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OPERATIONSee Figure 1The Crankshaft Position (CKP) sensor, located on the front cover (near the crankshaft pulley) is used to determine crankshaft position and crankshaft rpm.
TESTINGSee Figures 2 and 3Using a DVOM set to the DC scale to monitor less than 5 volts, measure the voltage between the sensor Cylinder Identification (CID) terminal and ground by backprobing the sensor connector. When installing a new sensor on the 4.0L (VIN X and E), position the sensor against the crankshaft damper.
This FENDER LINER is a genuine OEM Honda part #74101-S5A-J01 and carries a factory warranty. This SPLASH SHIELD is a genuine OEM Honda part #43253-SNX-A00 and carries a factory warranty. This RECLINE KNOB is a genuine OEM Honda part #81234-SNA-A01ZC and carries a factory warranty.

There is a group (taped together) of 4 wires that I can trace back to passenger compartment, and I would assume the ignition that are routed to the Starter Solenoid. All that said, here's what you should be checking: neutral safety switch, wire to the ignition switch, and make sure your selonoid is grounded. I also have this yellow wire with a female bullet connection on it left over from my new wiring harness for my 66. Please use the following link to find touch up paint colors for your Acura: Acura Touch Up Paint. The CKP sensor is a reluctance sensor which senses the passing of teeth on a sensor ring because the teeth disrupt the magnetic field of the sensor.
There are small rub tabs which wear off and allow the sensor to be perfectly spaced from the damper.
So should I put a connection on it to attach it to the + side of the solenoid to get my ammeter to work?

The sensor is okay if the voltage reading varies more than 0.1 volt with the engine running at varying RPM. Has anyone used a new loom that has the yellow wire with female bullet plug that runs to the solenoid? Feel free to call us anytime (at the numbers listed below), and we'll be happy to talk with you.

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