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When you think about a classic English two seat sports car chances are you’re recollecting the popular Triumph Spitfire. The Triumph Spitfire was manufactured to be the answer to the Austin Healey Sprite sports car. The two names involved with the designing of the Triumph Spitfire are Harry Webster and Giovanni Michelotti. Michelloti was actually responsible for all new Triumph models beginning from the late 1950′s and onward. Like all imported automobiles, cars sold in the American market have to conform to various safety specifications. With these many alterations for the American market there was obvious performance differences. Sports car enthusiasts will want to visit Toad Hall Sports Car Museum at the Simmons Homestead Inn in Hyannis Port Massachusetts.
Photos of a large collection of Triumph automobiles including some experimental models can be seen at the Canley Classics Triumph Museum which is strictly an online museum.
This Triumph series were produced from 1971 to 1980 and the design was a significant departure from the prior Triumph model. Interestingly enough, Triumph really got it’s start as a bicycle company which is similar to a few of the very early American auto companies. These were considered affordable sports cars compared to some of the more expensive Italian models.

Michelotti was a famed sports car designer and stylist who made major contributions to both Triumph and BMW. This was a bit larger of a sports car with standard inline six cylinder engines and manual four speed transmissions.
The 1971 Triumph Spitfire was essentially a Triumph Mark IV with a more angular tail plus longer bumpers. Businesses that were in the transportation industry such as those selling bicycles or horse drawn carriages were positioned correctly when automotive technology emerged.
The Triumph Spitfire was also the car which the later Mazda Miata models most closely resembled. Webster was a noted British automotive engineer who headed the Triumph design group and who teamed up with Michelotti.
The Triumph Spitfire was produced with an inline four cylinder engine and also came with a manual four speed transmission. The carburetor on the American models were also changed to run on lower octane unleaded gasoline.

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