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2014 Honda NM4 Vultus is powered by a 745cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 8-valve, SOHC parallel 2-cylinder engine which generates a maximum power of 40.3kW at 6,250rpm and 68Nm of torque at 4,750rpm.
The bike also features a digital LCD dash with a gear position indicator and a tach redlining at a lowish 6,000 rpm due to the motor’s torque-enhancing long-stroke design. Ducati is the world’s most important, the most famous and most historic motorcycle brands. Since the Mission Motors released the prospect of pure electric motorcycle, caused great repercussions among the motorcycle enthusiasts, many people have wanted it to mass production. The track- and road-ready RS is produced in an ultra-limited edition of 40, but the R will be manufactured in larger quantities at a cheaper price, while still retaining the key specs of its edgier sibling.
This great wood motorcycle full of personality was assembled by Puskas, Hungary tractor, spent two years time.
Buell motorcycles has become a banner of the American sports car, the outstanding representative of the American sports car culture, in the 2006 Lightning XB12Ss, we can see a distinct personality of Buell motorcycles. As the founder of the Buell motorcycle brand, Buell can be described as a prodigy of the motorcycle sector , grew up by the media attention. This brand new Moto Guzzi V7 comprehensive interpretation of a few key words: elegant, made in Italy, two-cylinder, affordable and a unique sense of history. Brutus is designed by the Italian motorcycle brand Italjet founder’s son Alessandro Tartarini, equipped with a 750cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, the maximum power of 45 hp, with, a CVT gearbox, optional reverse gear and low gear.
The sexy motorcycle or less will face a very big problem, and that is the lack of practicality or too low.
Compared to the Onyx supercar 680 horsepower, Onyx is more in line with the identity of the scooter, 400cc engine with the electric motor, integrated maximum power of 60 horsepower and peak torque of 58 Nm, they pass through a 17-inch rear wheels to the ground. I used to drive home from my friend Mike’s basement apartment on this lonely, two-lane road.
Yes, I’d say it was a nice, quiet way to end an evening, a relaxing and peaceful drive home on those late nights.
The big-box stores gobbled up that cheap farmer land and dropped in a concrete paradise full of parking lots, neon signs, and a neverending series of traffic lights that completely clogged up the roads. On that old drive home from Mike’s basement apartment they built up more than ten traffic lights in a row, each only about a couple hundred feet apart.
I just barely ran a red light ( at the Broad St and Northfield in Murfreesboro, TN, if you must know:)).

As a native New Yorker…I dont drive but man I know this shit feels good as hell when Im in a cab!!! I remember many a night in Manhattan, going out with from friends in the LES, and then having to grab a taxi up to my place in the UES.
Pretty good going, I’m going to post a quote of your content on my site (with a link back). True story: Culture shock when I moved from Vancouver to a town with not one set of lights! In fact, when hearing the name of Ducati, flew on my head is filled with flames, speed, courage, excitement and pleasure, and so the words. Now, the good news, Mission Motors officially announced two new electric motorcycle – Mission RS and Mission R. From design, welded frame, handmade carbon fiber spoiler, nothing unreasonable, skill can be called superb.
It uses a lot of fine aluminum body panels clean and tidy, the texture is full, the lines properly relaxation, compact and tension.
To the integration of these unique personality with modern technology, the designers carefully combines traditional design elements with modern science and technology together to create this motorcycle that has a unique shape, but the technical data are very leading.
All equipment are loaded on a high-strength steel frame, the motorcycle is equipped with 14-inch wheels and Maxxis Bighorn ATV tire, the front wheel is 6 inches wide, while the rear wheel is 7.5 inches wide, can easily cope with the sand, mud and rock pavement.
They look good, but as a motorcycle, they are carrying certain functional criteria, from this sense, the motorcycle is a bit like a fish out of water. It was always late at night and I’d roll down the windows so that the cold, country-time air could help keep me awake. The cold, farm air was replaced by a new smell — a thick, heady mix of car exhaust and Taco Bell fumes. I mean, without them, you’d be stuck trying to make a left turn out of Home Depot for half an hour. There was traffic light after traffic light after traffic light, a sort of slow, hellish march through the jungle of progress. We started a movie when we should’ve called it a night, and I was trucking home at three in the morning on a Tuesday. Looking ahead I could see that both lights were green, tempting me, showing me what might be possible.

There was no way I was going to get that close without making it through, so I just jammed the gas and just barely squeezed by as the light turned red. About 2 weeks ago, I was out procuring sustenance and I ran a red light (Southbound on Jefferson Avenue at Arthur Drive in Cookeville, TN, if you must know).
But this year my homeroom teacher is heaps cool, so it doesnt really matter if im a couple minutes late). Tonight I was driving home (into the city) from my friend’s house (in the sticks) and only hit one red light: the very last one before my house! It was still attached to my top eyelid and I couldn’t detach it, so I had to pinch my bottom eyelid with my fingers and untuck the eyelash with tweezers.
LEDs illuminate most of the lights on the bike, including the front indicators mounted like fangs on the fairing. Now, Ducati has brought a new product Diavel Dark once again demonstrated what the perfect motorcycle looks like. Muscle tension, as well as the overall outline of sharp lines, making the Diavel Dark is filled with futuristic wild feeling. As a connoisseur of motorcycle design and manufacture, Yamaha is certainly aware of this problem and addressed it. The air smelled like a cologne Beetlejuice might wear — a tangy combination of fresh manure, foggy dew, and squashed skunk.
You’d race through a couple of last-second yellows and then get your comeuppance with five reds in a row. I approached The Gauntlet groggily and hit the first few green lights in a row, no problem. And really, just tell me the truth — if you’ve ever blown through a string of green lights in a row, how does it make you feel? When driving in downtown Tampa to my old work place, hitting every single green light just makes you feel fuckin awesome.
Distance from the front wheel and the body is very close, so that the overall shape is compact and solid; tail is also compact, before and after the echo, the overall shape is full of forward momentum, like a lion that was going to predation.

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