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Your new TV, produce you won’t have to throw away, and the steam mop your arsenal is missing are just a few of today’s best deals.
Even more bad news for Volkswagen: security researchers have discovered a huge security hole that affects potentially up to 100 million cars.
The F-22 Raptor is one of the military’s most powerful weapons, but everything—man, woman, sentient rotted orange —has a weakness. The much-anticipated BMW i8 is a technological quantum leap forward in terms of design, engineering, and performance. Have you ever wondered why you don’t see people wearing Rolls Royce’s hood ornaments dangling from a necklace? Traffic congestion is caused by more than just construction, cops, bad drivers and lane-drops.
In June, we speculated about how Mercedes-Benz could potentially launch an electric-only brand. It might be yellow but mellow isn't its thing.When Renault slaps an RS badge on a car, they're generally not messing about.
If the anodyne Japanese and Koreans in this class don't do it for you, and you're a bit leery about the Golf, the Focus has European engineering and design and is enjoyable to drive, reasonable value and loaded with useful, sharp-end tech.Why it doesn't sell better than it does is a question only Ford Australia can answer. The turnaround in Mazda's fortunes in recent times has been staggering, and it all began with the Mazda 6 in 2002. Prior to that, Mazda was looking for all the world like a company about to close up shop, at least here in Australia, but in one of the most remarkable recoveries in the automotive world it has stormed back and has even lead the market at times. The Mazda6 is just one of the new range of models that has delivered the amazing result, but it was the first. It was an all-new mid-sized model that came with a choice of sedan, wagon and hatchback body styles, there was a range of models offering everything from basic to prestige levels of equipment, and from 2006 there was the added attraction of a diesel engine. Most motoring writers of the time of the launch agreed that the Mazda6 ticked all the boxes. At first that urge came a 2.3-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, the only one offered in the range, which revved nicely and had good power and torque across the speed range. A sports-shift four-speed auto or an optional five-speed manual could be specified to back it up, and the final drive was distributed through the front wheels. In response to the growing demand for diesel engines Mazda added a compression-ignition four-cylinder to its engine offering in 2006, but limited its appeal somewhat by not offering it with an automatic transmission.
The range kicked off with the Limited, and climbed through the Classic to the Luxury and Luxury Sports. Each was well equipped.
The mid-ranger Classic added cruise, alloy wheels, fog lamps, CD changer and four speakers. Perched atop the range, the Luxury further added larger alloys, leather trim, leather-wrapped steering wheel, power driver's seat and more speakers.
A good level of build quality gave the Mazda6 a sold feel from new, which is carrying on into later life in the hands of used car buyers. Rarely do owners complain of squeaks, creaks, rattles, or other annoying distractions.
Mechanically it is sound, the engine is robust and gives little trouble if well maintained. Reports of clunking noises in the steering have been attributed to a lack of lubrication of a steering joint, a noise from the from the front suspension when riding over humps is put down to bushes in the suspension, and an unstable idle is generally thought to be because of a dirty throttle body in need of a clean-out. HONDA ACCORD EURO - 2003-2008 The driver's Accord, the Euro is the mid-sized Honda for the driver in the family. VW JETTA - 2006-2007 Critics raved about the mid-sized VW when launched and with good reason, but buyers now need to be careful about ongoing issues, particularly with DSG gearbox.
In the next few years Australian car resale values will fall as low as they are in Europe and America. You might want to get rid of your old car soon – its value is falling further and faster than ever.
While we’re buying new SUVs and utes in record number, used cars are headed toward historically low resale values. “We have seen significant discounting over the last three to six months as well as new model prices fall or features added at no additional cost, which pushes down resale values on used cars,'' Glass's Guide sales and marketing manager Nick Adamidis said.

