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One or two of the somber group that ringed his dying ground thought Glass deserved to lose this battle.
Hugh Glass DrawingOthers, watching, remembered Glass’ quick and effective response to the Arikara guns.
The saga of Hugh Glass must be pieced together from accounts written by several of his contemporaries, each with varying details. Allen recalled that Major Henry ordered branches cut for a litter and that they carried the groaning, blood-wrapped man two days or more.
Fitzgerald and Bridger were alone, except for the blood-caked, wheezing apparition at their feet. If Bridger was repelled by applying such logic to a corpse that not only was warm but also still drew breath and moaned now and again, he failed to raise convincing arguments against it. What they could not take away from him was more vital–his grit, his fury at their treachery, his will to survive and get revenge.
The Airbus A350 is a long-range, mid-sized, widebody family of airliners currently under development, designed to compete with the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787. When Boeing announced its 787 Dreamliner project, it claimed the lower operating costs of this airplane would make it a serious threat to the Airbus A330. The airlines pushed Airbus to provide a competitor, as Boeing had committed the 787 to have 20% lower fuel consumption than today's equivalent types. On 16 September 2004, then Airbus president and CEO Noël Forgeard confirmed that a new project was under consideration, but did not give a project name, and would not state whether it would be an entirely new design or a modification of an existing product. Almost immediately Airbus faced criticism on the A350 project by the heads of two of its largest customers, ILFC and GECAS. Several days later, similar comments were made by Chew Choon Seng, CEO of Singapore Airlines.
Airbus responded by stating it was considering improvements for the A350 to satisfy customer demands. On 14 June 2006, Singapore Airlines announced it had selected the 787 over the A350, ordering 20 787-9s. Interior of the Economy Class Of the A350 XWB.As a result of these criticisms, in mid-2006 Airbus undertook a major review of the A350 concept.
Airbus achieved its first sale of the redesigned A350 four days after its unveiling when Singapore Airlines announced an order for 20 A350 XWBs with options of a further 20. Late in 2006 a decision on formal launch was delayed as a result of delays of the Airbus A380 and wrangles about how the development would be funded. On 4 January 2007, Airbus announced that Pegasus Aviation Finance Company had placed the first firm order for the A350 XWB with an order for two aircraft, though the variants were unspecified at the time. The Airbus board of directors approved the industrial launch of the A350-800, -900 and -1000 in December 2006. During 2007 Paris Air Show, Airbus won firm orders for 141 A350 XWB and at the Dubai Airshow it won firm orders for 165 A350 XWB.
Older design for the cockpit of the Airbus A350, now replaced with all-new flight deck designOn September 2007, Airbus rolled-out new design advances to a gathering of 100 representatives from existing and potential XWB customers. Airbus claim that the new design comprise a better cabin atmosphere with 20% of humidity level, pressurization at 6,000 ft (1,800 m) and flow management system that adapts cabin airflow to passenger load with draft-free air circulation. The new XWB fuselage will have a parallel cross-section width from door 1 to door 4, unlike previous Airbus aircraft to provide maximum usable volume. Airbus confirmed in early September 2007 the adoption of composite fuselage frames for the aircraft structure. Airbus had signed a firm contract with BMW to have them develop an interior concept for the original A350. The A350 will feature new all-composite wings that will be common to all three proposed variants. Airbus is currently working on the detail of the wings' aerodynamics and it will not freeze the final configuration until the October 2008 design freeze milestone. Airbus is planning a £570 million (US$760 million) investment to upgrade composite capability at its Broughton site in the United Kingdom, in preparation for its role as final assembly location for the A350 XWB wing.
The XWB's nose section will adopt a configuration derived from the A380 with a forward-mounted nosegear bay and a six-panel flightdeck windscreen.
