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Not only was their car insurance quote very competitive but when there was a query I phoned the call centre and was dealt with a very pleasant and helpful lady on the other end, no big dramas just quick and efficient help, would recommend. Haven High Year 11 student Lucy Raven has been nominated for a Children of Courage award at a ceremony to be held later in March.
Lucy was born with with bilateral talipes (better known as club foot) and bilateral hip dysplasia. A few years ago Lucy was advised that she would need a further operation on her right hip as if she did not have this she would suffer from arthritis by the time she was 25 years old.
In July 2014 Lucy had yet another operation that involved cutting her pelvis in three places to make the hip socket deeper and then cutting her femur in half and moving the top half into a better position, metal pins and plates were used to secure it in position. Head of Pastoral Care at Haven High, Ronda Ironmonger said: “Despite the immense pain and time off for the operation and recovery period Lucy has remained on the whole upbeat and ensured that all coursework and school work has been completed and she is on track to gain all her GCSEs, in some subjects she may even exceed her targets. The UK's second biggest supermarket, Asda, has unveiled plans to create some 5,000 jobs this year in a £500 million expansion drive. Its plans, which were welcomed by Prime Minister David Cameron, will see it open 25 stores, refurbish 43 existing outlets and invest in three new depots in 2012. The chain said it will create up to 5,000 jobs on top of the 30,000 staff it took on last year when it opened about a dozen stores and absorbed 147 Netto sites and their staff following its acquisition of the discount chain. Asda said nearly half of the jobs it created last year had gone to young people, who are currently battling high unemployment, while 8,500 jobs went to people who had signed up through Job Centre Plus. The chain, which currently employs more than 180,000 people and runs 528 stores across the UK, also pledged that eligible employees would be given the chance to take City & Guilds apprenticeships.
Mr Cameron said: "The additional investment and 5,000 new jobs announced by Asda today will be a real boost for the economy and more importantly for people around Britain seeking jobs.
The majority of the new stores will be smaller supermarkets but the 600,000sq ft of new space will also be made up of superstores and Asda Living non-food outlets.
Asda, which has pledged to be 10% cheaper than rivals amid a vicious supermarket price war, recently reported that customers were shopping less frequently but spending more in a bid to overcome high petrol prices.

Its most recent like-for-like sales figures, excluding VAT and fuel, increased by 1.3% between July 1 and September 30.
We're used to reading depressing bonus stories about banking fat cats who rake in millions - while mis-selling and investment scandals rage all around them.
For the 13th year in a row, Asda has hit its targets, triggering a bonus payout for its staff.
Hayley Tatum, Executive People Director of Asda, said: "Our colleagues in our stores and depots across the country are the beating heart of our business. Of course, it doesn't quite measure up to the bonus John Lewis and Waitrose staff earned in March last year - when they got an astonishing 17% of their salary as the group reported a 15.8% surge in annual profits.
And it's worth bearing in mind that all this has been achieved in a notoriously difficult year. A man was arrested in Wisbech yesterday for being twice the legal limit, disqualified from driving and without insurance. Man has his car seized in Wisbech for being twice the legal limit and being disqualifiedStaff at ASDA refused to serve alcohol to him because he was already heavily intoxicated. The supermarket retailer said 19,040 staff members will benefit as its parent company Walmart's Sharesave scheme matures. At the end of the three years they were given the opportunity to buy shares in Walmart at a 20% discount on the market value in 2010, while they also received a small tax-free bonus.
Since the scheme began in 1982, Asda workers are said to have shared over £650 million. Hayley Tatum, the company's executive people director, said: "This record bonus pot reflects the success we've seen this year, all of which is down to the hard work and commitment of our colleagues across the business. In March it was announced that John Lewis and Waitrose staff would receive bonuses worth 17% of their salary as the group reported a 15.8% surge in annual profits.
Staff at supermarket giant Asda have saved more than half a billion pounds since a share ownership programme was launched 30 years ago.

Around 25,000 employees have joined the scheme every year, saving an average of £20 a month.
Hayley Tatum, Asda's people director, said: "Our in-store and depot colleagues work extremely hard, day in, day out, to serve the 18 million customers that come through our doors each week.
The club foot was diagnosed at the time of Lucy’s birth but throughout all her developmental checks the hip dysplasia was missed and it wasn’t until she went for a shoe fitting that further medical advice was sort thereafter Lucy had an X-ray and was then diagnosed with Congenital Dysplasia of the hip – meaning that her hip sockets were shallow and her hips were coming out of the actual sockets.
The operation was followed by intense physiotherapy for three months and in July last year Lucy returned to Birmingham to have the plates and pins removed and to hear the news that the operation had been a success.
Asda, owned by the world's biggest retailer, US-based Walmart, will also open a new depot in Rochdale, to replace a depot in Grangemouth, Falkirk. But it has yet to update on the Christmas period which saw rival Tesco issue a profits warning.
Anyone who has worked for the company for more than six months will receive £320 each. They are then able to sell the shares at today's market rate, offering the chance to cash-in with a profitable return. At 20 months old Lucy had an operation to make the hip sockets deeper and she remained in a cast from the waist down and then a leg brace for a total of 18 weeks. Meanwhile, those who work at the best-performing stores will get a 'superbonus' of £500. And it's good to see that this isn't being achieved through a failure to reward the employees.
Man has his car seized in Wisbech for being twice the legal limit and being disqualifiedHe failed the test with a 75 result against a limit of 35.

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