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Respect wanneer jij in een oogopslag (of twee of drie) meteen kunt zien welke van deze twee Murcielago's de replica is. De witte is de fake, bekijk de belijning van de kofferbak(aan de voorkant dus) maar eens ;) Die ontbreekt bij de witte versie. Stelletje cowboys daar by Extreme Cars met volgens mij ongeoorloofde naaf extenders en fake grote remschijven die de kleine Toyota remmen verstoppen.
Inderdaad zeer goed gedaan, enkel jammer van die zwarte koplampen, ze lijken hierdoor (zoals eerder vermeld) beiden fake. Ik ben alles behalve een Lambo fan dus waarom iemand een Lambo na zou willen bouwen ontgaat me nog. Maar wel knap gedaan, al denk ik dat aan de stoplichten niet de acceleratie maar wel het geluid hem te kennen zal geven. Telkens als ik zoiets zie begin ik me wel af te vragen hoeveel MR2’s (niet dat zij onmisbaar zijn binnen de automotive wereld) er nu nog over blijven.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has finally revealed what some in the auto industry have been speculating on. The location of the new plant is still unknown, but a few US locations have been named as possible candidates, including Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, just to name some of them.
If news of a third generation Tesla EV has gotten you excited, best to take a few deep breaths, as it won't be coming any time soon, definitely not before the Model X launches next year. This vehicle is located just north of Sample Road, 2 minutes off the Sawgrass Expressway, in the Coral Springs Corporate Park. Both vehicles featured 1,200 horsepower Boss 429 motors mated to an automatic transmission.
Bewegende beelden waarbij bekend wordt gemaakt welke auto de replica is en ook de motor wordt getoond, check je HIERRR! Beetje langdradig filmpje wel, jammer dat ze het interieur helemaal niet laten zien, dat is altijd de killer bij zo’n replica. Die gele parelmoer achtige lak is heel prijzig… dat doe je niet zomaar op een replica. The company is indeed planning on launching a new electric vehicle, one to face off with BMW's 3 series. The Tesla Model 3 (or Model III, depending on how you want to see it) is slated to be unveiled around 2016 but the actual launch isn't expected to happen until sometime in 2017. When you purchase a car from us, we want you to have peace of mind, our cars come with a free 30 day 2000 mile warranty* and no added dealer fees. The Chevrolet Corvette for sale, known colloquially as the Vette, is a sports car manufactured by Chevrolet.
Al het plaatwerk van de replica is origineel en zou zonder wijzigingen op het origineel kunnen worden gemonteerd.

Maar het is verdomd moeilijk te zien, moest er echt 1 minuut naar staren, en nog zou ik mijn geld er niet op zetten. And more than that, as the third generation of its line, Tesla will be christening it with a rather plain-looking name: the Model III. Since Tesla already has a Model S for its sedan and a Model X for its crossover SUV, Musk thought to name the new entry as the Model E, just to complete a certain word.
It is said to be 20 percent smaller than the Model S as depicted in these mockup images cooked up by Auto Express.
Musk announced in a recent trip to the UK that he plans on building a research and development center in the country, one that will be utilized for the Model 3. Sometime in the past few years it sold at Barrett-Jackson for only $132.000, a small price to pay for such a historic vehicle. Fortunately or unfortunately, Ford called dibs on the Model E name and Tesla had to think of something else.
Despite being smaller, it will still be able to boast of a 200 mile (322 km) realistic range same as the Model S.
But the Model 3 will also sell cheaper according to Musk, around ?30,000 or $35,000, thanks to cheaper batteries that will be produced in Tesla's upcoming Gigafactory.
Of course, Tesla's official confirmation calls it "Model 3", so you can pretty much imagine that Musk's goal was achieved nonetheless.

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