipzig, Germany plant can't keep up with the European demand, so adding production for the U.S. Before the new Focus officially hits dealers, Ford has been releasing little tidbits of information.
28, 2010 - The all-new 2012 Ford Focus is the first beneficiary of a new class-exclusive Ford technology that employs downhill skiing and snowboarding moves to increase vehicle stability in turns.
The behind-the-wheel experience is an improved sense of stability and control throughout the curve.

When accelerating through a tight corner, the system applies an imperceptible degree of braking to the inside front wheel, so that more engine torque goes to the outside wheel, providing additional traction, better grip and improved vehicle handling.
BMW originally planned on introducing the compact crossover in early 2011, but now its been pushed back to the fall of 2011. Ford has just announced that the Focus will feature standard torque vectoring control to increase vehicle stability. This increased vehicle stability in cornering situations is sure to please enthusiast drivers yet serves as a confidence builder for novice drivers as well.

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