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We specialize in new model vehicle auto collision repair and complete tear down restoration. Electronic Power Steering (EPS) The smoothest, most responsive electronic power steering available, with Variable Assist for easier steering at lower speeds. Features may include: HEAVY-DUTY ROTAX V-TWIN ENGINES The Defender XT package offers two very capable true-work powerplant options. The 72-hp Rotax HD10 V-Twin is specifically tuned for serious work but also offers 61 lb-ft torque and peak torque at lower RPM for optimal delivery for recreational use. ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The engine management system delivers optimal torque and horsepower at all speeds and altitudes. Plus smooth throttle at all speeds and reverse, and greater fuel economy OPTIONAL SPEED KEY SYSTEM A black ignition key maximizes engine power and top speed, while a yellow key lowers the top speed to 25 mph.
DYNAMIC POWER STEERING PRECISION-ENGINEERED HANDLING The specific Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) system is tuned for utility applications while also offering responsiveness for recreational usage.

DURABLE DRIVETRAIN All-new, durable drivetrain is built specifically to handle higher horsepower. It also is designed to offer less assistance at high speed and more assistance at low speed. Easy to Own And Maintain Feature DRIVER SIDE FUEL ACCESS Driver's side fuel access for easy fueling EASY ACCESS TO ENGINE Maintenance has never been easier. 4 MODE TRACTION SYSTEM BETTER CONTROL The Visco-Lok QE front differential combined with the lockable rear differential offer a 4-mode traction system providing multiple choices for varying terrain or tasks.
Users, via a separate front-and-rear toggle switches, can select between a 2x4 open rear differential for tight turning and turf protection, a 2x4 lockable rear for improved 2WD traction, a 4x4 open rear for more maneuverability in rugged terrain and a 4x4 locked rear for maximum traction. The rear differential is gear-on-gear to the transmission for better response, no maintenance, better efficiency and fewer components. It uses a reinforced seat cover with thicker vinyl and a special material finish to be more resistant and offer a premium look.

QUALITY & DURABILITY The New Standard in Quality and Durability - Performance-grade cab materials built to meet your performance needs.
The Defender vehicles high-quality seat cover is designed to endure the everyday use on the farm, job site and trail. MODULARITY The New Standard in Modularity - Any combination of windshield, roof, rear panel and doors fit together and install easily. INSTALLATION The New Standard in Installation - Purpose-built chassis features dedicated component attachment points.
In addition, it includ Can-Am Defender XT HD8 Mossy Oak Break-up Count 119062826 Contact Seller Call (855) 395-8285 Comments I'd like more information about your listing for a '2016 Can-Am Defender XT HD8 Mossy Oak Break-up Count' for $13,199 Verify* Stay safe.

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