The nose is likely to be constructed from aluminium but Airbus is currently running trade-off studies considering one-piece carbon fiber structure. The new revised design of the cockpit have gone away from the A380-sized display and have adopted a 15-in (38 cm) LCD displays. The avionics will be a further development of the integrated modular avionics (IMA) concept found on the A380. For the engines Airbus has confirmed that they will retain a full bleed air system on their engines, rather than the bleedless configuration used on the Boeing 787. GE has stated it will not offer the GP7000 on the aircraft, and that previous contracts for the GEnx on the original A350 did not apply to the XWB. In April 2007, Airbus former chief executive Louis Gallois held face-to-face talks with senior General Electric management over finalizing the possible go-ahead of a new variant of the GEnx engine for the A350 XWB. The Trent XWB will feature a 118 in (3 m) fan diameter and the design will be based on the advanced developments of the Trent 900 (Airbus A380) and Trent 1000 (Boeing 787). The A350 XWB will feature a 1,700 shp HGT1700 APU by Honeywell, which has 10% greater power density than the previous generation of the Honeywell's 331 APU family. Airbus has adopted a completely new philosophy for the attachment of the A350 XWB’s main landing gear as part of the switch to a composite wing structure. Airbus devised a three-pronged main landing gear design philosophy encompassing both four- and six-wheel bogies to ensure it can keep the pavement loading within limits. The A350-800 will seat 270 passengers in a 3-class cabin and will have a range of 8,300 nmi (15,400 km). The A350-900 is the first to enter service (EIS) in 2013 and seats 314 passengers in a 3-class cabin 9-abreast layout.
When it comes to the question of whether collecting those racist images is right, I often encounter two strong and diametrically opposed reactions from African Americans. The Reconstruction period between 1865 and 1877, immediately following the abolition of slavery with the ratification of the 13th Amendment at the close of the Civil War, affirmed that African Americans were inherently equal to white Americans and any other human beings, capable of voting, serving as jurors, testifying in court, buying and cultivating land, forming stable social and cultural institutions, marrying, having families, raising children, learning to read and write — in short, capable of mastering and exemplifying all of the hallmarks of citizenship that make this republic great. It turns out the assault was double-barreled: first through a series of Jim Crow laws and court rulings that effectively reversed or neutralized the Civil Rights Act of 1875 and the 14th and 15th Amendments (guaranteeing equal protection under the law and outlawing race-based voting discrimination, respectively), and second (and almost simultaneously) through the astonishingly wide distribution of a massive mountain of negative Sambo images, which were intended to naturalize the image of the black person as sub-human and in doing so justify and subliminally reinforce the perverted logic of the separate and unequal system of Jim Crow itself.
From there forward, a series of laws and legal decisions continued to chip away at these rights.
Meanwhile, images of the black people as childlike even extended to those living in Cuba and Puerto Rico following the Spanish-American War, as we can see in an 1899 illustration from Puck, included in the slide show below. Chromolithography and the American marketplace made anti-black racism a commodity, widely consumed in the most unconscious ways, reinforcing and reflecting the legalization of racism and the delimitations being systematically inflicted upon the rights of black citizens by the courts and Southern legislatures. To return to the question that Gail Deculus-Johnson poses in her brochure at Sable Images in Los Angeles — why should we collect these racist artifacts?
In other words, these images are still very much with us, as one can see by examining the horrifically racist images of President Obama already collected at the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University, founded and curated by David Pilgrim. This Friday, June 7, marks the 121st anniversary of a more immediate harm inflicted on a 30-year-old Creole man whose name would become associated with one of the most notorious cases in U.S. Fifty of the 100 Amazing Facts will be published on The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross website.
Growing up, how did you learn about the accomplishments and struggles of African Americans? Find educational resources related to this program - and access to thousands of curriculum-targeted digital resources for the classroom at PBS LearningMedia. FundersMajor corporate support for The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross is provided by Bank of America.

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross is a film by Kunhardt McGee Productions, THIRTEEN Productions LLC, Inkwell Films, in assocation with Ark Media. Nearing or in his early 40s, Glass was old enough to be the father of young men like Jim Bridger, who was beginning his second year as a trapper. They tore strips from shirts and bound up his wounds as best they could, sure he’d be dead by morning. But the major needed two volunteers to stay until the expected happened and give Hugh a decent burial. They could do nothing for him except administer a few drops of water and wave off the flies. They moved the invalid to within reach of water and, certain his days of needing anything more were done, walked away, carrying every tool Hugh Glass possessed. The mind inside the battered head was on fire with fever, and he sank in and out of consciousness.
