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The race track has always been the testing ground for the advanced technological research that has later gone into Ferrari's road cars. The race track has always been the testing ground for the advanced technological research that later went into Ferrari's road cars.
In celebration of its continuing domination of Formula 1 and in memory of the Ferrari founder, the super car is called the Ferrari Enzo. March 2007 expiration on Florida vanity plate, although a claim has been made it is a press plate. The criteria for this car was similar to those that spawned the previous Ferrari supercars: the new car would need to push the envelope of technological innovation, it must be impressive both in its design and performance and it must bear a kinship to Ferrari's Formula One racing program.
Only a small number of cars left the factory in Nero paint, and fewer with a two-tone interior.
It is the ultimate modern day embodiment of the marque's passion for performance, technology and dramatic style.The Ferrari Enzo ChassisNever before has the styling of a Ferrari by Pininfarina been so directly derived from its function.
12, 2013– Brembo, the leading designer and manufacturer of brake systems and high performance automotive components, confirms its technological leadership through repeated motorsports victories in 2013.
When the Enzo was announced in 2002, it received the undivided attention of the motoring world.
The car was delivered new through Lake Forest Sports Cars, of Lake Forest, Illinois, and it was subsequently registered by its first owner in that same state.
The nose section of the Ferrari Enzo is heavily influenced by Formula 1 and the entire body is shaped to ensure optimum airflow for cooling the engine and brakes, while generating unprecedented levels of grip-enhancing downforce with minimal aerodynamic drag.The under-car ground effects are so efficient that the large rear wing required by many supercars is not needed on a Ferrari Enzo. 5, 2016 – Mecum Kissimmee 2016, the world's largest collector-car and Road Art auction, will feature an impressive array of some of Ferrari's finest road cars Jan. 13-15 at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa – Del Monte Golf Course in Monterey, Calif. Therefore, it was entirely logical that the company's latest creation should bear his name.
For a modern, production Ferrari to carry the name of the company's founder, it would need to be a very special car indeed. On January 14th of 2010, the original owner gave the car a 5,000 mile service at Lake Forest Sports Car.Ownership passed through another owner in Illinois before coming into the care of its third owner, who was located in California. The Enzo was so special in fact, that it prompted the famed designer Sergio Pininfarina to state that the car was the third quantum leap in the history of Ferrari design – the first two being the 250 SWB and the Dino.
The new owner had the car registered at his residence in Montana, and the car was later transferred to a different residence in Arizona.

The performance goals for the engine were very high power – 110 bhp per litre – with generous torque from low revs and a driveable nature.
The great Enzo Ferrari felt that design of his road-going cars should stem from the successful racers.
More than 383 lb-ft of torque is generated at 3,000 rpm and variable inlet and exhaust valves, together with electronic management for each row of cylinders and a drive-by-wire throttle, ensures that the engine is extremely responsive.Like an F1 car, the gearbox in the Enzo is coupled directly to the rear of the engine by a casting that doubles as the engine oil tank.
The Enzo is an outstanding expression of a modern dual-purpose sports car and the epitome of that philosophy. The six-speed gearbox adopts triple cone synchronizers on all ratios to ensure smooth changes, which are entrusted entirely to an electrohydraulic system activated by the driver using paddles behind the §teering wheel. In the five years since its introduction, the Enzo has more than lived up to its esteemed name.This CarAmazingly, in the five years since this Ferrari Enzo left the factory, it has been driven sparingly, accumulating 429 miles at the time of cataloguing, making this a unique and very exciting opportunity to acquire one of the few Enzos that have been spared heavy use since they first arrived in private hands. A fully automatic option is not offered.Tailor-Made CockpitThe new three-spoke, 350 mm diameter §teering wheel has a flat-top complete with a row of LEDs indicating engine revs and three controls each side of the air-bag linked to the main car control functions.
In 2005, this car was added to one of the country's finest car collections where it has been preserved in nearly showroom-fresh condition. Grouping essential controls around the §teering wheel grip leaves more room for the twin paddles behind the wheel, which operate the electronic gear selection. Since that time, although little mechanical work has been done, the clutch was replaced in fall 2006. Whilst we always recommend servicing prior to use, unlike many of these supercars, this Enzo has not suffered from hard driving and is, for all intents and purposes, a new car that is simply awaiting an enthusiastic new owner.Finished in the classic Ferrari Red with a red and black two-tone interior, this is exactly the car one imagines when the word supercar is uttered, and it has continued to cause a stir wherever it has appeared.
There will be a choice of four width fittings for both the cushion and backrest of the leather trimmed multi-adjustable Sparco seats. The inordinate amount of detail in the engine bay and interior is more than enough to keep any die-hard enthusiast enthralled, even when it is stationary.As would be expected of such a low-mileage example, this Enzo retains all of its factory-delivered books, tools and accessories. Although the car itself is astonishing, the attention and care applied to even the smallest details and accompaniments is a reminder of why Ferraris have developed a matchless reputation for exclusivity and prestige.
It is truly a Formula One car for the road, built and tested during Ferrari's unparalleled streak of driver's and manufacturer's championships. As the speed climbs even higher, this set-up is maintained by the combined action of the flexible mechanical components and by active control of the spoilers. At very high speeds, the actively controlled spoilers (front and rear fins) limit the maximum vertical load, thus making it possible to keep the car above a set minimum ground clearance.
The architecture with three bearings guarantees optimal gear train coupling even at high torque.

The twin plate clutch with aluminium housing and a diameter of 215 mm also speeds up engine dynamics and synchronisation. The number one goal of the Enzo project was to cut gear change times (down to 150 milliseconds) in the interests of extremely sporty use. Experiments confirmed the validity of the solutions chosen: torsional rigidity proved to be higher than the project target and to correspond to the values calculated, while all the homologation collisions gave a positive result from the start.
These results are all the more significant if we consider that the chassis weight had also been decreased considerably to 92 kg (compared to the 102 kg of the composite chassis of the earlier F50).
Suspension and WheelsThe Enzo has independent front and rear suspension with jointed double wishbones, and antidive-antisquat geometries to limit pitching during the transfer of longitudinal loads.
The front uspension, which is push-rod in type with an opposed damper, also incorporates a lift to increase ground clearance during parking maneuvers.
The adoption of this system on the vehicle makes it possible to reconcile handling requirements (i.e. In other words, electronic adaptation of the damping effect makes it possible to use a damper setting that is sufficiently comfortable in the car's basic configuration ('Sport' setting), yet there is also a setting that offers extra control in high performance conditions ('Race' setting).
The system uses the unsprung weights (wheels and suspension) to hold the sprung weight still (body) but it also insulates the shell from impulses transmitted to the wheels by the ground. The system is actually made up of four sensors (accelerometers) on the shell, two vertical wheel sensors, one vehicle speed sensor and a brake switch. The tyres were developed specifically for the Enzo project by Bridgestone and bear the exclusive name 'Bridgestone Potenza RE050 Scuderia'. In order to maximise running safety, the car is equipped with a system that measures tyre pressure through special sensors inside the wheel rims, near the inflation valve. These sensors transmit a signal which is picked up by the antennae behind the stone traps on the bodyshell and linked to the control unit of the pressure monitoring system, which transmits the state of the tyre pressure to the instrument panel.Braking SystemThe braking system developed for the car by Brembo features brakes made of carbo-ceramic material (CCM) used for the first time on a Ferrari road car, although Ferrari has been using them for many years on its Formula 1 racing cars. This made it possible to achieve outstanding results on the Enzo for all braking performance parameters.

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