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BMW is pushing ahead as quickly as possible with construction of its new plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Last year, Hyundai was the first automaker in the world to sell a vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. We call out vehicles with problematic fit-and-finish, materials, ergonomics or unfortunate design choices.

Each of these items resulted in points deducted as WardsAuto editors selected the 2016 Wards 10 Best Interiors. BMW says it already has some 100 suppliers in Mexico, many of which will provide parts and components for San Luis Potosi. BMW is not disclosing which models will be produced at San Luis Potosi, but notes that most will be for export.

The plant builds all BMW X-Series models except the X1, and will be home to production of the X7 3-row CUV due in 2017.

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