He could remember the heat from his partner’s body after their Skidi Pawnee captors hung him up, shot hundreds of pine slivers into his skin and turned him into a human torch. In lucid moments, he reached for water, and as he became more aware he stripped buffalo berries from an overhanging bush. It will also compete with Airbus' own A330 and A340, since plans to discontinue those models have not been announced. Publicly, Airbus initially rejected this claim, stating that the 787 was itself just a reaction to the A330, and that no response was needed to the 787.
Initially Airbus proposed a simple derivative of the A330, unofficially dubbed the 'A330-200Lite', with improved aerodynamics and engines similar to those on the 787. Forgeard indicated that Airbus would finalise its concept by the end of 2004, begin consulting with airlines in early 2005, and aim to launch the new development programme at the end of that year. This version of the A350 was planned to be a 250–300-seat twin-engined wide-body aircraft derived from the design of the existing A330.
Emirates decided against making an order for the initial version of the A350 because of weaknesses in the design. The proposed new A350 was to become more of a competitor to the larger Boeing 777 as well as some models of the Boeing 787, with a larger fuselage cross-section able to accommodate 9 passengers per row in economy class. However, on 17 July 2006, at the Farnborough Air Show, Airbus announced that the redesigned aircraft would be called A350 XWB (Xtra Wide-Body). The XWB will impose a couple of years of delay into the original timetable and almost double development costs from $5.3 billion to approximately $10 billion.
The A350 XWB will be built on the technologies developed for Airbus A380 and will have a similar cockpit and fly-by-wire systems layout. Airbus claims that the seat width will be 0.5 in greater than the seat on the 787 in the equivalent configuration.
The composite frames will feature aluminium strips to ensure the electrical continuity of the fuselage (for dissipating lightning strikes). A new trailing-edge high-lift system has been adopted with an advanced dropped hinge flap (similar to that of the A380) which permits the gap between the trailing edge and the flap to be closed with the spoiler. This differs from the dramatic four-window arrangement that was proposed in the original design. According to Gordon McConnell, A350 Chief Engineer, a carbon fiber structure will need titanium reinforcements for birdstrike, thus the aluminium structure is the best cost wise. The A350's IMA will manage up to 40 functions (versus 23 functions for the A380) such as landing gear, fuel, brakes, pneumatics, oxygen system, full cabin pressurisation system and fire detection[36]. Rolls-Royce has agreed with Airbus to supply a new variant of the Trent engine for the A350 XWB, currently called the Trent XWB. Airline pressure for a GE engine option is believed to be coming particularly from US Airways and Singapore Airlines, as well as others within the A350 orders group that either originally selected GE or that have not yet settled for the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-powered option. Honeywell will also supply the air management system which comprise the bleed air, environmental control, cabin pressure control and supplemental cooling systems. Each XWB's main landing gear leg is going to be attached to the rear wing spar forward and to a gear beam aft, which itself is attached to the wing and the fuselage.
The A350-800 and A350-900 will both have four-wheel bogies, although the -800's will be slightly shorter to save weight. It is the largest variant of the A350 family and will seat 350 passengers in a 3-class cabin. It is the sheer number of these images that strikes me as perhaps the most amazing fact about them collectively. Despite centuries of anti-black racist discourse, it turned out that in 12 short years, the mass of the African-American people (90 percent of whom were still in bondage in 1860, a year before the Civil War broke out) demonstrated that they were human beings just like everybody else. Vann Woodward titled his book, The Strange Career of Jim Crow, took shape in 1883, when the Supreme Court (in United States v. Mississippi decision mirrored a trend in the American consumer market, which was inundated with the most debased images of black people. And we need to study these images in order to deflect the harm that they continue to inflict upon African Americans, at the deepest levels of the American unconscious. That some men would call him a liar and accuse him of slandering a gallant comrade might have puzzled them. August was two-thirds gone, yet several of them still nursed scars from that battle, including Old Glass, who’d taken a ball in his thigh. When the attacking warriors proved to be usually friendly Mandans, the trappers knew the Ree contempt was spreading–Assiniboines, Sioux and Hidatsas could well emulate the Blackfeet, who already considered any white man fair game. Knowing he was dying, Gardner had entrusted Glass with his last message to his family back in Virginia.
Yount recorded in his memoirs that he talked with Glass directly, as well as with a trapper named Allen (Hiram Allen was one of Major Henry’s 1823 brigade) and a later Glass cohort of record named Dutton.
