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Why it's best: While some might expect to see Technics atop this list no matter what competition there might be, the Stanton ST-150 is such a powerful deck and packed with such great features for the professional DJ, it's achieved the rare feat of outshining the venerated Technics' flagship product. My initial thought when my turntables arrived was how blimmin' heavy they were to carry up the stairs to my house, definately the heaviest peices of Stanton Equipment I have own, but this weight translates to make them the most sturdy turntables I have ever owned too.
I have been learning to scratch in the past few months and the ST-150's have been brilliant to learn on.
With Style Flip you can customize and personalize your Stanton product with a protective layer by uploading the image and design of your choice. Founded in 1946, Stanton Magnetic's is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for club and mobile DJs and turntablists. A while back I developed a tool for personal growth and motivation based around developing a balanced set of criteria for personal growth and performance that I called a Personal Balanced Scorecard (PBSC).
Life coaches, executive coaches and HR consultants the world over are making the point that very often our approach to success is not balanced. The PBSC uses a metaphor that is analogous to the corporate Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology for organisations developed by Kaplan and Norton.
In the BSC, the argument goes that in order to know how a company is performing now (and how it will perform in the future) it is not enough for a company to simply to report on financial measures. Other areas for focus can also be introduced, for example environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The second phase is to develop a Personal Strategy Map, by assessing each of the areas and goals identified in the PBSC against a number of dimensions underlying performance such as relationships with other people, capabilities and learning, and processes and practices. The PBSC Process starts by defining the areas of your life that are important to you and will form part of your balanced assessment of how you are doing in your life.
Your list is your measure of how you want to assess your life bearing in mind the areas that are important to you. Notice when you feel room for improvements and make a note – describe how you picture or feel things could be even better (this will lead into the next stages).
With all the measures across each of the important areas in your life, you have a complete Personal Balanced Scorecard. But before stopping and putting up our feet, the process goes a couple of steps further – into goal setting.
Having identified the ideal state and the measures in each area, now identify for each area what specific objectives you’d like to achieve in each area. For example, our performance dimension might include all the outcomes identified in the areas listed, as developed above. Underlying the performance dimension, however, there are a number of other dimensions that help achieve performance outcomes. In interacting with our stakeholders and in managing our performance, there may be processes or habitual activities that underlie our success. The next phase in personal performance management is to consider the goals developed for each of the areas important in your life in terms of these underlying dimensions – by developing a personal strategy map. To develop your personal strategy map, take each of your 3-5 focus goals identified for your life areas, above (these are your objectives in the performance dimension), and then think about what will need to happen in each of the other dimensions in order to realise the desired outcomes.
Simplify the set of bubbles so that you have only the most important things that need to happen in order to achieve your objectives. OK, you’ve identified the key areas of your life and a real, workable plan plan to get there in a specific period illustrated in a simple personal strategy map.

