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EY refers to the global organization, and may refer to one or more, of the member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity. South Africans have had to wait to four decades to get a factory-made right-hand-drive Mustang available on the local market. The Performance Pack adds, inter alia, black 19-inch rims, which complement the inimitable mesh grille. Granted, the Mustang is now a novelty, but nonetheless, from its slanted slim headlights, trapezoidal Mustang grille with galloping-horse motif, seductively sloped C-pillars, slabby black rear fascia with triple piano-key taillights, the Ford captures the imagination and looks striking in its Triple Yellow finish.
Having said that, there’s very little amiss with the driving position and front seat comfort. In North America, the 5.0 GT Fastback represents a (dare we say it?) run of the mill Mustang. This car came equipped with a Performance Pack, which includes a limited slip differential and additional strut braces, but although the exhaust sounds most pleasingly rorty in Track mode, the upgrade is subtle. Having said that, the leather-swathed cabin offers a number of luxury items and lacks little in the way of conveniences. Although there are aspects of the Mustang that appear to make its asking price appear prohibitively expensive, the reality is that for those who successfully ordered (and will soon take delivery of) their 5.0 GT Fastbacks, there are virtually no cars that have quite the same exclusivity and sheer smile-inducing kerb appeal as the Ford. There are few cars that hold so much pent-up emotional and cult appeal as the Mustang and, yes, despite its steep asking price, we are happy to conclude that the newcomer does not have shortcomings that are significant enough to render it a disappointment. General Motors could never get its V8-engined Lumina to thrive in South Africa, but the Mustang is far better known and more significant in the overall motoring landscape. At Muswell Hill Locksmiths you will find the specialists in providing professional auto locking services to car owners, We are experts in Ford & Toyota Automotive Lock repair and assistance and can reprogram, and repair car door locks and ignitions. We supply, cut, duplicate and repair automotive transponders keys for Ford & Toyota and many others with no need for you to go to the manufacturer or dealer. Starting from 1995 all vehicles have a transponder immobilizer chip intergrated into the engine management system.
This IMM system was the first transponder system fitted to the Ford & Toyota range of vehicles after the keypad system was obsolete.
The mechanism is similar to the GM immobilizer system, and is programmed, set up and diagnosed in the same way.

This is the ultimate generation of immobiliser and alarm system is the CPH system which controls a number of additional components that further enhance the cars protection system. These are the latest systems with the alarm and immobilisers now being incorporated into the body control unit.
We cover a large range of Ford & Toyota models, contact us for a free quote and advice 020 8442 2956. Contact us today to arrange installation or purchase of your Ford & Toyota Auto Transponder Keys. Ernst & Young Global Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, does not provide services to clients. In the second-hand market, there are few German-made V8-engined coupe options to consider, such as previous-generation Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, BMW M3 and Audi RS5.
For about the same price, the BMW M2 will obliterate the Ford in terms of performance, although that’s also sold out, plus you could get a Porsche 817 Cayman for a little more. In the meantime, American-influenced popular culture has helped the original musclecar to take on a highly romanticised image and achieve near-mythical status in the hearts and minds of local motoring enthusiasts. Even though the latest version of the eponymous pony car was developed on a global platform that would see the Ford appeal to customers outside North America, many of which are accustomed to highly engineered sportscars, the Mustang remains, in spirit, a product designed to offer surfeit kerb appeal and capable performance at an affordable price. To expect the beefy, but ultimately languid, powertrain to deliver the type of responsiveness and tractability of smaller, turbocharged motors would be unreasonable. In the States, overtly performance-oriented Shelby packages are offered through dealers and although this model has the spectacular Line Lock feature that allows you to generate plumes of expensive tyre smoke and rubber debris, it’s not a leery, tail-happy brute of a car.
It allows the car to settle and strive when accelerating out of corner exits and engenders driver confidence. The metallic inserts do lift the ambience of the cockpit somewhat, but the swathes of plastic trim and individual switchgear pieces feel hard-wearing and workmanlike, to say the least.
The simple fact is because the Ford is sold out for the foreseeable future, the units available in the market have inflated price tags.
Here’s hoping that, as far as the Mustang is concerned, right-hand drive markets will grow in importance for Ford.
Motoring journalist, columnist, copy editor, PR practitioner and South African rep on World Car of the Year jury panel.

With our Latest Automotive Transponder device in Muswell Hill Locksmiths we can make a new set of your keys and re-program your Car Electronic Management System computer, to match the Immobliser Technology built in.
The system is a elemental electronic control unit which comprises a immobilizer unit and a transponder aerial to pick up the transponder code. The IMM immobilizer features in Early models of Toyota, from 1995 to 1997, such as Corolla, Tercel, Celica, Camry and Rav4, as well as early models of the Ford Taurus, Fiesta, Escort, F-150 and Mondeo. De-risking the value chain along with expanding credit is a key challenge for treasuries to address.
A poor exchange rate, duties and taxes, let alone the laws of supply and demand contrive to make the Mustang relatively expensive in South Africa. Still, the Mustang is claimed to complete zero to 100 kph in 4,8 secs and it emits a characterful, broad-chested and burbling soundtrack in dispatching the sprint benchmark with consummate ease. As it stands, the Mustang is a sufficiently wieldy sportscar that is fun to drive at three-quarter pace. Also, considering that the Mustang is a sizeable vehicle by general sportscar standards, rear leg- and headroom are tight. When a freer supply eventually meets a normalised level of demand, the Mustang will settle at its true market value. The Ford succeeds insofar as it delivers easy-natured, flexible performance, soulful character and undeniable aesthetic desirability. The suspension tuning (even with the Performance Pack option) is comfort-oriented, but the body control is measured (opposed to floppy), the steering can be adjusted for feel and weightiness, and should you feel the need to attack a twisty stretch of blacktop, the otherwise placid transmission can be set to Sport+ mode, which in conjunction with sharper throttle responses, will adopt a sportier shift pattern.
They all perform various functions, and it is necessary to understand the basic configuration and the types of systems fitted.

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