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Ford CEO Alan Mulally has made the short list to take over tech giant Microsoft, lending further credence to rumors that the 68-year-old former Boeing exec would ditch Dearborn and move to Redmond.The report comes from Reuters, which claims that alongside Mulally, former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and three candidates from within Microsoft are on the short list to succeed Steve Ballmer at the company's helm, although previous reports claim the Ford exec is the number one candidate.
It was 1966 when Chevrolet launched its challenger to the wildly successful Ford Mustang, the Camaro.
Apparently sensibilities in India, at least in the case of some Ford marketing partners, are downright lascivious at times. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Cars User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Mulally is currently working without a contract, although Bill Ford seems to believe that he isn't likely to depart. While the competition between the two brands was already healthy, the arrival of the Camaro set off one of the most intense, model-to-model rivalries in the industry.That competitive spirit hasn't stopped Chevy and the Camaro from wishing Ford's iconic muscle car a Happy 50th Birthday as the Ford's April 17 anniversary rolls around. Despite this belief, Ford was quoted just last month talking about the depth of talent on the Blue Oval's executive team."There is no change from what we announced last November. These two cars have been linked over the years, and while the rivalry took a break for a few years in the 2000s, today's competition between the Camaro and Mustang is as fierce as it's ever been.You might recall that this friendliness when it comes to major milestones isn't too rare.

With a tagline reads, "Leave Your Worries Behind." one version features a peace-sign throwing Silvio Berlusconi holding hostage three buxom and barely clad women, all wearing ball gags with hands and feet bound. As the Camaro's fiftieth birthday approaches in 2016, we wouldn't be surprised to see the Mustang sending its best wishes to its Bowtie rival.

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