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Progressive Automotive has proudly served hot rod and street rod enthusiasts for more than 40 years. Our professional welders & fabricators are made up of car enthusiasts, with more than 69 combined years of experience in the hot rod industry. All Hot Rods, Street Rods and Classic Trucks are as unique as their owners, so shouldn’t the frame or chassis be built to what you really want? At Progressive Automotive, we work hard, which is why it is extremely rewarding when receive appreciation from our peers. When it comes to any business, longevity is always a key indicator for quality and customer satisfaction. Our customers are automotive enthusiasts who love the look of older American cars and trucks. To learn more or to get help finding the right parts for your street rod or hot rod project, email or call today at 740-862-4696. The 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan, despite being the most expensive two-door closed car in the Chevy lineup, was still the most popular model of the best-selling brand in America in 1947. When a fastback roofline was extended to the A-body program in 1942, Chevrolet jumped on the bandwagon with the Aerosedan. When postwar production resumed for 1946, the Aerosedan slipped back into the pack, but then shot back up into sales leadership the next two years. Okay, okay - before you blast me for yet another S-10 frame swap post, I assure you: this one is different. Since this thread has started, it's turned into something of a vast repository of information, full of tech and how-tos, and other information specific to the S-10 chassis. There is a LOT of info here, and let's face it - nobody probably has time to read the entire thread.
I've heard that one of the easiest swaps is 40s K-Series International pickups, by the way. Then its just make new body mount on the frame to bolt to the body , and trim a little and box under the rear seat for the frame kickup. I know that most say to use a regular cab with long box but they are not as easy to find as short boxes or extended cabs. Note: If you are using Windows XP, you will not be able to upgrade beyond Internet Explorer 8. Many thanks to our all of our consignors, bidders, sponsors, exhibitors and fans for making the Inaugural Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun an unprecedented success. We have truly come a long way from our humble beginnings back in 1976, when Progressive Automotive was operated out of a two-car garage in Baltimore, Ohio.

From our easy to install front & rear suspensions, motor mounts, frame cross members, and so on.
This type of recognition allows us to know that we are doing our jobs well, which fuels us to further reach for innovative products. Progressive Automotive has been around longer than most, and we continue to keep hot rod and street rod enthusiasts, not only in Ohio or the United States, but across the world coming back for our quality Hot Rod parts, services and experience. They know that along with the retro look of a car, it needs modern handling, independent suspension, power brakes, power steering and a stronger frame designed to withstand more horsepower. You will always be in good hands when you choose us for your custom frames, chassis or suspension for your Fords, Dodges, Chevrolets, Plymouths, Willys and more. Let's say you're not convinced that appearance is an important factor -- maybe the important factor -- that drives car shoppers to choose one vehicle over another.
After all, mechanically, it was the same as any of Chevrolet's other 10 models offered that year. An instant hit, this two-door companion to the notchback Sportmaster four-door sedan (another trendy style introduced in 1941 as the first Fleetline model) topped the Chevy sales charts in war-shortened 1942. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. A lot of people ask me for specific dimensions and measurements, so I posted this at the top! Since those days, we have grown to provide many car enthusiasts with new and innovative parts, from the original Mustang-based IFS front suspension to C4 Corvette IFS and IRS suspensions, to frames and rolling chassis. Our passion is also our job, so we always go the extra mile when constructing your suspension, frame or chassis.
For example, we received the NSRA Industry Appreciation Award in 1984, which we saw not just as an opportunity to celebrate our business, but to also see if we could push our skills and innovation to the next level. In these modern times, people crave the retro aesthetic because it represents the quality and workmanship of a different time. It is hard to believe a small business run out of a two-car garage back in 1976 in the small town of Baltimore, Ohio could gain so much traction and grow into what Progressive Automotive has become today. Track width and frame width are the same with the track width being slightly narrower as a bonus. Throughout the years, we have kept your  classic cars & trucks safe, comfortable, perform and handle like modern vehicles.
We have a special affinity for pre-1972 American made cars and trucks, and we currently produce more than 33 specific make & model frames for Ford cars and trucks, Chevrolet cars and trucks, Plymouth cars, Dodge trucks and Willys cars and trucks. In 1989, we developed the use of the 1984-96 C4 Corvette front and rear suspensions in our rolling chassis and installation kits.

The crew at Progressive Automotive always focuses on the task at hand, and knows the ins and outs of auto mechanics. Our job to make sure that the quality goes far beyond aesthetic and into the inner workings of how the cars and trucks function.
We have enjoyed 40 very prosperous and enriching years of business, and we feel very lucky and privileged to have done so. When customers shop with Progressive Automotive, they fall in love with driving all over again. All frames, suspensions and chassis are custom built to order, and we have two additional chassis scheduled to become available in 2016 as well as new installation kits later this year.
Everyone is extremely skilled and extremely passionate about integrating new automotive technology into it. We marry the looks of older cars with the functionality of modern ones, and we do that very well – not to toot our own horn.
We have made a lot of advances in automotive restoration – and not to mention, a lot of friends and customers. AeroA­sedans had the benefit of fastback styling that was very much in vogue in the Forties. Frame is boxed from the front to midway of the length, that would put it at just behind the door.
We see them as a way to challenge ourselves to top what we have accomplished before and to find new and innovative ways to keep older cars and trucks thriving in our everyday lives.
At Progressive Automotive, we look forward to helping customers get the most from their prized vehicles for another 40 years to come.
General Motors gave the style a big boost in 1941 when it launched a well-received armada of B-body Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac sedans and coupes. Comes stock with power steering, power disc brakes, IFS, newer ones come with 4 wheel disc brakes.
It feels good to know that Progressive Automotive is an appreciated institution, and for that, we want to work even harder to live up to our great past and we are constantly striving to set the bar higher.
Progressive Automotive will continue to innovate and create the best hot rod frames, chassis and installation kits.

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