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The seller was giving him more information on the car and Simons heard model year 1968, body style convertible, automatic C4 transmission, owned since 1971, purchased from original buyer, sold in area brand new, and so on.
The stock J-code, 302 four-barrel was still in the car.For years, the top had been down, revealing no seats or door panels, and for maybe just as long, the hood had been open, revealing a 302.
All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind. Simons zoned out a bit as he weaved his way through mounds of stuff toward the 1968 to get a closer look.
Simons leaned down and spied a “J” code in the fifth digit of the VIN stamped on the fender apron under the hood.

It’s probably going to need way too much work.”Mustangs are a hobby to Simons and he didn’t want to get himself into a 10-year project, saying, “I could see the rear end laying on the ground. I work full time and have another part-time job, so I didn’t want to invest the time in the car.” But then, the luminescence of a C-stripe hit his eyes as he peered inside the garage in the small town of Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, about 15 miles from his home in Bethlehem. Apparently, a fender-bender (rear quarter) put the Mustang out of circulation and the owner’s husband began tearing the 1968 apart in pursuit of a restoration in the late ’80s. I didn’t even know the model year or body style,” but when he called the owner he was surprised to hear it was a 1968 convertible. I love them.”Bob was surprised and delighted to find a deluxe interior with Convenience Group and simulated wood trim.

The odometer had just rolled over.The 1968 needed both rear quarters, but the floorpans and trunk were solid and the cowl did not leak. Simons realized he had a project on his hands, but the presence of the GT motivated him to make a deal.
In the process of disassembling the car, somebody cut the rear leaf springs, which severely restricted movement so Simons installed leaf springs to roll the car out of the garage.The 1968 was in pieces and definitely needed a lot of work, but the asking price was right at $1,200, and Simons tells us he’s in the process of redoing the car as we speak.The C-stripe piqued Bob Simon’s interest—maybe this convertible was a GT?

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