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For RUSSIAN customers the fastest shipping we can offer is EMS shipping witch sometimes is slow like Hong Kong Post. For ROMANIAN customers all orders on this website will be shipped from Hong Kong like the rest of the countries. AIO UPDATE DONGLE Description Package Gallery The AIO USB dongle is compatible with all AIO products produced by us, including AIO SIM 4S, AIO SIM 4S ONE, GEVEY AIO CUT, GEVEY AIO NO CUT, GEVEY AIO CUT, GVAIO.
AIO 5 is an fully updatable product and as before you have the possibility to upgrade your AIO 5 firmware when we release a new and improved version. Trays are sold only to existing AIO-SIM customers and are shipped together with an order containing an AIO product. Also about future updates, check back soon the download page and check out sooner for a new very hot product! Hi, we are really sorry that is taking so long, we will reply to you by email with the tracking numbers and discuss more.
About iPhone 5 i already recommended people here to use old simcards (the ones with 8 contacts).

The iPhone as a device has become a utility that enables users to store music, videos, photos and make calls creating a unified and high-quality user experience.  Each iPhone model has unique characteristics that is registered with the serial number. To check iPhone serial number scroll down to the Serial Number section found a few steps below. The price of EMS shipping is 35 USD compared with 25 USD for DHL so we will ask you to pay 10 USD more after you make the payment for DHL shipping. If you want your order to be shipped fast from our stock in Romania (1-2 business days) you need to pay the 25 USD fast shipping fee.
Then insert AIO-SIM together with any simcard inside the phone and press next at the activation tab. En caso de que el producto recibido tenga un nA?mero de serie distinto al del producto anunciado puede proceder a su devoluciA?n.
Adjunto caja original, libro de instrucciones, cables y enchufe originales, clips para sacar la SIM, porta SIM y de regalo un bumper azul y un protector de pantalla nuevo. If you want really fast shipping and no customs headache you of course have to contact our Russian resellers first.

I can see that there is some communication happening so maybe the switch is just in the wrong direction. I cant unlock iPhone 5 (HUN T-mobile locked), we buyed 20pc of them, but we cant sell it, because any setting do activate all the time! If you would like fast delivery then please add to cart the Fast Shipping upgrade and we will ship everything that you order by DHL. In order to do that we choose our suppliers carefully, testing the first batch of 1000 pcs one by one and continuing testing on a 10% basis for all the subsequent orders to maintain the quality our customers expect while keeping a low price and best value for the money.

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