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Lykan Hypersport is a 750 hp supercar created by W Motors, a company located in Beirut, the largest city in Lebanon. In addition to being the first Arab supercar, Lykan Hypersport brings other interesting premiers such as: the first LED lamp units that contain diamonds, leather interior sewn with gold thread and holographic board.
Now, if you want to take a closer look at this new Arab supercar, here’s a neat Lykan Hypersport video including the “making of”. ZF 6-speed manual transmissions are designed for Ford and GM truck drivers who place a high premium on performance with flexibility, and responsiveness with control. ZF transmissions are true workhorses, designed and built for optimal flexibility during repetitive heavy-duty tasks and ideally suited for the harshest environments, while at the same time offering a rather engaging driving experience. If you are using 80 or 90W gear lube in your transmission or transfer case then it will not operate as smoothly as it should. A big shortcoming of the Dana 24 case is it's lack of a strut rod or really any way to easily adapt one to it.
I am going to keep the original transfer case, os the following is really just for information.
The original axles are the 3500# Dana 44 on the front and the 5200# Dana 60 with 4.10 ratio on the rear. If I do get my hands on a set of differentials with disk brakes I will also have to change the master cylinder to a more modern unit.
The '78 - '79 F250 and F350 had Dana 60 front and rear differentials with front disk brakes. If I do get my hands on a differential with disk brakes I will also take the master cylinder to match the disk brake unit. The winch turns out to be a Braden LU2 Winch manufactured in '63 and attached to a Dodge Power Wagon. Some of the things I would like to do but cana€™t afford or cana€™t seem to get a response about. This system is a pure electric drive but instead of having a large motor providing power through the drivetrain each motor is in the wheel hub. Battery technology is all over the place and honestly I dona€™t know whata€™s the best but here are some of the current options.
This PC comes included with an instruction manual, CPU Heat Sink, an AC adaptor, and drivers CD. Couple this Mini Aluminum PC with our 7-Inch VGA Monitor, Model #700YV or Model #700TSV for your various mobile and in-car computing needs. Add an optional PSU-PC12 In-Car Computing Power Supply Unit with intelligent shut-down controller for use inside a vehicle. Ok first off the term Modular has really nothing to do with the engine but the way the factory was setup. Triton is the Ford Truck name for Modular engines and has nothing to do with the number of valves.
All of the PI (performance Improved) heads are the same, so 5.4L Triton PI heads are the same as Mustang PI heads. The aftermarket has a few standalone units now and even Ford has released a kit for swapping Modular engines into older vehicles.
According to all documentation that I can find the '03 Navigator is supposed to be a returnless fuel system.
The only engine that does not work is the front wheel drive transverse mounted Continental blocks. A thing to keep in mind as well is that if O2 sensors are being used you want to use shorter headers otherwise the exhaust gas gets to cold on full size headers at startup.
The tune currently in the car is an SCT high performance Mach 1 tune, with a bit of fuel added. The source of the plumbing from the throttle body outward is the UPR powerpipe and their "bigmouth" filter.
It costs nearly 3.4 million dollars and will be built in a limited edition of just seven units. To ensure the desired exclusivity in the Arab world, the manufacturer will produce the Lykan Hypersport enough to fit 7 lucky owners.
Enough of this, the Beirut supercar is equipped with a six-cylinder boxer engine, turbocharged with two turbines. Usefulness of such elements is at least questionable, but no one thinks of utility when buying a supercar.
The 5.4 L (330 CID) V8 is a member of the Modular engine family first introduced in the redesigned 1997 Ford F-150 as a Triton V8. This system is designed to protect the engine due to loss of coolant (since these engines can not overheat for being 'overworked').
Most web sites seem to say that the only 6spd available in new ford trucks is available with the diesel 7.3l engine.
However on a few web sites I find that the ZF5 was used in 1988 or later Ford 4 wheel drive pick up with small block engine. Both transmissions are aluminum and have an integral bell housing (one piece with the transmission) with a top mounted shift tower.