Near the forks of the Grand River (in present-day South Dakota), the trappers reached a grove of trees that sheltered a spring-fed stream, and Henry faced facts.
Although he was the youngest of them all, Bridger had to support both himself and his younger sister with his wages. But as Fitzgerald packed up, he proved he was intent on saving something more than his life.
He was close to death, but he’d been there before, and fortune had never left him completely on his own hook.
When he came across a buffalo carcass, he hunted bones green enough, cracked them open and scraped and sucked the nourishing marrow. The airlines were not satisfied and Airbus committed €4 billion to a new design to be called the A350. Under this plan, the A350 would have modified wings and new engines while sharing the same fuselage cross-section as its predecessor. The A330 and previous iterations of the A350 would only be able to accommodate 8 passengers per row in normal configurations. On 1 December 2006 the EADS board agreed the industrial launch of the sixth iteration A350 with costs mainly borne out of cash-flow.
However, the fuselage crossbeams remain metallic, but Airbus is running trade-off studies to evaluate the switching them to composite. The geometric wingspan of 64 m (210 ft) is 3.7 m greater than that of the A330 and the original A350. The manufacturer has carried out 1800 hours of low-speed windtunnel testing and results have led to a slight reduction of the static engine's thrust due to a better low-speed performance than anticipated.
The new nose will improve aerodynamics and enable overhead crew rest installed further forward and eliminate any encroachment in the passenger cabin.
Airbus claim the new cockpit will allow to put more advances in navigation technology on the displays in the future plus flexibility and capacity to upload new software and to combine data from multiple sources and sensors for flight management and aircraft systems control.

Airbus claims benefits such as reduced maintenance and less weight because IMA replace multiple processors and LRUs with around 50% fewer standard computer modules known as line replaceable modules. After the low-speed windtunnel test, Airbus has frozen the static thrust at sea level for all three proposed variants in the 74,000-92,000 lb range.
But on June 2007, Rolls-Royce announced that it had signed its biggest ever contract with Qatar Airways for the Trent XWB to power 80 A350 XWBs on order from Airbus worth $5.6 billion at list prices and in June 2007, Airbus' Chief Operating Officer John Leahy indicated that the GEnx engine will not feature on the A350 XWB, claiming that Airbus wants GE to offer a more efficient version for the new Airbus airliner. The ram-air turbine will be now localized on the belly and the generator requirement is 100 kVA compared to 150 kVA for the A380. To help reduce the loads further into the wing, a double side-stay configuration has been adopted. Airbus claim that the A350-900 will have an increase of 16% MWE per seat, 30% in block fuel per seat and 25% better cash operating cost against the Boeing 777-200ER. She kept a very small ashtray on a table in our living room featuring a Black Sambo figurine at its center. Others think the whole lot should be assembled into one gigantic bonfire, incinerated, and the ashes buried in an impenetrable vault, or strewn over the broadest reach of the deepest ocean never to be displayed again. Following the Civil War, because of the technological innovation of chromolithography, it became cheap to mass-produce multicolored advertisements. The racist stereotype was subconsciously imposed on the face of an actual African American, the American mask of blackness, and these images justified the rollback of the gains black people had made during Reconstruction.
DuBois and a poster with a quotation by the co-founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
To license this image please request a quote and provide as much information on the intended usage so we can process your request.
The notion that Hugh Glass was about to crawl into American legend, to become an epic hero of story and poem, would have made them laugh. Somewhere in his shadowy past, Glass had gained enough education to express himself clearly and gracefully in writing. Whether inspired by practicality, compassion, or youthful optimism born of inexperience, Bridger accepted the charge.
But when his turn came, something inspired him to fish a packet of vermilion from his pocket and calmly present it to the chief. The original version of the A350 superficially resembled the A330 due to its common fuselage cross-section and assembly. Controversially, the fuselage was to consist primarily of Al-Li, rather than the CFRP fuselage on the 787. Udvar-Hazy called on Airbus to bring a clean-sheet design to the table, or risk losing most of the market to Boeing. The 787 can accommodate 8 or 9 passengers per row, while the 777 can accommodate 9 passengers per row (or, rarely, 10). First delivery for the -900 is scheduled for mid-2013, with the -800 and -1000 following on, respectively, 12 and 24 months later.
