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Japan is hugely a cash-based society, and it's a good idea to take out as much money as you think you'll need for your trip.
While much of Tokyo is costly to travel and be entertained in, there is one small saving grace, and that is the 100yen shops. PayNearMe allows cash-dependent customers to pay bills and send money using retail channels such as 7-Eleven, Ace Cash Express, and now Family Dollar. As many as 100 million cash-dependent customers are in danger of being left behind by the movement of transactions to digital channels. PayNearMe faces not only engineering challenges, but regulatory ones, however. “We have more lawyers than most companies have product managers,” he joked.
But the process of getting money transmittal licenses for 47 different jurisdictions in the United States alone is no joke, and to be a player in bill pay, which PayNearMe expects  to be soon, requires just that.

The engineering challenge of working three large retail chains’ point-of-sale systems is considerable. However, if you are ever strapped for cash, there are a few places to go to make international withdrawals.1. More important was the deal struck with Family Dollar stores, which greatly expands PayNearMe’s footprint “in all the locations that matter,” Shader told Bank Innovation.
7-Eleven and Family Dollar have about 8,000 retail outlets, and Ace has about 1,000, bringing PayNearMe’s footprint to 17,000 stores.
PayNearMe solves this problem : “We make cash payments look like an electronic form of tender,” Shader said.
Shader shared some specifics as to how PayNearMe payments register with the systems at each store, noting that at 7-Eleven and Family Dollar, the payments “look like” gift card purchases.

Shader estimates the company’s potential market at $220 billion annually, so there is plenty of work to be done here before going abroad, “but we know that our technology would work well internationally,” Shader said.
For the moment banks are missing out on providing payment services to cash-dependent customers beyond issuing prepaid cards, but the new breed of enhanced ATMs being rolled out by JPMorgan Chase, Fifth Third and others, could do just that.
Here is the list of Travelex locations within Tokyo (Kanto Region).Keep in mind that not all cards are compatible with all of these machines. It's also a good idea to notify your home bank that you will be traveling overseas to avoid any withdrawal problems.

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