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For a company that bills itself as a “different car buying experience” with no dealer fees and no haggling, the loan figures prove the Off Lease Only business model is working for car buyers with all types of credit. Off Lease Only General Manager John Giasullo said the company’s spiraling success is rooted in a deep dedication to customer service, a mindset that literally costs Fischer millions of dollars a month but pays off in the end. Customer reviews posted on third-party review sites are filled with praise about everything from off Lease Only’s customer service and price to selection.  Thousands of happy customers have also voluntarily taped video testimonials about car shopping at Off Lease Only. It is reviews like that which have vaulted Off Lease Only to the top of the used car industry.
Stop in to one of Off Lease Only four locations and drive home your next beautiful used car today! Built from the ground up, the new Cadillac XT5 features lightweight construction, an all-new design and structure, a larger cabin, a new V6 engine, and a bunch of new modern interior technology. The chassis of the Cadillac XT5 has been completely reengineered and pushes the envelope in the brand’s expertise for using lightweight materials for construction.
On the inside, the Cadillac XT5 gets a new level of luxury and sophistication that is seen on the new Cadillac CT6 sedan. Like all Cadillacs, the interior is put together with cut-and-sewn wrapped panels, rather than molded surfaces typical of mainstream luxury vehicles. I have been writing a number of articles on Google Analytics and how dealers can customize their Analytics reports to give the dealership a better view into which marketing investments are working to sell more cars. At the 2013 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) there will be a number of speakers and case studies that will start to define the new metrics for ROI for car dealers. This article is the start of a discussion on In Market Shopper Activity (IMSA) on a dealership website.
The definition is somewhat flexible based on your website provider, but basically it tracks visitor page views that would correlate to a purchasing decision. So, if a dealer wants to see the "trend" of IMSA for their own website, how can they do that?
More importantly, Google Analytics can be setup to show the IMSA effectiveness of your marketing investments and traffic sources.
The purpose of this article is to get dealers thinking about what they can do with their data to make smarter business decisions in 2013.
The chart below is what dealers normally see when they go into Google Analytics and look at their website traffic. Dealers who look at this default view have no abilityto see what percentage of the visitors are performing activities that sell more cars.
Wouldn't it be nice to just see the New Car, Used Car, and Certified VDP views combined and see if the trend is going up or down?

The dealer can now see that their marketing efforts have not done much to increase IMSA this month. 30% of the Pageviews on the dealership website are VDP's, which is now something that can be tracked and measured as new marketing initiatives are taken. The bounce rate on VDP pages for this dealer are higher than normal, based on our data analysis of hundreds of dealer websites. When you start to take this discussion to the next level, you can start to measure your Internet traffic sources based on their ability to generate IMSA.
If you have setup "goals" from previous article I wrote on Google Analytics, you can also plot IMSA sources to leads  form submission. Notice that the paid search campaign targeting BING, has high quality activity when it comes to IMSA.
This is just the start of how you can start to measure your marketing investments in regards to the consumers that are driven to your website and what they are doing on your website.
I have done dozens of these types of studies and the dealers I work with are amazed at just how the numbers pan out. If you want to start measuring your marketing investments and website traffic in a more meaningful way, I encourage you to attend DMSC on Feb 5-7th in Orlando, just prior to NADA. There will be four workshops on this very topic lead my myself and a number of key thought leaders on measuring consumer behavior on your website! I also encourage you to look into data mining tools that simplify vendor data and break it into actionable ideas. A business intelligence and management tool for car dealers that I am working on is called ROI-BOT and you can get a first look at this powerful tool at DMSC. Is your business ready to use Google Analytics and data mining tools to create a better strategy for 2013? Every dealership in the automotive industry has some sort of relationship with vendors and their products.
The RCBS Auto Primer Feeder helps to speed up the reloading process while at the same time curbing misfires and helping to prevent primer contamination from oily fingers. 1 dealer nationally for the issuance of prime and subprime auto loans, outranking 16,000 other dealers across the country.
The finance manager was attentive and compassionate, he listened to my needs and found the plan that was just right for my needs,” the customer wrote.
We are proud to have four used car dealerships throughout the State making it even more convenient for our customers to save thousands on their next pre-owned car. Nearly 100,000 happy customers have chosen to save thousands by purchasing their used cars from Off Lease Only, and you should too!

The Cadillac XT5 is 278 pounds lighter than the SRX that it replaces, about 100 pounds lighter from the Audi Q5, and more than 650 pounds lighter than the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class.
The rear seats recline and slide forward and back to allow for more legroom or more cargo room.
The new crossover obviously comes with the new Cadillac CUE system and 4G wireless connectivity. The auto industry has to start a better discussion on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that drive more car sales in regards to marketing investments. Off Lease Only’s auto loan accounts with Capital One went from zero to the highest in the nation in three years, Rizzo added.  Off Lease Only had been ranked No. 5 independent used car dealer in the nation by Auto Remarketing magazine, a trade publication for the used car industry. With locations in Miami, Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Orlando, you have thousands of used cars for sale all priced thousands below retail.
New industry-leading technology includes Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror System and a range of Driver Assistance options including, Lane Keeping Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, full-speed-range Adaptive Cruise Control. Advanced Segments can be created for most automotive website providers, it just depends on how they structure their pages.
Feel free to check our events section to see if something is coming up that you are interested in.
Read OffLeaseOnly reviews and watch Off Lease Only customer testimonial videos to see what sets Off Lease Only apart from every other used car dealer in the Nation. Check out our restaurant section to see restaurants in the Orlando area, including our restaurant of the month!
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