This compares to the Boeing 787, which consists of 50% composites, 20% aluminium, 15% titanium, 10% steel and 5% the balance. The new design differs slightly from the 787 design which uses ovoid skin barrels on titanium ribs.
High-speed performance testing has begun at the European Transonic Windtunnel in Cologne, Germany and a final decision regarding winglet configuration is expected soon. The new windscreen has been revised to improve vision by reducing the width of the center post.
Both Singapore Airlines and US Airways have selected the RR Trent XWB for their future fleet of A350. The proposed higher weight variant, the A350-1000 (and the proposed A350-900R and A350-900F) will used a six-wheel bogey and a 4.7 m landing gear bay. A -900R and -900F variant also is being proposed but not launched yet and will feature the higher engine thrust, strengthened structure and landing gear of the -1000.
What makes this shop different from others I have visited is a very thoughtful pamphlet that Deculus-Johnson distributes to her customers, in which she discusses why she collects and sells these items.
How many watermelons does a person have to be represented as devouring, how many chickens stolen, to make the point that black people are ostensibly by nature gluttonous thieves?
629) emboldened militant groups like the Ku Klux Klan by striking down a congressional law (the so-called Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871) that attempted to force states to prosecute individuals for conspiring to suppress black people’s 14th Amendment rights, even when, in the particular case before the justices, it involved an armed mob dragging four black prisoners out of a Tennessee jail. It is at this level that seemingly rational and ordinary folk commit irrational and extraordinary acts,” as Thomas Holt writes. They had only to listen to the blood bubble from the rip in his throat with his every breath. If a couple of frustrated trappers hadn’t torched the Arikara village on their own, the Rees could have laughed in their faces.
They could do nothing for themselves except watch anxiously for Indian sign and dig the grave so all was ready. The unexpected gift of the rare and valued red powder transformed this white man from a sacrifice into a favored son.
A new wing, engines and a horizontal stabilizer were to be coupled with new composite materials and production methods applied to the fuselage to make the A350 an almost all-new aircraft. It was to see entry into service in 2010 in two versions; the A350-800 capable of flying 8,800 nautical miles (16,300 km) with typical passenger capacity of 253 in 3-class configuration and the 300-seat (3-class) A350-900 with 7,500 nautical mile (13,890 km) range. From the point of view of a seated passenger, the cabin is 13 cm (five inches) wider at eye level than the competing Boeing 787, and 28 cm (eleven inches) narrower than the Boeing 777, its other competitor.
At a press conference 4 December 2006 a few new technical details of the A350 XWB design were revealed, but no new customers were identified and John Leahy indicated existing A350 contracts were under re-negotiation due to increases in prices compared to the original A350s contracted.
October 2008 is the Airbus internal goal to freeze the design and Airbus expect 10% lower airframe maintenance cost and -14% lower empty seat weight than competing aircraft.
Messier-Dowty was chosen to provide the original A350's main landing gear, and has been confirmed to be providing the main landing gear for the new XWB. Why was this boy so very black — jet black, the blackest of blacks — and why was he depicted as naked? Why in the world did anyone think it necessary to produce tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of discrete racist images — a set of fixed types or motifs, including those luscious watermelons and irresistible plump chickens, ranging across virtually every conceivable form of American popular culture following the end of Reconstruction and more particularly at the turn of the 19th century? So popular were they with the public, so widespread was their consumption, that virtually anywhere a white person saw an image of an African American they saw one of these stereotypes of a sub-human, deracinated beast-like being, like a visual mantra reinforcing the negativity of difference.
Again and again in idle moments, I would be drawn to the plight of this little black boy, frozen for all time in a racist form of in extremis, I guess one might say, with the reddest and thickest of lips, the whitest of eyes and the unutterably blackest of skin. In testing his state’s Jim Crow law, he and the legal team behind him defied stereotypes. Henry had ordered his small crew to stick close together as they hurried cross-country toward his fur post on the Yellowstone River.
Neither trapper Allen nor the experienced Moses Harris found the bonus worth risking his scalp for. Using the rock, or perhaps his razor (accounts vary), he shakily skinned the rattler and chopped the raw meat fine enough to get it down. When one of his feeble, quivering limbs collapsed, he rested until it could hold his weight again.

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