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The first time I saw the Audi A3 was at a big media bun fight in the Four-Ring's home town of Ingolstadt. We've driven this 150hp diesel engine in several other Volkswagen Group models, but its merits bear repeating here. Space in the back is more than adequate for the test-standard two kids in their bulky booster seats and the boot is very decent, well-shaped and easily loaded and unloaded.
In fact, not only would you buy an A3 Saloon long before an A4, you'd buy it before you'd buy the three-door A3 or five-door Sportback. Still, it was cheaper than an equivalent A4, gorgeous to look at, genuinely rewarding to drive (not always a given with Audi ) and as practical as Ms Poppins. Citroen DS4: very left-field choice, but luxurious interior and quirky image make a refreshing change from the horde of me-too German saloons. Volvo S60: bigger than an A3 but, pound-for-pound, more affordable and damn near as sweet to drive. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the privacy policy. I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates. We have listed information like Showroom Address, Phone Number, Customer Email id, Working Timings & showroom location. The third generation Vectra was offered new from 2002 until it was replaced in 2008 by the Insignia. In its six-year lifecycle this third generation Vectra was offered in the usual three body styles for cars in the family marketplace. Following the usual Opel trim lines the Vectra was offered in Life, Club, Design, Exclusiv and Elite, as well as more sporting SRi specification.

Not a particularly exciting choice in the family car buying marketplace, but ample availability, good equipment levels and decent economy from the diesel engined version in particular does make it a sensible one. After having signed numerous forms in triplicate, handed over my phone and camera and sworn to give up my first-born if ever I should breathe a word about the car before the embargo was lifted, I was ushered into a small studio where the first-ever four-door A3 sat. It looks as good as an A4 (slightly sharper actually, especially from the rear three quarters, which is usually the least flattering angle for any hatchback-derived saloon), is almost as spacious as an A4 and will cost significantly less than an A4.
Here, we're testing the 2.0-litre TDI 150hp version in SE trim, which doesn't look quite as sharp as one equipped with S-Line bits and bobs but neither does it suffer from firmer S-Line suspension.
First of all it is much more roomy than the other makes of this class like C class or 3 series. The four-door saloon is popular here in Ireland, though the hatchback offers greater practicality if you can search one out in the classifieds. We’d have the latter, for its ability to stretch stops between the pumps further, and it's available in 100-, 120- or 150hp outputs.
At first it was a little bit disappointing - sticking too close to the current 'cookie cutter' Audi styling rules that essentially make each car look like a slightly larger or smaller version of its brothers.
Compared to its A4 brother, the A3 feels much lighter on its tyres, much more up-and-at-'em. In the classic Quinnsworth (look it up on Google, teenagers) tradition, Audi has given the A3 Saloon a temptingly low visual price point, at a fiver under €30k. Value, reliability and decent equipment levels have always been a Vectra mainstay, ensuring it was competitive in such a busy, cutthroat marketplace. The estate featured a longer platform, making it a hugely accommodating luggage hauler; if you need an inexpensive, capacious estate you could do a lot worse. All come reasonably equipped, so it's difficult to find a Vectra that’s not got air conditioning and alloy wheels fitted.

With increasing age higher specs are more affordable, so look out an Exclusiv model if you can, though even the Life and Club versions have decent equipment levels. It looked, in fact, a lot like an Audi A4 and seemed, upon closer inspection, to have pretty similar rear seat space and boot room.
Because, it occurred to me, if the A3 is anywhere near as good to drive as the A4, then who will actually go out and spend the extra on an A4?
The steering still has a whiff of engineered-in Audi heftiness, but it's much more responsive than the somewhat turgid 4-badged model, and the overall effect is of a car that's much more enthusiastic to drive. But as soon as you start adding larger engines or any electronic toys, the price rockets up like Buzz Aldrin on Buzz Cola. Opel also briefly offered the Signum, a Vectra -based hatchback with plenty of rear legroom aimed at an executive marketplace - it failed miserably. The ride quality is pretty decent - it doesn't quite glide like an old Jag but it's comfy enough and that cabin is still a paragon of near-perfection. Our test car clocked in at a cheeky €42k and there were still an awful lot of blank switches in the cabin.
Yes, you can complain that it's a bit dark and you need to dig deep into the expensive options list to make it look and feel appropriate to the badge, but it's a terrific space in which to spend time. No-one has come up with a neater-looking infotainment screen than the A3's wafer-thin device and Apple's engineers must be collectively kicking themselves that when it came to the iPad Air, the A3 got there first.

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