In pursuing your current focus goals, check back against the list of areas – how are your efforts to pursue your focus goals impacting on other areas of your life? In addition to monitoring your progress against your major focus goals for the definite specified period, it is important to revisit the whole process on a regular basis.
Do it from a fresh perspective and then compare with where you were last time, or just revisit the old worksheet and update it. In addition to the personal strategy map, it is useful to develop some key metrics or key indicators that are useful for yourself personally to monitor your progress and growth.
While writing this post, I did a bit of a browse around the internet and noticed that Hubert Rampersad has developed a tool with the same name (and written a couple of books on it including the Personal Balanced Scorecard and the Total Performance Scorecard). These "no nonsense" turntables have everything professional DJs need, and nothing they don't. They have been described as the 'no-nonsense' turntables and I especially see this in the fact that there is no fiddly, messy ground wire to attach, there are no confusing buttons & FX you don't need - it's just a heck of a reliable and solid machine.
I am still far from being a 'pro-scratcher' by any means, but the fact that there is a start-stop button on the bottom left corner when you rotate the turntable sideways is really handy as this is the way I am being taught. The company's product range includes Digital DJ Controller, SC Systems, DJ Packages, CD Players, Mixers, Turntables, Phono Cartridges, Headphones and Accessories.
In and of itself it does not lead us to think though and identify exactly what is important to us, nor does it provide an indicator for how well we are progressing against all of the things that are important to us in life. Instead, to manage performance a company must report on a wide range of relevant measures – including measures on customer interaction and satisfaction, learning and growth, and internal processes.
The process starts by building a Personal Balanced Scorecard by assessing what areas of our lives we each define as important. But in going through the steps above, you probably also found some surprises, some areas you had taken for granted, some areas you might not have thought much about, and some areas for new goals and development. In the example above, if you achieved your $2,000,000 in liquid assets, what would that give you?
What is it about your goal of a travel writer position that appeals and is important to you?
For example, just as customers are important to achieving corporate objectives, personal stakeholders (the people we interact with and are important to us, including for example our loved ones, bosses, and anyone who is significant to us, anyone dependent on us, our next door neighbours, and generally anyone who we touch or who touches us in our journey through life and our achievement of our goals) are important to the achievement of our personal objectives. For example, we may have regular processes to organise our time and set goals, and regular actions to go to the gym or spend quality time with loved ones. In order to perform to meet our goals, we need to have or develop the necessary capabilities, and this may involve learning and growth. In order to pursue a significant performance goal, sustained emotional commitment is necessary.
We can begin to relate this to the learning we will need to do to achieve our goals, the organisational tools we need to focus our efforts and use our time effectively, and what we need to do to maintain our relationships with stakeholders. What will need to happen in terms of your relationships and interactions with stakeholders? These will vary from person to person, but as an example you might like to assess how challenging the goals you set are, how many actions you take towards your goals on a daily basis, and how effective your performance management process is. I think my approach and his approach are different (and I can talk about that more later), but I guess I should call my PBSC something different.
This torque power is significant, as it's three times that of the Technics and represents the ability to truly start and stop your LPs on a dime.

The areas on the list should include everything by which you’d assess if you were living life well or living a good life.
Have a look at your previous goals (if any), together with the new insights and directions that arose from your review. For example, would a bigger salary, the ability to bring a friend along on your travels, or an editorial or ownership position make it even better? What do you your stakeholders need from you, and what do you need to do in relation to your stakeholders, to achieve your goals? Underlying our success, or progress towards success, there is a dimension of processes and practices. In the right column, add a bubble for each item of what needs to happen to achieve a given goal. Check back on your progress against your specific focused objectives for the given period on a daily or weekly basis.
Both models offer durable construction designed to minimize feedback, industry-leading torque motor - up to 4.5 Kgf-cm, and an ultra-stable platter and tone arm. The areas might include career, financials, relationships, spirituality, life purpose, or a range of categories considered important by an individual.
Update the list of areas, the current status, your goals for each area, and your 3-5 major areas to focus on until you are happy with it – it feels right. Sometimes in addition our mental frameworks, our beliefs and paradigms, constrain or enable us in identifying what we believe is possible.
Selectable pitch control and a height-adjustable tone arm are very useful, and the add-ons of a slipmat and cables is the icing on the cake. We then assess where we are currently at in relation to each of those areas, where we would ideally wish to be, how to measure or assess whether or not we have achieved the ideal, and what our current objectives are. How would you know when you achieved enough to make your life really on track in that area? Get more specific about the actions you will take to realise that goal and the timeframe in which you’ll take them. Highlighting the dimension of mental frameworks such as beliefs and paradigms underscores another important dimension underlying performance against our performance goals. After you have added all your bubbles, draw arrows between them indicating the causal interconnections between the different bubbles – what needs to happen in order to achieve your major focus outcomes.
In addition to these great features, this deck wins mostly because it's super stable, both in platter design, construction, and the quartz lock it utilizes to keep the music steady even in challenging environments.
Keep repeating until it is broken down into specific, realisable chunks that you can see (not just believe) that you can achieve.
Although it's pricey and doesn't include USB connectivity, the ST-150 is still the best DJ turntable to be had overall.
If you can be specific about the essence of what it is you are seeking and what is really important to you, your chances of achieving something along those lines are greater. Are you focusing on everything that’s important, or do other areas also need attention?

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