One of the best gauges of resale value is the percentage of the model's sales to private as opposed to fleet buyers. “Most cars are being sold to fleet or novated leases so they're holding on to them for about two to four years, whereas private individuals would hold on for four to seven years or longer,'' Mr Adamidis said.
Resale values in the US are expected to increase after the global downturn, but not here. “During the recession, fewer new cars were made, so availability of recent used cars is down in the US, leading to better retained values,'' Mr Adamidis said.
The US market dropped from about 16 million a year to 12 million, whereas the Australian market dropped only about 10 per cent from one million to about 900,000. In a key departure from the previous Sportage, the new car introduces a far more lateral-orientated dash design style and divides the instrument panel into two clear zones, termed ‘display’ and ‘control’. Built on the remains of the almost mythical (and soon-to-be-relaunched) Renault Alpine, the merry band of engineers at Dieppe punch out small fast cars with such regularity you could set your Breitling to them.The Megane RS is pretty much the undisputed king of the current hot hatch crop.
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It was attractive, roomy for its size, comfortable and refined, with good road manners, sporty handling and peppy performance. To get the benefit of the lower cost of running a diesel you had to accept a six-speed manual gearbox and shift gears yourself.
The base model limited had air-conditioning, CD sound, power mirrors and windows, immobilizer and remote central locking. The only complaint that occasionally surfaces is road noise and there's little that can be done to silence that.
Check for a service record to confirm your potential purchase has seen the inside of a service workshop since it left the showroom as a new car. Likewise the transmissions are sturdy and cause little concern over the long term.
Sporty handling, zippy performance, solid ride and Honda build quality make for appealing proposition.
The Liberty is a nice, solidly built car that doesn't give a lot of trouble in service, and has the advantage of all-wheel drive.
But if they are sold mainly to fleets they will hit the market sooner so there will be more on the market and resale values will be down. Despite being not too far from its use-by date, the Megane is still getting plenty of attention.
It's brilliant on back roads and the track and is one of those cars that puts a smile on your face no matter what.Is the Megane Australia's king of the hot hatches? In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The new Sportage brings small but appreciable gains in roominess, without pushing its overall exterior dimensions into the class above.
Yes, it's 40mm longer than the outgoing car (at 4480mm), but importantly it's no wider or taller, which tend to be the areas that can most affect ease of parking, particularly in shopping centres and underground carparks. Even the suspension’s connection points to the body have come in for attention, all in the quest to make the Sportage one the quieter cars in its segment. Improved safety of the new Sportage is also a big part of Kia’s focus. With a pumped-up rear end and a more stylish silhouette, the distinctive hatch has been with us for some years now and is ageing gracefully.The retina-searing yellow of our test car is certainly a matter of taste, but the paint itself is staggeringly pretty close-up and works nicely with the dark wheels.
Except when it's designed by Ford of Europe, apparently.So Ford has reached for the chisel to sharpen the Focus for 2016, especially the front end, which gets a much more aggressive profile. Rear passengers will appreciate the extra room the most, gaining 5mm of headroom and 7mm of legroom. The bodyshell itself is claimed to give more protection in an accident due to the increase in ultra-high tensile-strength steel – up more than 30 per cent over the old model. This is in line with the company's One Ford global look, already applied to the Fiesta and Mondeo.The dated, complicated button-fest of the previous cabin has been tidied up.

The decal pack isn't particularly distinctive so it wouldn't matter too much if you took the hair dryer to it.Front and rear bumpers are suitably sporty, with a set of bazooka exhausts poking out of the rear. Further, in up-spec models fitted with reclining rear seats, there's now a greater range of adjustment, make it easier for rear passengers to recline for snoozing on longer trips. Behind the black wheels are red calipers - this car means business.Inside you are treated to the best seats in just about anything with four wheels - an Alcantara-trimmed set of Recaros, complete with racy slots for a harness.
The inside is quite dark and if there's a genuine criticism it's of the silly, angled dials on the dashboard. It goes early for the higher gears, which is fine because the engine can pull them without drama.Our Titanium test car wore low-profile tyres on 18-inch alloys, so the low-speed ride was firm. As is the case with these things, the speedo reads way too high.SafetySix airbags, stability and traction controls, ABS, brake assist, brake force distribution.
Up-spec Sportage models will offer 10-way power control with lumbar support for the driver’s seat and eight-way power adjustment for the passenger seat, both with three-level heating. The Megane has a five star ANCAP safety rating.FeaturesThe 7-inch touchscreen comes with Renault's nifty RS-Link.
You can plug in your USB stick and record a full set of telemetry for your no doubt law-abiding country drive. But it's with major upgrades to interior architecture and trim materials that promise to really raise Sportage's game.
The outgoing model was no front-runner in terms of interior presentation; it was bland, bordering on utilitarian, depending on the choice of model. Because once you do, you will discover that the hype surrounding this car is entirely justified.DrivingThe Megane's notoriety is well-deserved.
While its immediate competition are all excellent - Golf GTI, Focus RS, Audi S3 - this thing will leave them for dead.
It might compress your spine in all sorts of ways, but you will be hugely entertained along the way.It's not super-entertaining in traffic, in fact it's almost too docile.
The engine needs a little bit of encouragement to wake up to the boost, but you'll be fairly busy dodging potholes anyway because the ride is quite firm.The seats keep you in place and you can relax into them, knowing you don't have to hold yourself. There's even stop-start, but it appears to be spending most of its time sucking on a Gitanes somewhere rather than actually stopping the engine. Because once you do, you will discover that the hype surrounding this car is entirely justified.Like the old Clios 200 and 182, this is a car for thrashing.
The turbo whoops as you flatten the accelerator, the limited slip diff letting the wheel dance just enough in your hands as you shoot forward. You can brake so late into corners and then get straight on the throttle without a whiff of understeer.The LSD might add weight but it also brings serious grip and adjustability to an already epic chassis.
The ride which has bounced you and your brave passengers around thus far suddenly makes sense.The RS shrugs off even substantial mid-corner bumps, requiring almost no correction from the driver's seat. It's a genuinely exhilarating car to drive, with plenty of movement at the rear to remind you that this is a weapon that requires respect.

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