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A: A Vehicle Identification Number, commonly abbreviated to VIN (but sometimes incorrectly referred to as VIN number), is a unique serial number used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles. A: The color code of your vehicle can be found on the vehicle service tag found on the driver door jamb.
See our S&H (shipping & handling) section for more details.Q: Can I add to my order after it has been placed? Q: I placed an order over the phone before, but now, I can't and was told to process my order online, what happened? META-Car-Page : Vintage Driving Machines features classic cars for sale from sellers all over the world.
Welcome to our collector car marketplace where we feature thousands of classified ad listings of vintage cars for sale. A:We can add additional items to your order as long as it has not been shipped fro our warehouse.

Infiniti does not supply Infinitipartsonline with parts & accessory information regarding international models and their proper fit.
Check out our other cars like this one or browse all of our classic, vintage and collector cars listed for sale. You can find the VIN in multiple locations; vehicle title, registration, insurance documents, vehicle service tag, VIN dashboard tag, and in most states the vehicle registration sticker. Unfortunately, larger items (ie fenders, doors, interior panels, etc.) are cost prohibitive to ship internationally. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine whether or not these parts or accessories sold by us will fit prior to placing order.
Please be aware that there may be items in your order that will need to be special ordered and may delay your entire order.
This sticker contains pertinent information about the vehicle, such as the paint code, vital when ordering certain exterior parts & accessories.

We can ship partial orders, however, you may be charged additional shipping for multiple shipments.
Please check shipping rates to your location using using our checkout system after you have placed items in your shopping cart.
You may desire to see what other Nissan cars are selling for by visiting our Sales Data page. The VIN dashboard tag is permanently attached on the driver side top of instrument panel (dash board), visible from the outside of the vehicle (see illustration below).

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