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With autopsies complete, the investigation now centers entirely on the crash’s cause.
Paul and Roger’s friends still believe there was some mechanical malfunction involved. A rooftop security video obtained by CNN, doesn’t show the car, but does show a tree and light pole falling at the time of the crash.
Not quite sure how to phrase it, but considering how many little things are scrutinized over in regards to safety of the public… where is the concern here?
There are places where driving them to their capabilities is legal and safe, such as the Bonneville Salt Flats.
I was watching ET last night and i couldnt help but think what a joke it was that they began to blame Porsche for the accident.
TEEN MOM 2 PHOTOS Javi Marroquin returns home from deploymentAfter a six-month deployment for the US Air Force, Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin has finally returned home — and of course he shared numerous photos and videos after reuniting with sons Isaac and Lincoln! The autopsy was delayed in order for the coroner to receive dental records, which were used to help identify the bodies of both victims. Now that the autopsy is complete, the results of those findings have been placed on a security hold.

Meanwhile, new video footage of the crash shows that the vehicle didn’t catch on fire until about a full minute after hitting a pole. The video also yet again rules out the rumor that Paul and Roger were racing at the time of the crash.
According to the lawsuit, two men (a driver and his passenger) were killed on a California race track while driving a 2005 Carrera GT … hitting a wall at over 100 MPH while trying to avoid another car on the track. A rep for Paul Walker also updated his Facebook to let people know that there is no truth to the rumors that Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow was at the event and witnessed the crash. It is unfortunate that claims are being made to the media that Paul’s daughter Meadow was at the event on Saturday when the accident occurred. Sadly, there’s also numerous people creating fake social media profiles claiming to be Meadow.
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Many thanks to our all of our consignors, bidders, sponsors, exhibitors and fans for making the Inaugural Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun an unprecedented success. Lot #320 - This Jeep has a removable cab hardtop, an inline 6-cylinder engine and 4-speed manual transmission.
A source familiar with the investigation told NBC News the previous theory about drag racing was outruled.
Why are cars like the one in the article, or any car that can reach over the highway speed limit even allowed to be produced, let alone purchased? Minor things are criticized and rallied against but something major like this carries on with no mention of stopping it.
The LA Coroner’s office has just released the results of the autopsies on Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.
Already, the actor’s family and friends have received an outpouring of support, and costars like Vin Diesel spoke at a private vigil held at the crash site in Santa Clarita, CA.

The LA Coroner’s office has completed their autopsy report on both Paul Walker and friend Roger Rodas, who was believed to be driving the 2005 Porsche GT Carrera. Investigators believe speed played a part, however the car also had a history of mechanical issues. We would like everyone to know that Meadow does not currently have any public profiles and is not currently active on social media.
And its not that im for outlawing fun, but when a car wrecks at such speeds not only is the person driving going to suffer, many innocent people can too.
They werent the ones driving the vehicle, it is stated that they were driving at a high speed (clearly not the speed limit). It’s the question of our time, thanks to a genre-shattering 2016 presidential race and a cauldron of speculation that continues to roil a year after Kanye told the world he fully intended to run for the highest office in the land in 2020. The autopsy was initially delayed because they were waiting on dental records to identify the bodies. Porsche even paid out a huge settlement to two people who were involved in a similar crash. Meadow was not at the charity event on Saturday and thankfully, did not witness the accident. True, he was high at the time, but Kanye probably wasn’t still toked up when he reaffirmed his intentions in a new interview with the BBC.

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