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Ok I see the plate on the drivers door, the plate on the front window is located on the passenger side (weird I have seen this on other Torino's) what's up with that? I did see a car that had the fender flange mounting area notched out so this could be seen, is this normal on some cars or did the owner do this to prove authenticity? The original drive train is gone on this car so no vin on the back of the engine, are there any other locations on the car other than what was mentioned above? You have pretty much found them all there, your bet bet is the one underneath the fender, since it is obviously the hardest one to change. If you suspect it's a CJ car or something, and you can't pull the fender, look for other clues that would only come with that option. You have half the Valves($10-22), Springs($5-12), Retainers($3-15), Hydraulic Tensioners($35-45), Chains($35-65), Hydraulic Lifters($12-25), Rockers($10-40), Cam Journals, Seals($2-4), Valve Seats($25-45) & Guides($12-35) compared to a 4-Valve Engine!
The aftermarket has responded well to this engine, and there are many custom pieces available for it.
I don't think the 3-Valve will go down as anything but the worst of the Modular Engine design.

You do not have to spend a fortune or need 2000HP, most application call for far less power, generally 500-750HP. Sonic Blue 2003 Mustang Saleen S281 coupe with a Saleen tuned, 290hp (at 5100rpm), 4.6 liter (281ci), single overhead cam, V8 engine.
Black 2003 Mustang Saleen S-281SC Supercharged coupe with a gray interior and 5-spoke chrome Saleen wheels. Dark Shadow Gray 2003 Mustang Saleen S-281 Speedster convertible with a black interior and a Sport Bar. Example: 6 - evaporative emissions 6 Certification region (lead region where multiple regions are included in one calibration). You can have a factory Ford like Engine, or customize one for your specific needs, either way they fit the bill for many applications. With a model run from 2004-2010, the engine had its legs chopped from beneath it by the all new 5.0L Coyote. This is the most popular platform to work from as it is probably also the best known performance platform available.

These Engine produced an amazing amount of power, and yet managed to get over 20 MPG of the highway! Combine that popularity with the ever constant decline of available Engines and parts, and you have a classic.
The S-281 E's horse power was increased another 20 hp by switching to a larger throttle body and a smaller supercharger pulley. Saleen body modifications include urethane front and rear fascia, urethane side skirts, louvered side scoops, a rear spoiler, special "C" pillar treatment, and a lightweight vented composite hood. In May 2011 it was sold to the current owner in Phoenix, Arizona.Older red re-paint on a very good body.

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