The bolt pattern for the 7.3l Powerstroke is not the same as any of the other Modular engines. Ford service and operating manuals both recommend using 50W engine oil in both the 4-speed manual trans and the transfer case when the operating temperatures are over 10 degrees Fahrenheit (30W engine oil is recommended when the operating temperatures are below 10 degrees Fahrenheit). Under heavy loading (such as towing conditions), a divorced transfer case tends to jerk forward-and-aft and makes for a rough ride and the truck's drivetrain takes a good beating from it. Fortunately Braden still sells gasket kits for this model, although their web site is not easy to navigate so I still haven't figured out how to order it yet. However some things just have to change, the seat is hell if you have to spend much time sitting in it.
I want to come up with a seat configuration simillar to this one, however I am planning on using a bench seat instead of buckets.
I did not want to use the original 390 FE big block that is in the truck due to the fact that it gets about 6 miles to the gallon.
I am going to install a Lincoln Navigator 5.4L DOHC Modular engine controlled by an EEC-V computer with a Ford 6 speed ZF S6-650 transmission from a 2wd truck. The original factory setup was Modular so they could swap out part of an assembly line and build different engines quickly. You can find the aluminum blocks in Cobra's, Lincoln Aviator's, Lincoln Mark Series and the Lincoln Continental. The part code is "AOL2" and it is a return-style fuel system ready box that has faster and more processing capacity than other EEC's, which is what makes this the box to get. So some of the units available are as follows, ACCEL's DFI, FAST's XFI system, Ford Racing, and Spectre Performance's eMS-Pro, Reenmachine. The Cobra R used engine mounts that lowered the engine 12mm, It still retained the ability to bolt into a stock cross member. But, you don't want to use a C&L MAF meter with it as it causes some running problems with the C&L. I have got all these resources from the internet which are public and obtained as such from search engines.
The gearing is way to low and only allows the truck to reach a maximum speed of about 70mph. Divorced just refers to the fact that the transfer case is not attached to the transmission and has a short drive shaft between the two.
As a note the new Super Duty trucks also have Dana 60 front differentials but they have auto locking hubs and I really don't want to tackle that right now. So I plan on stepping up the electronics by a mile by pushing the technology into the tweny first century; enter Kenwood.
It has a 390 FE engine, 4 speed New Process 435 transmission, Dana 24 transfer case, Dana 40 front axle and Dana 60 rear with drum brakes all around. However Navigator connecting rods are fracture-split powdered metal, so you do not want to push them to far or you will be sorry.
However, most of the information I have found about this box is from 03' or earlier so the question I have is has anything new come out since then that is better? I will just use a EEC out of an '02 Navigator wired to a Detail Zone harness and have The Mustang Shop tune it. If you want to use an aftermarket MAF meter with it get a Pro-M 80mm (short) calibrated for whatever size injectors you are using and all will be GOOD! I will try to find a reverse spiral D60 from a 77.5 to 79 F-350, this is also on some F-250's. The onset of the first copy was held at the 2013 Qatar Motor Show, the perfect place for this exclusive supercar that delivers 750 hp. With lightweight aluminum housings, they provide improved fuel efficiency with lower maintenance and repair costs while delivering a increased torque capacity for today's high powered pickup trucks.
Due to the fact that my truck has a divorced transfer case it seems I would be able to use either 4x4 or 2x4 transmission.
The only issues I can seem to find from forums are replacing the original 4 speed floor pan with one from an automatic,then cut a hole for the shifter. The '78 - '79 F250 and F350 had Dana 60 front and rear differentials with disk brakes on the front. I really must say thank you to my uncle Eric at this point for letting me have the bed and new driver side door. This means it is not attached to the transmission but has a short drive shaft attaching it to the transmission, so I don't want the 4x4 version.
The Romeo and Windsor plants have different designs for main bearings, heads (cam caps), camshaft gears (press-on vs.
Several solutions are out there, some change the 5.4L to a carbureted engine, however other examples retain the EFI system.
Some popular swaps involve using a coil pack EEC and wiring harness on a COP engine converted to use coil packs.
The ZF S6-650 seems to match this information, the only thing is I'm pretty sure that Ford still uses the ZF S6-650 in '09. The original bumper is mounted to the front of the wench so it sticks out two feet in front of the nose.

So I changed my plans and was going to use a 351W with explorer P heads and Holly fuel injection. No SOHC engines have ever been cast in aluminum, although the blocks are generally interchangeable between the DOHC and SOHC. I am going to use shorty headers and then run the exhaust uner the frame rail and along the outside with the tip coming out in front of the rear tires. Oh yeah and the trans only has a PTO drive on the driver side even though everyone said they have them on both sides.
The now so-called 'dead' cylinders also act like an air pump to cool the engine down even more.
Other good years for a Dana 60 front differential are the '86 - '96 F350 with a solid axle.
The trim package that was originally on the bed is of a Ranger so it is a little different.
The trim package that was original might be different than the one on my truck but I'm not totally sure yet as I don't have the bed yet.
It has a 6.95a€? LCD touchscreen which is an easy to use interface to control all audio, video and navigation functions. The only exception is the transverse mounted Continental engine, which is front wheel drive. I have gotten a '02 unit from a navigator, I can use a kit from The Detail Zone to wire the whole system.
However it's not going to be real easy because the cross membersin the frame are different and so they might have to be modified. This will allow me to position the engine and weld plates to my cross member way easier than an angled engine mount. The reason for this is that the exhaust would interfier with the fuel tank I will be adding along the inside of the fraim rail. This system allows the driver to travel a short distance to obtain service or to reach a repair facility. The Kenwood DNX7140 also supports SMS texting and wireless A2DP audio streaming with Bluetooth. The '77.5 - '79 F250 and F350 had Dana 60 front and rear differentials with disk brakes on the front. I may remove the crossmembers out of the '03 frame shorten them a bit and mount them in place of the members on my frame. The distance that can be traveled depends upon vehicle load, outside temperature, and current road conditions.
Otherwise it is the same, it still has cooler lines coming out of it on the passengers side of the case.
I was thinking of covering the top of the bed rails and inside of the tailgate with Rhino as well. Other features of DNX7140 include vehicle mileage tracker for keeping an eye maintenance schedule and gas mileage. They use the wiring kits from The Detail Zone and then program the EEC to remove or modify parameters in the EEC to work with whatever setup they need.
I have found out that the space between my transfer case and the rear axle is about 4' even, the fuel tank is 5' long. The passenger side door has numerous holes in it from attaching rear view mirrors to it then ripping them off.
Originally I wanted a Dana 60 front differential from the '86 - '96 F350 with a solid axle.
The oil pan on the Continental is a front sump so it can be used in certain situations on other Modular engines where that would be needed.
If you get the Ford part number off the tag you can look it up on this chart and verify what vehicle it came from. Perfect, except for one thing they only come in a handful of vehicles, most notably the Lincoln Navigator. The Navigator heads have the capability to flow a large amount of air with a port and polish. A return-style fuel setup is recommended by most people that I have read about doing this swap, It's the best way to eliminate fuel starvation and vapor locking issues.
During my search I found some really good information on the 4.6L so if that is what you want you should read this. For me using the stock system has advantages in the fact that it will be stock parts of something breaks in the future. 80' and up use 36" pad spacing, also the pumpkin is closer to driver side frame rail on the newer vehicles.

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